Band Of Seven!

Strapped into seats on the federation prison craft

held tight and secure waited

classed as dangerous rebels on a one way trip

to a distant prison colony

on a barren planet inhospitable and volcanic

to those there seemed satanic!


Somewhere that nobody had ever returned

they glanced knowingly

none had any intention of heading there

all had a chance to meet

when on remand a plan was secretly devised

their escape had been analysed!


Even in the far off future money was power

these fugitives soon to be

freedom fighters against a brutal federation

this prophecy yet to be realized

their shackles released by a bribed guard

who provided an override card!


The band of seven were now on the loose

a distraction had been arranged

one an expect locksmith and known thief

guided them to the escape pods

soon after a short skirmish they ejected

from their prison disconnected!


Into the void now with freedom flew

yet with huge uncertainty

their plan to get away from injustice

though two were criminals

united as one their bravery did tower

against a vast corrupt power!


Agitators to be removed orders given

by the supreme leader

false charges to make it legal for arrest

had to continue their opposition

now fleeing hoping for a miracle to show

their supporters to grow!


With their captors beginning to close in

before them a vast space craft

loomed into the groups disbelieving gaze

huge just drifting in space

its awesome design made their skin prickle

the adrenaline no longer a trickle!


Weary in their approach in case it was a trap

found the airlock and boarded

soon realising this was an abandoned ship

the gods had smiled upon them

certain a powerful force guided their actions

this the first of their infractions!


Entering the bridge in awe of this alien design

ancient technology yet superior

to any of the federations space battle cruisers

without touching anything it lit up

a voice in english welcomed the new captain

and crew to the Libertain!


Their crusade for justice and liberty had begun

now they fight or die until victory won!


At hyper speed the seven headed the charge!


The Foureyed Poet.




The Ships!

What had we seen? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

The sea was now at rest

we breathed in salt air

turned towards the west

wind blowing our hair!

An awe-inspiring view

the ships came home

thrilling felt born anew

all sprayed white foam!

It was a long pathway

to reach the summit

on this clear day in May

we both had to sit!

Vague memories remained

of the time it took

how our eyes strained

our emotions it shook!

Then old ships in full sail

came into our gaze

on such a vast sea trail

silent guns ablaze!

Somehow it seemed surreal

but then it was clear

gone nothing to see or feel

what made them appear!

A moment back in time

could not be a dream

the experience sublime

to us they did gleam!

Were they ghost ships from a long forgotten battle?

The Foureyed Poet

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I feel our way of life has changed for the worsed! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Throwing a soft rubber ball

having such fun

rebounding off the school wall

the challenge won

those times seem far away

but I can remember

then it was safe to play

even in December!

We could walk about anywhere

and be unharmed

young people could share

rarely alarmed

folk helped each other then

with genuine intent

also can remember when

friendship was meant!

Families out in the darkness

nobody was afraid

Times filled with happiness

when children played

life surely is a precious gift

to be enjoyed

the young give us a lift

if respect and love employed!

True life was  never a bed of roses

but it felt more secure

now evil forces goodness opposes

unease is out there for sure

a hostility present everywhere

of this we are all too aware!

The Foureyed Poet.

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We cannot all be perfect! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

In society we have an image of perfection

must be beautiful or handsome

tanned to a crisp with no unsightly scars

nor wrinkles plus be thin as a rake

plastic surgery accepted false bits are fine

classed as the modern design!

Glamour money leads to greed and misery

vanity and perfection the aim

as reality comes with a heavy price tag

exploitation for those who seek

in a society that uses the young or weak

when troubled help they seek!

Seedy and dark an underworld of lust

crime when life means little

humans use each other to gain money

where life is not important at all

love respect emotions they do abuse

vulnerable minds to confuse!

In a world now filled with false images

perfection is blasted upon us

the created human without any flaws

not a new concept in history

but one that has caused more sorrow

can there be a…

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Entering the ancient inn on the moors

for a second saw himself

lying throat cut on the flag stone floor

like a premonition said later

shaking sat down on a rickety bench

noticing a nasty stench!


His girlfriend joined him so concerned

it was her idea to come here

a quaint inn with a long dark history

both had a fascination for ghosts

often travelling to these eerie locations

for paranormal confrontations!


Not members of dedicated investigators

but paying to be scared

from growing companies making money

for those who wanted to seek

this was a knew experience for the pair

that they both could share!


Here for the first time they were scared

until now fun and a thrills

realising maybe they really did exist

saying nothing thinking

it could be the atmosphere here created

decided feeling agitated!


He explained what he had experienced

feeling on edge it felt so real

she to sensed eyes were there glaring

slightly easing as people came

the leaders for the night set the scene

all hyped up and very keen!


For awhile their minds were occupied

by the mediums revelations

moving to the areas said to be haunted

who told them the history

when she sensed spirits were nearby

gave out a bizarre cry!


Adding to this being mainly in the dark

the couple became spooked

as he again found himself on the floor

the same bloody image

made him yell having to quickly run

his time within was done!


The couple moved away from the inn

something was wrong

surprised the medium came to them

expressing her concern

the same shocking image she had seen

such a realistic scene!


Suggested they go in to face their anxiety

said it must be a past event

reluctantly returned to join those inside

waiting to start a séance

gathered standing around the very mark

unnaturally so very dark!


Then deep voices shuffling noises close by

the medium said hold hands

as from above the large open fire-place

a metallic clang and a sword

attached to the wall fell hitting the man

everybody panicked and ran!


Some frantically turned on their torches

scrabbling for the light switches

to find the body laying throat slashed

the weapon by his side

just as to the medium he had described it

now in disbelief did sit!


How had he predicted his own demise

within this historic inn

never visited before in his young life

was a mystery at this time

there were no answers to be found

or what evil was here bound!


The Foureyed Poet.

Old Canal Bank!

What monsters lurked in the old canal? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

They thought it was just a large cat on the grass

by the old canal bank

drawing near the object dived into the water

large ripples spread outwards

yet silence remained creating an atmosphere

that deep-seated fear!

All seemed so natural the same familiar scene

over the surprise walked on

continuing chatting along the narrow tow path

reaching their favourite seat

facing the murky water the object was again sat

thinking maybe a big rat!

How they tried to ignore this persistent entity

there ominously not moving

to their dismay it was soon joined by another

that slid onto the bank

this was definitely bigger it began to slither

as their nerve began to wither!

Realising there was danger they began to run

knowing the short cut out

back onto the bustling rush hour town centre

with unprecedented speed

the now visible snake-like creature  attacked

the momentum they lacked!

The last…

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Through The Mist!

Through that mist tried to touch you

but could not reach

how desperately I called your name

but you never replied

just inches from my longing embrace

seeing your beautiful face!


Just seemed to appeared from nowhere

on the spot we last touched

the heartache so strong deep inside

this was our first anniversary

thought you were coming back to me

but no reply to my plea!


That memory vivid our last evening

before we touched no more

your gentleness always and humanity

there to make the day bright

the lone attacker took my love away

your very essence he did slay!


That moment felt you had returned

before my eyes stood

our friends had gathered in memory

of your loss to our world

now believe there is but a thin veil

one day we shall take the trail!


You came but faded from my longing gaze!


The Foureyed Poet.

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Politicians Officers and War!

How much do governments really think of their military forces? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

When was there ever a justification for war

as politicians and high-ranking officers

sit comfortably in the safety of their offices

far from the latest theatres of death

making decisions that cannot be reversed

many are now forever cursed!

Nothing ever changes in the military plight

lack of understanding of those who fight

the equipment and resources do not match

not a new problem but one that goes deep

thrust into battles where much is lacking

it should be sorted to give proper backing!

As more coffins come back to British land

a division is formed on why they are there

politicians and top brass justify their sacrifices

with arrogance stating the numbers are low

but as the casualties are beginning to rise

will the public always accept the lies!

Are they not considered expendable is this a fact

brave men fighting that noble cause

expecting those in command to respect their…

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Empty Space!

Without anybody to care! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

All seems so empty

without love or passion

no touch of bodies

just a hollow space

the will to go on

sags in the silent air

trying to be strong

without love to share!

TheFoureyed Poet.

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Normal Day!

He remembered when asked a normal day

his son had come home on leave

such excitement amongst the whole family

worried about him in the war zone

always glad when he phoned for his chat

conversations about this and that!


Trying to keep his spirits up it was hard

for his parents to show concern

their only child was in a dangerous place

his decision to become a soldier

knew only to well the risks of enemy fire

how fragile life was in this quagmire!


So the big party was for his safe return

last tour before discharge

had decided to leave wanted to be home

had met a girl of his dreams

an engineer was certain to make a career

in a local firm an offer was near!


On the eve of his families planned celebration

his dad wanted to go for a walk

along the small harbour where he had fished

bringing his son up to love the sea

days to reminisce remembering such fun

of the bonding of father and son!


Standing quietly their link renewed relaxed

a faint crack like distant gun shot

his son slumped in slow motion onto the rail

three words spoke help me dad

as in the shaking arms of dad passed away

his father for this first time did pray!


Had not been killed by the enemy in battle

but by a robber fleeing the police

firing an illegal weapon and a stray bullet

that had ricochet off a sign post

fate had dealt an awful blow on that day

what unseen forces were at play?


Started as a normal day is all he could recall!


The Foureyed Poet.



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