Should we fear the future! Or are the warnings just conspiracy theories without foundation? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Creeping outward from the centre of the jungle

concrete human habitats contaminate the scene

forcing all other creatures into smaller areas

as the shrinking countryside is overwhelmed

pylons dwarf the trees as plants wither below

natural landscapes are changed depressingly

cell phone masts spew microwave radiation

spreading its tentacles over each nation!

Houses and flats chew up beauty spots and views

as countless numbers are built at a fast pace

for the faceless masses who can afford to buy

odd when prices are spiralling out of control

more expensive houses are greedily being built

yet millions want to have a home of their own

but have no money for a chance to rent or buy

the rich sneer at the poor as equality is a lie!

Land bought for profit so the few accumulate

little regard for countryside preservation

unless it is for the elite privileged minority

a commodity the peasants never will share

a society that…

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Wooded Copse!

Was it just fear or was something really there? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

The wooded copse looked foreboding

as the man approached the gate

a sign in red lettering glared out

a cold shiver feelings full of doubt

shadows and sounds in a tale

reported on a wide scale!

Many unexplained spooky events

experiences his resolve failed

taking a lot of still photograph’s

of the woods and an old gate

a strange mist was clearly seen

from where what did it mean?

Definitely not there when taken

no explanation could be found

quiet in the trees nothing stirred

reality now seemed blurred!

That sensation of invisible beings

intently surrounding watching

backed away sure he would see

goblins or demonic night creatures

emerge from the copse to appear

he stood there alone in fear!

But to his straining eyes emptiness

his emotions did caress!

Never went back but the terror remained!

The Foureyed Poet.

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Was on her way home from work saw it

just a dot in the cloudy sky

took no notice until it had got bigger

and a triangle shape visible

being alone she stopped at a local store

scared what it was unsure!


Mentioned it to the serving staff member

who showed no interest

drank a coffee hoping it would be gone

but driving off it followed

an ominous shadow closing in on the car

certainly not a distant star!


Now heard a quiet voice deep in her brain

but could not understand

radio crackled before all electrics failed

pressure and heat rising

coming to a halt on an empty highway

in front stood a figure so grey!


Soon joined by several others in her sight

beyond a hovering craft

unable to move paralysed there in the car

then removed roughly

dragged aboard this unidentified object

not knowing what to expect!


Yet could recall in her semi-conscious state

images from articles seen

of alien beings who looked exactly like these

unsure of any time passed

felt pain and these things leaning over her

grotesque that soon became a blur!


A noise made her jump and scream out loud

she was sitting in her car

on a side road as a train flashed by so close

dazed so very sore

looking around shaking and very scared

eyes blurry vision impaired!


Car engine was running what had happened

remembered object in the sky

every other thoughts seemed suppressed

clock indicated two-hours lost

since leaving the office where she worked

her phone rang her mood perked!


Her parents concerned she was not home

reassuring them she was fine

confused she anxiously drove slowly home

unable to remember the events

these would return to create real confusion

realising it was no dream or illusion!


That was the day the nightmare really began!


The Foureyed Poet.




Who was the ninth member of the elite army unit? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

The eight soldiers entered the helicopter

destined for a covert mission

leaving base silently  in the early hours

for a mission into enemy terrain

an experienced battle hardened team

regarded in high esteem!

With no indication anything was wrong

yet each soldier had anxiety

that they would never openly display

their emotions had  to control

the signal came nearing dropping zone

now entering the unknown!

As they slid quickly down the long ropes

there was a ninth shape

that dropped with them onto the sand

following the group into action

and to buildings on the town periphery

the beginning of the mystery!

They were tense the adrenaline pumping

their mission to extract

two recently captured special forces officers

from a terrorist compound

a dangerous task yet they were distracted

that with them it interacted!

As the team edged nearer they spread out

to cover each others position

two were snipers…

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On a humid late August evening

the couple sat on a bench

the sun gave them the spotlight

romance filled their thoughts

until in the skies they witnessed

a plane the air it caressed!


To them seemed it had just taken off

yet no sound in their ears

as they felt the surging passion to kiss

the plane stopped in the sky

surely an unimaginable gravity action

now becoming a total attraction!


Thoughts of love on a summer’s evening

gone staring in disbelief

was moving backwards how could it be

still there not descending

or crashing upon the township below

minds confused did not know!


Nobody else was anywhere to be seen

holding their gaze necks strained

again came to a halt how could this be

moved in a forward motion

speeding up as helicopters approached

unmarked on its space encroached!


Within a second became a saucer shape

disappearing as if dissolved

running petrified at this weird sight

what was happening above

an unsolved mystery that is spreading

our future should we be dreading?


Increased sightings of strange craft in motion

going against our understanding

what enables them to fly in our atmosphere

are they of extraterrestrial origin

or human intervention hidden from our view

the masses just want to screw!


Most unaware of dangers that surrounds them!


The Foureyed Poet.






Is Anybody Listening?

Today our lives are an open book! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

A click on the telephone line makes you think

was that somebody listening to your call

how can it be what a daft train of thought

who would want to tap into what you say

but that nagging feeling just wont go away

growing doubts in your mind come into play!

Once upon a time tapping a phone was no  joke

in the crazy culture of mistrust certainly not

freedom today is only a word nobody is safe

everything we do or say can be monitored

if you have done nothing wrong what is to fear

disturbing there maybe a listening ear!

So much talk in recent years the lack of privacy

conversations with anybody not confidential

even more today nothing is untouchable

in the name of security the universal  story

it is sad when nobody feels safe to speak

told prying needed to bring the peace we seek!

Though with…

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The cat’s purring seemed to get louder

for the first time an irritation

how quiet it had been until that moment

staring through the open window

across open fields and a dirty grey sky

his life slowly ticking by!


Almost in a dream like state became aware

of the patterns in the clouds

that drew his complete attention got up

found himself outside eyes fixed

as a large hole appeared in the formation

that lacked rational explanation!


The centre opened spiraling downwards

from within came a large craft

that hovered while the sky then cleared

just appearing before his eyes

he surveyed no noise could be heard

nothing else nearby stirred!


Cautiously walking down his long garden

it slowly moved upwards

as several small objects seemed to eject

flying in all direction so fast

ascending the clouds opened once more

this time of a wider bore!


Rising into heaven or another dimension

the alien object did transcend

that chilling sensation immersed his being

in his mind biblical passions

of death damnation fire and brimstone

at that moment fearful alone!


Retreating back inside his safe haven

upward once more glanced

there was nothing more to be seen

the familiar purring of his cat

brought sanity to a tortured perception

was there a sinister deception?


From that day his whole attitude to life changed!


The Foureyed Poet.

By The Roadside!

By the roadside she lay bleeding

nobody attempted to stop

they just sped by without thought

safely cocooned in their cars

some glanced but they did not see

nothing to do we me!


Hit by a car that never stopped at all

saw a blur and heard a bang

being wrapped up in his own affairs

escaping from a robbery

a human life never had his priority

he answered to no authority!


Long gone from his callous hit and run

the young woman clung to life

the rain began to soak her broken body

conscious she tried to speak

but on impact it had severed her spine

vital signs rapidly began to decline!


A row with her parents angrily ran out

at the disapproval over a man

why should she stop seeing him shouted

so what had a criminal record

you cannot change the way that I feel

our love for each other real!


As her vital organs began to shut down

she recalled those last hours

unaware the driver who left her here

to die at the side of the road

was the very person she loved so much

the one with the gentle touch!



Eventually a car did stop to give her aid

it was dad seeking his daughter

devastated finding his child laying there

so badly hurt in the mud alone

rushed to hospital her spirit still strong

recovery hazardous and long!


The truth had yet to be revealed!


The Foureyed Poet.



The Only Sound!

Loneliness is growing within the harsh society! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

The only sound is your own footsteps

alone walking up to your home

hearing a voice realising it is yourself

no other person is anywhere about

putting the key into your door lock

you enter the only noise your clock!

Home from work being in company

into the emptiness of your domain

a contrast you find is hard to bear

not what your plan was meant to be

into the usual routine making the tea

dreading the evening you switch on tv!

Few friends or relations call or visit you

how did it get into this state

trying not to think of the past too much

once again dozing in that comfy chair

how nice to have a companion here

before all alone you disappear!

That sensation of being trapped in a lair

is consuming as few know you are there

an increasing factor of society loneliness

where there is also…

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Rational Thought!

He had only one place to go Hell! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Revenge and hatred was his only aim

nothing was left of him inside

rational thought was long forgotten

now the stakes raised high to murder

with urgency this man they sought

a grudge for police must be caught!

Seriously wounding his ex-wife a threat

in a state outside any human law

thoughts focused not rational anymore

jealousy intensified his to urge to kill

how hard to figure out his mental health

yet surprised at his stealth!

Had no intention of being taken still breathing

as he waited for the violent end

letters found as armed police search their foe

feared a public confrontation

knowing when it ended others would to follow

a  trend making victory hollow!

For him that moment came no longer cared

the marksman the horror shared!

A complex species impossible to understand!

The Foureyed Poet.

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