It was though a magic wand had been waved

across the wondrous enchanted lands

there was a buzz in the air everywhere

an atmosphere of joyful music could be heard

every house looked so neat all in place

sparkling lights the trees in each space!

A green tinge filled the ground that was cool

giving you that warm feeling as you stood

amongst twinkling stars that filled the sky

such a warm glow made you feel so good

it was another dimension you were in

a time for a fantasy that would soon begin!

Peace was all around you it was so amazing

throngs of families dancing in the streets

singing loudly with raptures of joy together

no violence or troubles to cause upset

a society of excitement with good intent

that’s full of pleasure and was heaven sent!


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Rain fell so lightly in the open countryside

as leaves began to turn brown

the summer sun turned into the autumn mode

and the mood changes as the cold arrives

now no more the long lazy days

but the start of more hours of darkness

freezing weather to have to face to

bringing to many those feelings so blue!

Soon the winter is in with merciless bite

cold and frost with often bleak snow

covers open landscape and built up areas

making them so grey and unwelcome

as the day soon turns into night time

the long winter evenings have begun

safe and warm within the house walls

waiting until the birds early calls!

But time passes so quickly for us all

and the atmosphere slowly warms up

the calendar dates change with clarity

plants sense as the blossom spreads

renewed growth and warmth in the air

brings a fresh attitude to our lives

adding bright light as days grow long

people more cheerful and become strong!

The beauty of natures gift to mankind!

#The FoureyedPoet.

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It Stood!

In a quiet country lane it stood the house

a quaint and unimpressive place

nobody would think it was a home of fear

the couple had just moved in

full of hope and plans to work together upon

nothing then in their minds to go wrong!

In a tree lined street it was nicely situated

looked to them so homely and sweet

needed some decoration that was sure

but mainly ready for them to live in

so within a short while had settled down

in that rural part of the small town!

Relaxing everything seemed to be so good

but a voice interrupted those happy vibes

as Sally sat quietly on the large bed

shrugged it off as it must be imagination

yet had that chilly sensation deep within

this was when the trouble it did begin!

Shadows in the dark corner then appeared

the room becoming so icy cold

the closet door swinging slowly open wide

that made her jump with such a fright

feelings of misery in the dead of night!

What would happen next she thought with dread!


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Lowly crouching by the open fire in the wilderness

he thought hard yet was relaxed

settled in the encampment for the night

in the deep dark wooded forest

with only a few members of his tribe

had to stay alert as danger was near

as the any enemy was not be far away

hidden deep in the brush keeping them from bay!

There was a bright moon the ponies stood nervously

as if knowing trouble was very close at hand

no sleep would be had during the night

they cautiously hovered tense and alert

the fire crackling and flames flickered and banged

the battle seemed so far away and distant

few had escaped the wrath of the fray

as to their gods they did quietly pray!

A stream ran closely by where they all gathered

enabling them to clean the wounds they’d received

only flesh injuries nothing to slow them down

knew it was unwise to stop here at all

sweat covered his brow his senses on full alert

with movements and sounds of dried twigs

tension around him as he took a defensive stand

as with a firm grip held his knife he had in his hand!

There was no sanctuary or peace of mind

they could not stay here or rest

while there was a chance had to escape

those who were closing in on them all

together in a dangerous but equally cautious move

headed down along the water course

untying their animals and stealthily walking

silently found a footpath riding clear of those stalking!

On the back of their ponies how they did ride

as arrows where whisking by their heads

keeping very low to avoid being hit

making their escape from this violent attack

but hitting trees and slipping on the ground

with deadly purpose did they pound!

Pushing the animals hard they did not intend to stop

making sure there was the distance

from the pursuing raiders close behind

knowing they would not easily give up

safety now was only a few miles away

as their village was coming into sight

there would be many braves on this day

hoping the enemy would fall back and stray!


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The air seemed charged at that moment

as he walked in the nearby park

sparkling patches of brilliant light waves

ahead so bright had to cover his eyes

nobody else was nearby he could see

approaching cautiously a nearby tree!

It was like a dream lights were all around

what was happening he was not scared

drawn ever nearer the woods did change

it was if drawn into another new reality

he was enthralled by this strange image

like a magical new real live page!

Entering a new realm somehow feeling elated

cartoon like characters filled his view

music played loudly and so nice

no more alone found he could interact

within this world everything so clear

that at no time did he have any fear!

What seemed forever feeling so at ease

must be a dream was the only thought

without worry he simply walked on

then as the journey began it vanished

in the park found himself suddenly back

walking once more on the lonely track!


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His Journey was just beginning he was prepared

for what may happen along the way

no matter the risks or impending danger

he was determined to see the adventure through

first foot forward he made with such ease

the opportunities he knew would not be a breeze!

Nothing to hold him back certainly very keen

to make his mark in an over whelming society

confidence he decided was the hidden key

to finding the next step along his way

hostility as well as help awaited him

yet in the face of adversity he was not grim!

He met those who were tough with no patience

foul mouthed in everything they had to say

would take your last penny without care

no way share any part of your working day

life was cheap money their one real aim

for them it was normal they had no shame!

In amongst the hardliners were genuine folk

willing to help and advise for no rewards

speaking kindly without any hidden agenda

to guide along that often lonely path

nothing seemed simple with obstacles to override

as from life we just cannot hide!

The journey continues still much to learn

he was prepared his mind open without concern!


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The Tree!

The tree stands tall and proud a symbol

of mankind’s struggle to save the trees

from being cut down in increasing numbers

as millions are raised to the ground every year

land now used for farming and agriculture

the onslaught of destruction grows worse

the mighty oak stands solid as a sign

that it will show the way and define!

Throughout the world trees are depleted

even though there is a drive to grow more

but in the rain forests come crashing down

determined for more varied and arable crops

leaving huge gaps in the thinning woodlands

upon us mighty trees and bare land lay

as we destroy our fragile environment

and many seem to be happy and content!

That lack of urgency and any understanding

how important are trees to absorb carbon dioxide

that is increasing in our polluted atmosphere

producing oxygen a precious resource on earth

care needs to be given for their preservation

as these living creations are dangerously at risk

all the trees must survive unhindered now

as new woodlands must be budding somehow!


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Art Therapy!

Art therapy is a special environment

where you can relax and be welcome

by Gwyneth and Freya to take care of you

guiding you to do anything to create

your own handiwork drawing or painting

maybe working with clay or even sand

giving confidence for you to express

your thoughts and feelings without stress!

Like a cocoon of creativity of our minds

the joy of being part of the warmth

finding that spark for the challenge

soft music playing to make you feel at ease

the choice of art making you can choose

letting your imagination become open wide

where somebody shows a real interest

for you to have fun and do your best!

Art Therapy is a special place to really be

where you can feel in great company

reading out aloud poetry you have written

where it it such a boost to your moral

making me write more to read out

it is a thrill and makes me so proud

such a welcoming class for all to enjoy

always the same happiness they will employ!

Thank you for your time spent with me

eternally grateful I shall always be!


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How hard people do strive for peace

marches to seek wars to be aborted

many trying to help those in the fight

refugees by the thousands driven out

from their homes and lands of their birth

desperate and scared upon this earth!

The harsh struggles just to live peacefully

is a never ending battle for survival

on the front line of streets and roads

protesting with posters waving them high

with words pleading for man kinds peace

their will and determination will never cease!

Refugees living in atrocious conditions

with little help and no food or water

displaced from their lands and homes

as wars ravage their lives all around

peace is a pray for hope in their hearts

as they are driven by force to many parts!

Onward never giving up the will to fight

their endeavors go ever on for peace

but ever is a threat of another conflict

as countless numbers wander so lost

never to surrender though the journey hard

they pray one day to hold a winning card!


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She smiled as next to her a mother and child

stood close by her to cross the busy road

yet seconds later she turned back they were gone

nowhere in sight as she glanced around

a little shaken at this she crossed the road

where could they have vanished so quickly

this made her more aware of who was near

as a sense of understanding filled her with fear!

Were they really beside her or just a spirit

not a real mother and daughter standing there

could there be ghosts amongst people about

not all you could see were actually there

what other explanation could it possibly be

between the countless people on the street

it made her shudder it certainly made her think

somebody to disappear within one blink!

From that day forth she was far more certain

not everything we see can be real at all

that maybe ghosts do really without doubt exist

within the living not hiding from our view

in buildings for paranormal investigators to find

with electronic devises to make any contact

but around us anywhere part of life’s fabric

real beings normality not just party tricks!

Feeling wiser she moved cautiously on!


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