Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Is it not ourselves we should fear? The Foureyed Poet.

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People will never change

attitudes do vary

this life can be very strange

and our actions scary

as the clock turns on

is something’s wrong!

People can be so kind

in these fast-moving times

but now you will also find

some will do evil crimes

when life means nothing

yet should mean something!

People can be cruel

as history has proved

we are running out of fuel

how can lives be improved

as the tension grows

our future who knows!

People can be heartless

showing little feeling

for those in a social mess

who find themselves reeling

needing a kind word

their voices are not heard!

People are also good

this we tend to forget

on this earth have stood

deeds not heard of yet

nasty stories sell

nice ones not so well!

People can be controlled

into how they should think

only doing what their told

cultures brought to the…

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Years after the monstrous events had passed

the buildings a vile reminder

of the atrocities thrust upon an innocent people

nothing stirred no birds sang

not even insects wanted to go anywhere near

only the ghosts were still here!


Though empty in a dilapidated condition today

deep depression fills the area

surrounding lands and air stifling oppressive

bombarded by unseen whispers

you are unable to imagine or even comprehend

to such depravity did descend!


Seemingly miles of rusting barbed wire fences

guard towers peering down

on long rotting wooden huts many destroyed

brutality treated subhuman

images seen by the world from not so long ago

lessons not learned we know!


Here lay the families their last resting place

generations obliterated

denied their birth right a chance to exist

through the tribulations and joy

degradation and death their ghosts remain

of the people who were slain!


Onward the butchery of those who want peace!


The Foureyed Poet.





Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

All had been well then he sensed his dead friend! The Foureyed Poet

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He sensed a slight movements in his space

scared to turn something touched he knew

silence is all that surrounded the empty air

strong icy breeze blew passed stubbled face

sitting in that cosy flat but nobody was due

something was with him became aware!

Certain he had never before felt this way

always been a sceptic with an open mind

power had gone strange noises increased

each sound was magnified should he pray

what was here within his home confined

frozen was this caused by the deceased?

Breathing heavy fear over came all senses

tripping over furniture opened the front door

went outside sweat pouring it felt like hell

what had attacked his personal defences

instantly it was fine not scared anymore

slowly went in now light inside all was well!

But from that moment knew it had stirred

movements and noises loudly heard

the friend he murdered had returned

wanting to…

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Nobody would know what the truck carried

upon the national highways

an unmarked semi blending in with the others

the cab with darkened glass

few would notice it had been armour-plated

in an isolated compound waited!


There from a large warehouse men loaded

in hooded protective overalls

radio-active containers into the interior

lead-lined and air tight

guards and cameras watched every move

the commander had to approve!


Fully loaded with an illegal cargo departed

alone to join the highway

like a chameleon blended into the traffic

nobody suspected its load

through the dense traffic moving at speed

to its destination did proceed!


Not the first trip but one of many undertaken

by a fleet of large specialist rigs

with deadly loads taking the risk of detection

and of the hazards of a crash

but approved by an unregistered department

that had given consent!


Never without a covert military escort following

undetectable like the semi trucks

were designed to blend in with any background

they continue the deadly tasks

under the blinkered eyes of unsuspecting public

that had become very slick!


Upon the highways they carry their lethal loads

through major and minor roads

from one secret destination to the next roam

only the few need know

beware of all the unmarked semi trucks behind

or ahead and within confined!


The Foureyed Poet.




Little Understanding!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Is it not time to find that lost understanding? The Foureyed Poet.

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There seems little understanding of how others live

is common amongst those who should understand

corruption from leaders that find it hard to forgive

just wanting to rule and dominate their land

not caring for the people only their own preservation

as the families suffer with increasing inflation!

How the people are struggling with nowhere to go

endlessly wondering as their countries are dying

little or no compassion to assist the constant flow

lives destroyed starvation disease yet still defying

nations around seem to support the country’s head

as with despair all around they see only the dead!

Surely there must be a much brighter tomorrow

finally have a strong faith to overcome sorrow

too often it is the rulers who create internal strife

while they and their cronies have the good life!

The Foureyed Poet.

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The Tattered Flag!

On the edge of an open field hung the tattered flag

the only indication of the battle

long forgotten the torment of lost innocence

or names of the fallen soldiers

one more conflict where nothing had been won

there a feeling of death still hung!


Bodies buried in shallow graves where each fell

young lives ended in torment

grass now covered the site and sheep grazed

where restless souls still roam

no cannon or musket fire nor smell of cordite

as two armies clash in the fight!


Silence is what greets the visitor to this field

pleasant during daylight hours

as the shadows lengthen a mist hangs low

and voices have been heard

crying out longingly on the endless breeze

rustling the grass and trees!


The tattered flag blows proudly in its salute

to those nameless soldiers

from long ago whose spirits will never leave

all those families of the fallen

remember their ancestors ultimate sacrifice

in war a cruel and futile device!


The tattered flag remains as a remembrance!


The Foureyed Poet.




Normal Day!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Time is running out for our future! The Foureyed Poet.

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To so many it was a pleasant normal day

each going about their daily business

no hint of any impending trouble was felt

busy streets happy banter rushing crowds

shoppers browsing others with labelled bags

flapping in the air were rows of coloured flags!

Suddenly it happened without any warning

the same busy street had changed

a massive bang smashing and ripping sounds

flying glass and debris everywhere

in the destruction dead and wounded lay

silence before the screams on that day!

Extremists a terrorist group had set off a bomb

no care of the deaths or injuries caused

to those caught up in this pure carnage

what was their aim to destroy these lives

for reasons nobody could ever understand

when  we need to stretch out a helping hand!

In our small precious world all our lives entwine

should we not share as equals the fruits from the vine?

Time for…

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Future Cops!

Standing like a monolith looking down observing

like a god watching his flock

now middle-aged commander of the station

situated near a violent district

here the law had become totally ineffective

cops had changed the perspective!

They showed no mercy none was ever returned

an army in a battle zone

like knights of a distant passed into battle

fully protected by armour

fitted with laser cannons for lethal strikes

in super cars on motorbikes!

Gone those days of hope for individual justice

cops were on the offensive

prisons were often blocked off city districts

law enforcement was privatised

leaving the poor to resolve their disputes

in rubbish and broken statutes!

The law was designed to protect just the rich

from the once equal citizens

governments hidden in protected enclaves

living a privileged existence

future cops hired to administer their bidding

for the rest had become forbidding!

After the predicted collapse of world economies

the mega rich took control

the depression caused more mayhem and war

policing the masses paramount

reverting back to lords and serfs the only rule

between the two sides a duel!

Future cops had become the elites enforcer

as the battle lines were drawn

armies still headed the major fight of nations

but within countries borders

for now they were rulers of their own domain

rebellion growing harder to contain!

The Foureyed Poet.

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Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

After so long the reunion was sweet! The Foureyed Poet.

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Just a glance of you reflected in a shop window

a smell of your perfume as you brushed so close

in the crowded street on a busy summers day

somebody I had not seen for so many years

memories of joy a close friend who had moved on

how thoughts wandered back to our sweet song.

Turning you had stopped a mental connection fired

pushing your way back how we embraced so tight

your kiss so sweet as the past flooded into emotion

years seemed like minutes as we laughed a new

both divorced and free to rekindle a fresh start

into our own surroundings no longer a sad heart.

The Foureyed Poet.

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The Path!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

We have walked this path before! The Foureyed Poet.

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Nothing is new in our human history

we have all walked this path before

wars famine our total destruction

whatever happens is not a mystery

so many wanting to even the score

many have the do gooder induction

killing each other so much destroyed

seems pointless with nature to fear

women mourning their men’s death

no safety when violence is employed

nobody knows when the end is near

the reaper takes our last breath

one people one planet is missing

lets enjoy what nature has given us

instead of the fist a bomb the gun

sharing love shaking hands kissing

together without the need to cuss

can we ever say that peace has won?

Another day has come and gone along that path!

The Foureyed Poet.

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