Was that a sound of a faint voice I heard

stories told this building was haunted

from within the interior as the light faded

never expected to hear anything at all

frozen to the spot suddenly very cold

a disused hospital was so creepy and old!


That sensation of being watched persisted

developed a nervous twitch while roaming

the interior was bleak and badly vandalized

as I heard another louder sound in my ear

turning around quickly nothing was in view

in my thoughts that sense of terror grew!


Suddenly a bang from ahead in the darkness

running to join the rest of the group

no way to disguise that I was really scared

we gathered to do a spirit box session

first voice was a female who clearly spoke

as in my back felt a sudden sharp poke!


Together listened for messages or clear words

giving us a clue of what could be haunting

concentration grew as we stood waiting

each aware of a dark shadow in the doorway

highly charged we began to feel the strain

but determined we all had to remain!


The night seemed never ending for the team

yet with so much evidence being gathered

tired but exhilarated as dawn approached left

vowing to return to this place once again

none of us would forget this investigation

at this eerie lonely isolated destination!





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Nothing came from her lips that morning

standing lost and feeling afraid

gripping tightly a doll she had been given

after being found wondering on her own

by a passerby who was very concerned

carefully approaching to enquire

when she saw her there near a road alone

the reasons then being unknown!


She happily held a police woman’s hand

taken to a children’s special unit

to make her feel more at ease and relaxed

as they gently interviewed the child

but she still did not want to say anything

slowly they then coaxed her to speak

for it was the truth that they all did seek!


Slowly in a timid softly spoken faint voice

the story of losing contact with mum

running ahead through the shopping center

lots of people were walking everywhere

so mummy was nowhere to be seen

afraid at all the adults being pushed away

was searching frantically came to a street

turning around in circles on her feet!


Until a lady came up and smiled so kindly

but being unable to find her way back

to where she had come from on that day

so she sat and gave a name and address

within an hour a reunion was soon made

a frantic mum was brought into see her

panic stricken but settled seeing her child

hugging was relieved and tearfully smiled!








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The Ranch!

The ranch for centuries was said to be cursed

many weird encounters were recorded

unidentified craft seen flying overhead

metallic and bright orbs that changed shape

appearing in the expansive skies so clear

some to close filling them all with fear!


Cattle on the ranch were acting strangely

huddling tightly together so unsettled

reacting to the objects as if being so afraid

cowering in the corner of the large field

a team formed to investigate this observed

the actions first hand of the roaming herd!


Seeking answers from the air and underground

what in these ancient lands would be found

as they took measurements of radiation levels

that instruments recorded as being very high

and then they drilled down into the rich soil

detecting a solid object below but not any oil!


So began the most intensive quest to seek

the truth of what was happening here

as more mysteries began to mount up

leaving them to get excited at the prospects

of the immense task that the group faced

working with enthusiasm they now raced!


What would be found on this ancient land?



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Net Curtain!

From behind the net curtain I spied

with just a little nosey interest

curious to see what others are doing

no matter how very hard I tried

not to twitch the the net curtains

my inquisitive mind to gaze remains!


Feeling I can’t be seen observing others

as they come and go in the close

chatting to each other by their cars

though it’s odd few seem to emerge

from their dwellings being a quiet place

often staring out at an empty space!


Sometimes I reflect about my neighbours

they have no food delivered at all

or bring any shopping back themselves

it seems creepy to me what they eat

pondering just who is living around me

behind the net curtains this is what I see!


Like a three dimensional television screen

observing life that surrounds my view

not wanting to stare or actually be seen

just to occasionally survey the scene!




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On the new homestead life was harsh

few comforts on the rugged land

having to build a shelter to live in

through all weather they toiled on

to make a living from the ground

dangers from roaming beasts found!


In the early pioneering years so hard

isolation in the merciless wilderness

reliant on their resourcefulness to fend

against the risk of possible frontal attack

from native American indians  a threat

dangers so real often in a cold sweat


Amongst the forest within their cabin

far from any neighbours did they live

the only transport their faithful horses

of their limitations were truly aware

yet were content in this way of living

realizing the environment unforgiving!


Here to start a new beginning as settlers

pioneers in the new frontier of the west

with all its dangers they took their chance

this was no place then for any romance!



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They gathered together in peaceful protest

in sombre memory of an innocent victim

thousands from many countries and cities

marched in unison with banners displayed

from many cultures they walked together

the young and old it was a joint endeavour!


Side by side they all walked with a purpose

to express just what each of them felt

unable to stop those causing the violence

taking the meaning away from their aims

discriminated against made their stand

for equal rights was their main demand!


They wanted big changes to law and order

police brutality they said had gone too far

and demanded justice for the fallen man

enraged an ever growing throng of people

statues to those involved in the slave trade

one in particular targeted in a daylight raid!


A belief that it was now time for justice grew

momentum and determination exploded

for them there was no turning back again

that strong stance they had to maintain!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      What is the future for our society now?






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Through The Lens!

Through the lens every move is watched

each angle we are on a monitor screen

high on poles they swivel and turn

long shots close up’s they view at will

many more hidden out of sight

with infra red you can’t hide at night!


The all seeing eye is everywhere you turn

most no longer notice the intrusion

few areas not covered when you’re out

whether on the streets or in any stores

the lens follows each move we make

ready for any action the watchers to take!



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Cold was the dawn that fateful day

an observer stood facing the sight

of the battle before his tired eyes

at the carnage and pointless loss

as the bright dawn rose slowly

cries of pain and despair echoed

like lost phantoms filled the air

mournful sounds of human despair!


There upon the field that once green

now a muddy and churned up mess

filled with blood and sweat of men

fighting a merciless violent fray

close quarter combat eye to eye

loyal fighters the sparks did fly!


Onward the carnage until none stood

surveying on hills leaders glared

the slaughter there within their view

celebrating their victorious stance

little mercy shown for the dead

as each focused on the road ahead!



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Clear Water!

Cold clear water sped along free

upon the fast flowing river

a waterfall pours into the flow

unhindered by man’s devises

unspoilt trees line the bank

with stagnant pools so dank!


Isolated rays of sunlight sprinkling

downward onto sparkling waters

fish playfully dart in the shallows

deer drink quietly without threat

a tranquil stillness fills the scene

charming in simplicity so serene!


Unspoilt no pollution to fill our lungs

natural sounds for us all to hear

nothing artificial to spoil our sight

a place of freedom that’s unspoiled

away from a harsh society created

making all who view feel so elated!





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High on the clifftop he viewed

the raging sea hitting the rocks

wind blowing as rain heavily fell

dark clouds a low ominous sight

natures fury unleashed on mankind

exhilarating yet scary before him

standing strong facing the storm

in it’s violent uncontrollable form!


Lightening thunder and high winds

a ship struggles to steer in the waves

being dragged into the shoreline

no mercy for those out at sea

he stands helpless and in awe

at it’s mighty power and rage

powerful forces thrust him back

trying to escape on a narrow track!



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