The rain had stopped at long last

deep puddles covered the road

a driver and his girlfriend stopped

in a layby that came into view

approaching an empty lorry trailer

its rear doors were open wide

saw a pale figure staring their way

trying to keep fear at bay!


It was no longer visibly in sight

yet both sensed something

rain started to fall once more

heard tapping on car door

a bony hand on the windscreen

as engine stopped running

as everything became so icy cold

in the back seat it did unfold!


Little time to scream as it attacked

in the layby on a dark wet road

the beast claimed more victims

yet not a mark upon them found

was this an urban legend of a girl

that had haunted this back road

for years the reason was unknown

seeking couples on their own?


It was just one story I had been told

so decided to come myself

certainly a depressing area to be in

few cars ventured this way

night fell drove down to alleged spot

parking in an empty layby

there was a full moon high in the sky

heard a distant coyote cry!


Shivering with anticipation and the cold

saw what was a figure walking

slowly my way as it drew nearer saw

something never seen before

the car then stalled so helpless got out

not going sit and wait for trouble

camera was ready to capture phantasm

as my body began to spasm!


Awoke from a deep sleep in a hotel room

shaking it was just a nightmare

continued with my journey over moorland

to the remote cottage for a holiday

realising it looked familiar rain began to fall

turned into that layby I had seen

as the dream became reality now had to face

my fears in this lonely place!


But to my relief nothing happened glad to say

as I quickly moved wearily on my way!



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Was life’s journey for me such fun

hard to remember good memories

our time its said is but one breath

mine for sure was an uneven trip

maybe others a smooth easy ride

they remember with joy and pride!


Some can face whatever the direction

that life’s path does always bring

taking the knocks and bouncing back

is it just luck or by divine judgement

who can tell in a complicated society

that now has ever increasing anxiety!


For me many mistakes as I blundered

slowly along that very rocky pathway

nobody can I blame for decisions made

just going around in a continuous circle

letting the children down is hard to take

knowing cannot take back any mistake!







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Bustling Days!

Those bustling days of shopping centres

when people crowded to the shops

then many big and small the local stores

filled with shoppers to peruse

cars passing to closely on the busy streets

in competition with those on foot

no problems then it seems with any prices

nor any big financial crisis!


Shops of all kinds filled those teeming streets

variety of stores to satisfy all

but the days of town and city mass spending

is now just a faded memory

as big names merged or totally shut down

leaving charity and betting shops

bargain stores bars and a lot of coffee cafes

now becoming pedestrian walk ways!


Out of town shopping malls erupted thriving

with plenty of room parking free

taking most of the trade from those centres

supermarkets increasing in size

flourished in the once green urban environment

as car ownership is ever rising

and the precious countryside diminishes too fast

natures survival has been cast!






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Those Days!

Those days when the world seemed huge

life had endless possibilities

caution then was not in your vocabulary

optimistic for a long future

that never happened as money the goal

but you did not have that touch

not being a gifted child able to succeed

not get on that ladder of greed!


Just considered one of average abilities

tried but never made the grade

not all can be rulers of what they survey

guide society on its dodgy way

gathering the rewards with lots of money

making life perfect and sunny!


There have to be those lots who are grafting

struggling to make ends meet

not on expensive furniture their bums to seat

where everything its so easy to find

nor the fear of how to find that money to pay

trying to keep the bailiffs away!


As time marches forward at an increasing pace

many drowning in a cycle of debt

what is their chances of a balanced existence

is the question they must ponder

prices rising way above what they can afford

their survival cannot be assured!


There is nothing we can do but wait and hope

somebody can throw that saving rope!







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The Lake!

On the large lake rising like a monolith

the disused diving board

had an unsettling image to they eye

in a popular public park

the once polluted water now teeming

with wild life and youngsters

in small canoes laughing and splashing

as on the water paddles bashing!


With cyclists touring around the lakeside

walkers taking in the views

dog owners chatting as their pets ran

couples in the warm air

happily sit talking watching children play

unaware of a life form mutating

adapting to its environment and spreading

on waters edge humans treading!


None were aware this danger was that near

the weather grew extremely hot

a fine green mesh oozed out of the water

creeping towards groups walking by

dogs senses aroused growling jumping back

owners alerted noticed spores popping

as toxins were released many folk did inhale

any attempts to escape did fail!


Pandemonium ensued as those able tried to flee

back from the unseen dangers

soon the whole park was rapidly evacuated

and everybody was rounded up

all held in quarantine tents and hazard suits

covered the popular beauty spot

many were taken away in special transport

as the answers were urgently sort!


The stories of an alien invasion were suppressed

so not to cause mass hysteria

the park is still closed without any explanation

the tensions from family friends

who wanted to know what was happening

waited on as there were rumours

more sites were effected the public in the dark

what had really been found in the park?


As I write there is a sombre mood never seen before!








Out Of Nowhere!

Out of nowhere there comes that point

you feel physically blown

health issues arise and you are shaken

it becomes hard to take in

these feelings are very hard to express

when trying to explain a strain

after years of coping your will is very low

your vulnerability is on show!


Understand that your certainly not alone

though it does not help you

feeling scared at your physical demise

each day becomes hard to face

as the ability to override fear diminishes

panic wells in every thought

accepting others have far more to bare

for your own sanity must share!



Upon Us!

The suns light beams down upon us

giving life to those below

as they toiled on the parched ground

temperatures souring higher

seasons hard to define as cold and wet

overcome once tropical areas

now natures struggling to find a balance

motion of life could not advance!


Unclean air quality adds to human misery

contaminated by harmful elements

that cannot be seen or felt as its absorbed

life becoming more fragile

feelings are out of control under the sun

disasters mount people displaced

the routine of living completely falls apart

kindness is gone exposing a cold heart!


Into The Wilderness we go forth!




The Path through woodlands was inviting

sunlight deflected by leafy branches

birds twittered sweetly around my head

enticing me to walk the narrow track

at intervals by my feet a squirrel darted by

running up the tree bark so high!


Feet crunching on the gravel strewn path

where once unspoilt undergrowth lay

altered conforming more to human needs

yet here nature nurtured to survive

unity of minds to stop civilisations decline

as forever all living creatures entwine!


For future generations we must conserve

thus the balance of nature preserve!





The couple were excited their own home

a new house on a small estate

though near to a large countryside park

falling in love with its design

tranquil surroundings away from traffic

used to town hustle and bustle

but it was surprisingly cheap for location

then had no doubts on arrival

pulling up outside in hired furniture van

she saw a suspicious man!


Decided not to mention it to her husband

sure the light was dim

as the sun was very low in the evening sky

just happy to be here

covertly looked around nobody was there

soon forgot the sighting

they decided to unpack the following day

now wanted to play!


Breathed in the sweat smelling relaxing air

unable to get any sleep

walked along the fence of the vast park

heard animals in the distance

so different here still unsure of their move

saw a bright orb hovering

ahead darting about as if it was observing

soon became unnerving!


Those first feelings of belonging had faded

more orbs came into view

hugged each other every sound magnified

both could not understand

why it was deserted the houses in darkness

running back to the van

now in their brains just thoughts of escape

as ahead loomed a shape!


It was a few hours later when a police officer

spotted on a routine patrol

the furniture van doors open abandoned

no sign of any occupants

a search of the area was quickly instigated

and the occupants identified

creating a major enigma for investigation

as the story broke to the nation!


On that small rural housing estate discovered

all the people had disappeared

within a short time frame gone without trace

what had happened in this place?









Stressed took a stroll noticed no insects

could not detect any bees or butterfly’s

filling the scene worryingly in decline

relaxed gently sat on a grassy hill-top

over looking the fields and small town

but the calm was soon to be shattered

and his fortunes would soon turn sour

as what he thought was a rare insect

with his vision did suddenly connect!


Annoying it flew very close to his head

had to stand and up from his position

making no difference as now followed

soon there were more flying along to

swatting at them one seemed to strike

landing on his naked arm a sharp jab

hitting it with reflex action plummeted

down onto dusty well trodden footpath

curious decided to inspect this nasty foe

the consequences then did not know!


Gasped as on close inspection discovered

that this was not a natural living bug

but a minute very intricate type of drone

designed like a mosquito held in his hand

soon seemed to move and then flew away

he began to feel so unwell and collapsed

found by passing cyclists hugging the earth

taking some time to get any medical support

the couple in this dire scenario were caught!


Delirious he kept mumbling insects not real

nobody attending knew what he meant

far to incoherent they did not understand

a few days later in the intensive care unit

his body succumbed to unknown toxins

the only clue a puncture wound on his skin

all organs had completely ceased to function

to the coroner a frustrating puzzle emerged

his theories of cause made him feel disturbed!


Especially when told the facts were classified!


Could this really be true?








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