Had the young couple been abducted by aliens? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

The couple content with love in their hearts

in their car no worries or cares

enjoying their privacy in the isolated spot

no hint of forthcoming trouble

just as they became more sexually aroused

the girl heard a startling noise

humming and pulsating made her feel ill

the air highly charged deathly still!

Terrified she reluctantly had to get out the car

a piercing light shone down from above

then her boyfriend became frantically attuned

their mood had bluntly been disturbed

they came together in a panic and tried to run

but fell into a deep unconscious state

next moment the young couple were wide awake

unsure why their whole bodies did ache!

Laying on the grass realised it was  dark and chilly

on their arms and legs red sore patches

terrified they shakily got to their feet looking up

the sky was clear except for the stars

something had happened but what…

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The Shabby building loomed into sight

on a quiet country cross roads

a low mist hung above the damp fields

it had a certain eerie charm

baffled how he had a feeling of brutality

how could this be in reality?


Dimly lit oddly no cars parked outside

guardedly stood fearfully

had decided to leave his car on a verge

really needed a rest

alone and tired instinct held him back

the nerve to enter did lack!


There seemed to be an invisible barrier

or was it his imagination

a compulsion drove him slowly forward

his body tingled for a second

now found himself entering into the inn

what would he find within?


From behind a distinct sound of animals

turned to see six horses

pulling a stagecoach that was coming in

laughter alerted him

loud raucous singing coming from one bar

the other quiet and empty bizarre!


Those from the stage-coach entered tired

so close he was not seen

it was like looking at a television screen

an invisible ghostly watcher

well dressed passengers wearily entering

round a fire centering!


They looked cold talking with each other

yet he felt a tension

a pretty woman talking to a young man

an older male looked angry

from his waistband drew a gun and fired

the man collapsed expired!


Unable to leave these images before him

watching women scream

and other passengers terrifying stares

there was confusion and rage

as the group of drunken men burst in

the savagery did begin!


Dragging the mature male roughly outside

with mob rule taking over

attempts by the coachman and the female

who had been involved

pushed to the ground as a rope handed

to the leader justice he demanded!


As he watched unable to do anything at all

saw it thrown over a tree

and the dangling end made into a noose

put around the hysterical man

the group pulled together his body lifted

then his vision drifted!


All went dark he suddenly awoke shaken

crumpled on the ground

it was so quiet sitting up with a headache

surveyed his surroundings

the old building was deserted and sealed

as if things inside concealed!


The land in front was overgrown and barren

he tried to run from there

confused at what had occurred so scared

back at his car could see

a glow emanating from inside as darkness

the countryside did caress!


Driving off in disbelief at this experience

never told a soul about it

years later tried to retrace that journey

but never found the place

was this a glimpse into a real past event

always remained his torment!


The Foureyed Poet.




Frosted Glass!

Could she have really seen or felt anything that day? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

There through the frosted glass front door

a figure stood then a tap

she did not expect anybody that day to call

cautiously approached to answer

then on opening found nothing was there

not a soul with words to share!

Very shaken at this strange experience

she came quickly inside

unsure of what to make of the event

it had never happened before

being left here completely all alone

heard a very disturbing groan!

Knew the house in the forest had a tale

of a murder but nothing else

not believing stories told of this place

as an ornament fell off a shelf

could there be something within here

feeling a presence so near!

Told herself not to be daft just imagination

spirits just do not exist

a cold chill went right through her body

standing there defiantly

sensing a physical embrace and soft kiss

that she could not dismiss!

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Distant Horizon!

The power of belonging keeps us strong! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

How she looked longingly out towards the sea

to the distant horizon and unsettled shores

her husband had just been posted away to war

first time parted since they were wed

a deep sense of foreboding would not go away

staring alone the skies turned grey!

Reluctant to leave her vantage point on her own

to head back to their special little home

pregnant with their first child this soldiers wife

so dreaded those weeks ahead

even with those fellow wives on the base nearby

thinking of her situation it made her cry!

Communication was not good in those months

as the date came ever closer to the birth

yet a determined young woman stayed strong

the months seemed to fly by very fast

that special birthday he came back on leave

by her side in fate they did believe!

Nobody knows what is up ahead or what will be

a challenge joy or nightmare


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Traffic Lights!

Traffic was flowing along the dual carriageway

as the driver approached the junction

lights turned to red so had to brake and stop

annoying to halt at this point

agitation rapidly grew they did not change

fifteen minutes passed very strange!


From every direction cars converged at speed

must be a computer malfunction

was the thoughts of those in the car queue

now unable to move anywhere

anger and tension mounted as car horns blared

for this situation nobody prepared!


Gradually they got out of their vehicles frustrated

with no explanation forthcoming

that first vibration made them almost lose balance

followed by the rumble of death

grew loud in their ears as earth and sky blended

the wrath of nature descended!


Or this was the expectation as the blackness grew

panic spread amongst the people

tremors made everything shake roads disintegrated

in this part of the world not expected

fields and sky seemed to blend was it world’s end

a site hard to comprehend!


Eventually their plight would be in perspective

nothing was recognisable

landmarks had disappeared fires were ignited

from far away explosions

people stumbled about not knowing what to do

and the atmosphere was rue!


Everything around him was now a raging blaze

a loud continuous noise

rapidly made him jump back into normality

the familiar nagging voice

ringing so loudly in his ears was the beloved wife

knew there was no real strife!


Sweating profusely found himself at the lights

it must have been a daydream

during a micro sleep they had turned green

motorists behind annoyed

the carnage seemed real still fresh in his mind

all bad thoughts realigned!


Started laughing happy all was chaotically well

his happy demeanor would not last

as all that befell the people in those dark images

back at that specific junction

each sequence of cataclysmic events had begun

that no man could outrun!


The Foureyed Poet.








Who can tell what is inside the human mind

how it thinks or truly feels

up to what age are we considered innocent

or something some never are

is it through inbreeding upbringing or DNA

that any feelings went away?


Are many born cold without any emotions

detached from care and love

able to kill without any mercy or conscience

from their very young age

any opinions and personality not yet fused

without history of themselves abused!


No reasons or any remorse take another life

is this instinct deep within

when children or young teenagers display

such traits of behaviour

does it not make you think how can this be

what perception of life do they see?


Gone that time when from birth to adulthood

it was of exploration and learning

now those with problems just misunderstood

the tide of corruption forever burning!


Can some be evil before their conception?


The Foureyed Poet.






Innocent people just going about their daily lives! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Security was not tight staff numbers very low

nobody saw them go in

an unlocked gate that was not secure

a camera not checked

the suspects just walked in unobserved

nothing was seen or heard!

Upon their backs suspicious brown rucksack’s

no soul around to challenge

this action would bring so much regret

as several hours later

in the railway carriage their bombs discharged

they would never be charged!

No discrimination for any of those injured or killed

from different backgrounds

hopelessness added to the chemicals in the air

silence followed the bang

the innocence of the victims and their kin

the aftermath would now begin!

No words spoken in the victim’s eyes despair

with a blank searching Stare!

The Foureyed Poet.

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The vast forest-covered the valley and mountain

a fast flowing river completed the scene

of an unspoilt wilderness untouched by man

until a logging company set up camp

given permission to remove thousands of trees

conservationists this did not please!


On the other side of the forest range nestled

a township peaceful and law-abiding

prepared for the approaching snow storms

as the first winds began to blow

they were not prepared for what was to come

or terror to which they would succumb!


Back in the logging camp it was suddenly still

as the crew lay mutilated and dead

no longer noise of the chain saws and banter

the perpetrators had long gone

leaving behind the carnage of a savage kill

no sound even the air deathly still!


The townsfolk woke to several feet of snow

covering the once naked streets

but this was just the normal no surprise

but the strange large marks

cloven hoofprints in fresh snow were new

that’s when their fear grew!


The sheriff noticed them near his window

thinking it must be a hoax

they continued into the trees some distance

following them for a while

was totally surprised they suddenly stopped

in amazement his jaw dropped!


Blood was smeared over the trunk of a tree

deep long gauges in the bark

made it more of a scene he should leave now

radioed his deputy to meet him

he being certain it was a more disturbing event

with a real menacing intent!


Soon a report of a prized horse gone missing

and the sudden exit of all creatures

fleeing so frightened from an unseen danger

raising the stakes and anticipation

of the population unaware of what was near

but soon the answer would be here!


Patrolling the sheriff found a deer in the road

freshly killed and mauled

similar marks had already found heard a noise

just seconds being distracted

never saw anything looking back it had gone

something was seriously wrong!


That sickening feeling he was now being hunted

or very soon could be cornered

drove rapidly to town as another night neared

decided to suggest to the residents

to gather in the red brick town-hall for protection

receiving not a single rejection!


A hunter arrived to tell him a friend had been killed

found his body in the branches

shaken said could not have got there on his own

remembered ancient legends

of creatures that lived deep in the dense forest

this theory was a lot to digest!


An ancient native american sacred burial site

there had to be truth in the legends

gathered at the town hall steps heard sounds

deep angry sinister loud roars

townsfolk quickly ushered to the basement

the sheriff ready for engagement!


Two armed volunteer hunters joined the hunt

as they waited for an unseen foe

soon a huge dark object was on the attack

fast and agile they were the hunted

guns blazing in pitch black had to be alert

or be slaughtered or seriously hurt!


In an instant the sheriff was now confronted

with a mass heading his way

firing it knocked him to the floor lashing out

with huge claws and teeth gnashing

bullets at first never stopped the beasts charge

as more rapidly did discharge!


Just managed to grab his knife stabbed its head

this made it fall heavily backwards

now running away as the deputy came to help

but suddenly the beats jumped up

knocking him with force through a glass door

it left a trail of blood on the floor!


Injured both struggled to stand it had vanished

shaken waited for the daylight

a search was mounted but nothing ever found

today they live in a state of terror

knowing the beast was somewhere not dead

no idea of the future that lay ahead!


Deep in the vast forest the beasts waited

to terminate the humans they hated!


The Foureyed Poet.







Special Day!

That special day has finally arrived

plans made hoping all is well

beginning of our adventure together

preparations completed ready

a nervous groom waits for his bride

standing nowhere to hide!


Soon she will walk down the aisle

two people to be joined

music starts to play nerves are taut

relieved as she is here

now together for that moment stand

promises a kiss hand in hand!


Behind family and friends sit watching

now smiles on your faces

turning to congratulations and praises

signing the register married

feeling of relief cameras start clicking

your married the clock is ticking!


Realising now two families are united

everybody happy and delighted

their perfect love match and marriage

or divorce hate then disengage!


The Foureyed Poet.


Upon That Site!

There are facts that the public never know! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Upon that site of rising grass and dirt

classed in history as a hill

through endless battles lives were lost

today this  you could not tell

a monument left for those who perished

a history that’s cherished!

Not just an empty unmarked mound

but a central point

it to could have been a long-range beacon

visible from great distances

lay lines crossing below the earth’s face

guiding alien craft from outer space!

A fort that in early centuries manned

to repel the invading foe

yet today families dog owners and walkers

enjoy the green town park

not burdened with tarmac or obstructions

to upset or cause disruptions!

Here you can believe anything could be true

yet what other facts are kept from our view?

The Foureyed Poet.

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