Humanoid Robot!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Is it possible to be worse than humans? The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

The future has come today a fantasy past is lost

before my own gaze the being was there

no longer the theme of numerous sci-fi films

books videos articles of impending doom

now seen the first humanoid robot creature

truly man against machine feature!

Not the imagination of any writers or visionaries

an object that’s solid and there before your eyes

being an actual threat one of great concern

to us already has become a matter of fact

so much written in the past as fiction is real

ominously this is no longer surreal!

Comfort in your armchair thinking just  a myth

but that safety net has now disappeared

the scientists have created without thought

worse monsters than man in his own image

it cannot be undone causing a chain reaction

one day for us it will end with no retraction!

They are like humans impossible to tell apart

created without feelings a…

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The Old Asylum!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

The asylum was waiting for them! The Foureyed Poet.

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The old asylum was an eerie looking place

stark against the angry autumn skyline

ominous and bleak an air of  such doom

the team stood together looking with terror

five floors of  an unspeakable dread

it’s said haunted by spirits of the dead!

Like in an old movie the doors creaked open

cautiously they entered feeling a chill

the owner who should have met them here

came the week before and disappeared

nervously they stood in the entrance hall

when each heard a pleading female call!

With trepidation they brought in their equipment

a layout plan in their hands exploration began

five floors of dark dank empty corridors and wards

they split into three groups to cover the ground

daylight in places was poor torches had to be used

creating fear in their minds making them confused!

Shadowy figures seemed every where they turned

and footsteps heard they did not feel alone

they could…

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Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Surely this is our society today? The Foureyed Poet.

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Why are there governments today so blinkered

and so narrow-minded?

Intent on power and their self-preservation

ignoring those suffering!

Amongst the people they should safely rule

but often oppressive and cruel!

Millions of refuges forced to flee across  borders

unwanted into other countries.

Causing more threats and possibility of escalation

because they have their troubles to.

That endless cycle of never ending brutality

will remain a shocking reality!

A process to most of the humans that’s unacceptable

when these wars spread!

With nuclear weapons possibly being used

where nobody can win!

But through this misery to many do proceed

it’s the psychopathic breed!

Our society still survives but with uncertainty

at what could happen.

World finances crashing more becoming poor

yet even more billionaires.

Anger and discontent begins to fester and blow

what happens tomorrow we don’t know!

If these government attitudes stay the same

when it does none will…

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Below The Ice!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Global warming had unleashed the alien slime! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

In the ice something laid in complete silence

for millions of years waiting to be aroused

an entity that should never on earth be alive

in suspended animation until that moment

festering below the surface as the heat rises

visible to see the shape with nasty surprises!

A survey team headed to the unknown source

their instruments picking up at first a faint signal

curiosity would be their ultimate downfall

their snow vehicles left the safety of their base

setting out with excitement on a discovery trip

keeping in touch by radio with a close by ship!

It had just arrived with fresh supplies and team

eager to know if they would be needed to help

as the scientist approached at speed the rogue blip

a sound was heard within their minds but no noise

approaching the spot a giant circular shape was seen

at the edge was a substance a dark shade…

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As usual he put in the first business postcode

before heading off for the day

into his firms car built-in satellite navigation

just the normal routine

nothing seemed wrong on that early morning

what happened no warning!


A good weekend with the family those memories

in his mind still lingered

from the office headed onto the motorway north

to his clients busy factory

he was an insurance agent all claims had to assess

check the damage and mess!


Lot of travelling away from home but his own boss

not knowing the route

had to rely on a route finder always got him there

onto dual carriageways

the voice female and posh accent somehow soothing

like a friend he was approving!


For a moment the voice stopped maybe a poor signal

map still showed the direction

it was not for long yet when it spoke again it was deep

and a male voice strange

wanting to get to his destination thinking just a glitch

no time for any hitch!


Map was still showing the same direction as before

keeping eyes on the road

as the deep tone proceeded with the directions

now decided to stop

at the next service area along his present way

but no exits signs on display!


Eventually it narrowed to a single track he slowed

and the voice said exit

in two hundred yards turn left lost had to obey

soon coming to a village

the car came near to a church stop he was told

the place was neglected and old!


Stopping looking at the drab buildings and gardens

it began to seem familiar

certainly not where he had hoped to be by now

the friendly voice had returned

make a u-turn as soon as possible then next right

to hear that was a delight!


Almost afraid to get out plucked up the courage

yes this was where he was born

but why had he been brought back to his home

nobody was left of his family

they were all laid to rest in the church cemetery

this vivid in his memory!


The church door opened and his mum was there

welcome home my son

as she spoke his dad was by her side smiling

it became much brighter

so pleased to see them yet what did it mean

began feeling so serene!


Then heard frantic voices calling out his name

flashing lights and discomfort

opening his eyes a mask over his face dizzy

he is awake a voice shouted

unable to move was lifted into the ambulance

then blackness and silence!


Please Jim wake up you’re having a nightmare

too much to drink again

you will be late the traffic will be busy by now

rudely made to get up

soon sat in his car on an early Monday morning

into his mind the dream came roaring!


Decided after that he would take the day off!


The Foureyed Poet.





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Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

The soldier traumatised left the battle scene! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

The soldier stood overlooking a bloody scene

injured himself  he used his gun for support

tears filled his eyes running down his dusty face

with fresh doubt on his view of any wars

alone in pain wondering if he would survive

just one comrade lay wounded barely alive!

A distant engine sound gave him a little hope

in the carnage thoughts of his wife and kids

as he took in the view of  the ruined small town

and the innocent civilians in the line of fire

unable to accept the strategy on this heinous day

as the chopper landed he bowed his head to pray!

He flew above and away from that shocking scene

his life was changed with traumatic stress

unable to accept fully what he had witnessed

as the sun set death had the upper hand

but what was the purpose of such carnage

this soldier felt helpless and full of rage!

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The Peninsula!

To the family from the city the air was fresh

clean without the diesel smell

the spectacular sea views the land tapering

down to golden beaches

of the ever approaching isolated peninsula

staring out of their car!


The day was drawing rapidly towards dusk

the sun was setting fast

tomorrows forecast another lovely hot day

at last saw the cottage

weary after the long trip just wanted sleep

down the final lane so steep!


Soon as the sunset parked in an allotted bay

alongside the thatched cottage

glad to be here at last unloading their luggage

eager to get settled within

noticing the lighthouse a short distance away

somewhere when bored to stray!


Their first night was restful to tired to care

after nine when they woke

in these new surroundings of fresh sea air

absent of traffic sounds

their teenage daughter Jess was first up

in the kitchen dropped a cup!


Rousing the rest out of their sweet slumber

soon the smell of fried breakfast

filled the cottage making it feel more homely

setting them up for the fray

that would be an eventful twenty four hours

as events their holiday sours!


Mum and dad wanted to go and get groceries

from the nearby village store

but Jess and Paul wanted to see the lighthouse

knowing the kids often argued

were reluctant but eventually agreed to leave

from their parents had a reprieve!


As soon as they had gone noticed an emptiness

putting it down to being old

when the back door opened then closed scared

decided it was time to go

a little spooked not wanting to stay anymore

the lighthouse then seashore!


Nearing the tall structure made them feel small

straining to view the top

where the beam of light shone to protect ships

from coming in to close

both saw somebody waving at them frantically

as far as they could see!


Then it was gone blinded by the rising morning sun

arriving at the base

a notice by the entrance read tour’s start from ten

it was locked nobody there

but who was that standing at the top of the tower

they witnessed in that hour?


Exactly at the time stated a young woman arrived

and opened for tours

she was surprised to see two kids without parents

health and safety issues

told them without an adult could not let them in

asked was somebody else within?


Surprised said no so told her what they had seen

happy to talk about the history

that a lighthouse keeper a century before saw

a ship coming onto the rocks

the light had gone out on this treacherous coast

so with flares stayed at his post!


But the passenger ship hit the rocks many died

women and children to

though a hero in the storm fell to his own death

until this day a mystery

why the beam failed and keepers untimely fall

a mystery that did still enthrall!


Soon people were queueing to be shown around

so knew it was time to leave

they wanted to go down to those sandy beaches

but on the path the sand blew

yet nowhere else as if their passage was thwarted

so the sea walk was aborted!


Fed up and bored saw their were parents returning

stood waiting at the gate

a breeze passed them and footsteps were heard

walking up the path

afraid to turn mum got out of the car calling them

just before mayhem!


Wanted help with the shopping as dad was busy

as they were walking up the path

saw a showy shape looking out of the open door

that none of them had been near

all three stopped and yelled in a loud unified cry

rationality it did defy.


Dad came running at the shouting to find out why

as the three backed away

to afraid to go inside reluctantly went to the door

then he noticed the sign

this was the home of Tom bell a lighthouse keeper

it is said taken by the devils reaper!


He had no idea what this meant as a rasping voice

told him to come in

ashen walked down the path guiding his family

telling them to get in the car

and drove away at speed leaving their effects

here embedded lay many dark secrets!


Evil had been awakened by the family’s short stay

from its influence could never get away!


The Peninsula


The Foureyed Poet.





Man Ever The Beast!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Man ever the savage beast! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

Man ever the beast and always the savage

no matter how clever his status

in an increasingly deteriorating terra firma

with a lust and driving force for power

the few dominating our every moment

as the majority are in rapid descent!

Unbelievable amounts of money being spent

as this is now what rules our lives

most struggle to pay the  horrendous taxes

imposed but not used to improve society

squandered to the detriment of the majority

from those elected by us into authority!

If the wealth was spread more evenly about

poverty would be just a plain word

people safe to stay in their own homelands

no fear of persecution or starvation

treated with dignity and more as equals

but unlikely as money rules any sequels!

The enviroment falls short of financial gain

the beast and the savage will remain

any method used to boost the profits

overrules the correct and just route

on the streets the blood…

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The Commander!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

What is the true cost of war? The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

From the top of the hill the commander looked down

upon the carnage he had created in the valley below

able after years of war and conflict to be hard

too many good friends lay amongst the fallen foe

fighting at close quarter on a once picturesque scene

where flowers and roaming sheep had peacefully been!

The ground tainted where young soldiers had perished

fighting for what the purpose lost in the misery

yet he and his officers celebrated a victorious battle

the deaths would be brushed aside as collateral damage

there were always more to fight no time for remorse

one fact mattered to him keep the war on course!

His battered army headed back to camp as the night fell

taking it’s dead and wounded to count who was left

the commander gave orders to his officers reform the few

in the days when discipline and honour was the rule

his men were mainly…

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Ominous White Building!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Nobody realised until it was too that a toxin had been released! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

In the middle of  a boggy scrub land field

an ominous white building is located

rumours rife it was an experimental lab

it was built without consent

no planning permission they could recall

now a green mist began to fall!

A toxin being released into the atmosphere

through vents on the flat roof

opened on purpose to allow it to escape

into the settlements nearby

as it permeated into plants and tissue

this would become the big issue!

The change was rapid as people died

but quickly coming back to life

not as the people they had just been

now monsters like zombies

from humans to flesh-eating freaks

in a few hours not weeks!

The connection between the outbreak

and the factory emissions

had not been established as it spread

government scientists searched

of the source of such hideous creatures

only seen in horror features!

It was not known it…

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