Street light!

The street light flickered above her head

just thought it faulty

walked on down the well-lit pavement

then at the fifth post

went out with a bang followed by the rest

a tightness in her chest!


The crowds surrounding her became silent

from a loud happy crowd

a forced silence and uncertainty spread

what sounded like gunfire

created a panic as screams filled the air

of the growing danger all aware!


Glass windows shattered amongst city lights

mayhem ensued nobody knew

darkness filled the pedestrian walkways

as injured lay sprawled

masked angry figures moved quickly around

crouched low to the ground!


Impossible to tell if they were of human origin

in the beginning just a few

but the number rapidly grew firing weapons

that did not look familiar

those who tried to escape were hit by a beam

fell without even a scream!


From the sky lights blinded yet deathly quiet

many were herded together

the woman was forced to stand she knew

this was no alien invasion

she had never before seen a real android

that of human emotions were void!


But it had been reported many had escaped

from a military facility

now able to think being far more intelligent

the public were told

they had been captured the danger contained

order had been maintained!


A craft landed and people were forced onboard

loud explosions started

the army and police arrived causing more panic

helicopters now hovered

in a flash the androids ship was hit and exploded

hope of rescue eroded!


Taking just a few hostages they fled the carnage

followed by the troops

many bodies lay around yet none of the robots

littered the bloody scene

made by man as an indestructible military force

news said from an unknown source!


The woman walked back fires now lit her way

guided by uniformed officers

distant explosions filled the smoke polluted air

sirens whaled incessantly

paramedics attended the wounded and dead

she dreaded the future ahead!


Robot wars no longer science fiction but reality!


The Foureyed Poet.




My Death!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Love and hate such a fine line! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

How in seconds our lives can change

remembering when we met what fun

it was incredible just being with you

how my love simply filled my heart

thought you actually felt the same

my view changed as hatred came!

Felt a sharp pain in my back one night

in disbelief in me you had thrust a knife

how your feelings for me had reversed

sweet and kind thinking you were close

soul mates sharing our lives forever

now it is my death we share together!

The Foureyed Poet

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Upon the lake the water swirled

as being drained away

on the shore two anglers stood

patiently casting lines

a huge ripple became a shower

making the men cower!


Knocked off their feet as it fell

cascading down like rain

the tranquil lake had erupted

startled they laid

for seconds both were dazed

with the event fazed!


Shaken got up and witnessed

a luminous procession

of  beings gliding over water

from a disk hovering

no sound a ghostly apparition

focused on a mission!


Or so it was how they described

leaving their gear

running away that chilly night

others reported it to

that baffling unexpected sight

emitting a spectral light!


Into the surrounding tree line

the images vanished

so did the craft had it returned

to a murky lake bed

or just a memory from history

was the nagging mystery!


Many brave or foolish searched

through following days

yet no evidence could be found

above or below the lake

raised radiation levels detected

the whole area infected!


Too many questions unanswered

without real proof

but this was only the beginning

of the phenomenon

as the investigations continued

for proof they pursued!


Unexplained phenomena emerged

on the area converged!


The Foureyed Poet.

Can You?

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

How nice to dream of what could never be! The Foureyed Poet.

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Can you remember ever having a dream

of a life of happiness and peace

where a raised voice is often friendly

not meant to terrify you

and love is just that not an excuse

for what is really abuse!

No looking over your shoulder in fear

worried somebody is out to steal

possessions you had to work hard for

able to leave open your door

money is not essential to each day

life focussed more on play!

Tax is very low in a much fairer society

in my dream everyone equal

freedom of speech is not just a phrase

a life important not what you own

one with nature nobody is ever cruel

people help each other the rule!

No government was ever found to be corrupt

and they always told the truth

you never had any dreams like this I am sure

if only it could truly be so

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The Leaves Fell!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

The seasons blend into one! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

The leaves fell more rapidly from the trees

the autumn season changed the scene

chilly long days and early darkness

accompanied by frosts and more rain

with the winter standing by on cue

knowing the bad weather was due!

This for so long is how it has always been

today the seasons are not so defined

milder conditions are more common

floods are a bigger risk than snow

in the early sixties when I was a boy

each season marked then to enjoy!

Better when the weather seemed balanced

bad conditions came in a sequence

easier to plan holidays and events

recall when it felt a more settled time

now the climate has become unstable

with the ever rising water table!

A harsh and bleak future full of despair

lay ahead unless we learn to care!

The Foureyed Poet.

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From the bomb crater the beast was released

the massive explosion scattered

shrapnel and debris outwards at high velocity

and downward deep in the ground

penetrating a long hidden uncharted cave

a hole exposed by the shock wave!


With the evacuation and devastation it came

nobody knew of the presence

from below the alien creature had emerged

from long confinement

awoken after thousand of centuries trapped

to the atmosphere hard to adapt!


Unlike all the earthbound humanoid species

this being was not carbon based

nor in a solid form looking like a dark mist

blending in with the surroundings

because of our gravity needed a host to survive

buried deep only reason alive!


It searched for a victim to enter and control

but the battle raged on

the explosion that had set an evil alien free

sensed few living about

desperate saw a soldier in ruins cowering

soon his mind devouring!


From a hunched weary man now stood tall

his eyes lit brightly

a predator filled with the long pent-up anger

could start his quest

walking along abruptly the body just dropped

a bullet in the back stopped!


There was nobody to transfer into felt the pain

and the end of life

back in its innate shape hovered over the scene

blending in with smoke

rising from the fires that littered far below

decided it was the moment to go!


Into the vacuum of space where it could survive

to wander in search

of another world that itself could easily destroy

settling on passing asteroid

leaving earth to be eradicated by its own hand

as ill winds the fires fanned!


With a last thought could do no more damage

than the brutality of the human rage!


The Foureyed Poet.



Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

The vampires existance was ended by Tia the slayer! The Foureyed Poet.

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The girl sat so thin and pale starring

at food on a plate

pretending to eat within the group

she was very hungry

human blood was what she craved

being truly depraved!

Just will power stopped her attacking

sitting around that table

none realised she was actually dead

just a teenage girl

who loved wine after her blood fill

it gave her an extra thrill!

Pasty slender an image of unique beauty

now tired of these mortals

making her exit had to quell that hunger

her keen senses alerted

pounced on a lone woman in a doorway

on the glass blood spray!

Making her strong the victim meant nothing

just her blood lust to fill

the deadly unholy creature went on her way

thinking herself unstoppable

turned over three hundred years passed

her long shadow cast!

But as Beth thought her reign could never end

always evading the slayer


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Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Another werewolf was created! The Foureyed Poet

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As he opened one eye a new existence awaited

it was cold and he was semi naked

a salty smell filled his sensitive nostrils

wearily he sat up

blood ran down his arm from a savage gash

clothes strewn about like trash!

No memory of how he ended up in this spot

a watery sun began to shine

standing it was though he had a hangover

how his head throbbed

gathering his clothes and putting them on

he heard a clock on seven dong!

That splitting headache rampaged his thoughts

trying desperately to remember

he was sure it was a celebration with mates

must have had too much booze

finding it hard to even remember his address

how had he got into this mess?

His parents thankfully had already left for work

weak had a job climbing the stairs

could not even recognise himself in the mirror

more zombie than…

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Dark Clouds!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

From the clouds the aliens came! The Foureyed Poet.

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Those dark clouds seemed unusually dense

as gazing up into the open expanse

relaxed in a deck chair on a fine evening

slowly thick clouds came across my vision

a formation not ever encountered before

when thousands of  birds fell to the floor!

Tingling sensations passed over my body

getting up could see now no longer alone

others now stared silently into the air

then into our sight the first craft emerged

something awesome unfolded as we gazed

at first there was calm little fear raised!

Like an epic sci-fi movie on the big screen

sitting in the best seats in the house

what was unbearable was the total silence

none could imaging their next move

military craft suddenly came into view

our future had ended this we knew!

Explosions rang out these craft fired back

any familiar images now destroyed

countless numbers died as we all watched

the sunlight was obliterated from sight

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The small group of refugees stuck together

as if in a family unit

young men and women with one intent

minds aligned to hate

despising those who did not think their way

or in their beliefs pray!


Had it in their minds to cause the west mayhem

each focused on the same path

those who did not follow in their philosophy

were a target to harm

more twisted thinking none wanting any peace

just hatred and violence to release!


Through history they were not a new evil breed

but part of a radical creed

thus everybody was wrong if they did not agree

narrowly fixated without grace

within their suicidal cruel and sadistic thought

the innocent a solution sought!


Not caring who were the people they obliterated

or upon which powerful nation

the planet has become an endless battleground

where populations exist in fear

uncertain where any safety could ever be found

and fanatics no more their lives to hound!


Yet with spiralling terror when all is said and done

no matter what background most folks are one!


The Foureyed Poet.





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