Large Black Eyes!

Stories have been told for many decades

that have increased in intensity

creating terror for those it has touched

instilling a dread none will forget

one incident happened on a Halloween

the fear could not be foreseen!


Around ten in the evening the dog barked

running about in a crazy manner

she was otherwise alone on this night

heard a faint tap on the front door

feeling uncertain walked down the hall

heard a child’s faint voice call!


There were no children living in the house

just herself with the agitated dog

her husband had left to work a night shift

through the frosted glass

two small silhouettes were visible there

of her own anxiety was aware!


The voice called again please may we come in

she thought it late for children

to be on their own replied what do you want

her hand shook opening the door

looked down saw two poorly dressed children

one about twelve the other under ten!


The barking continued as an unpleasant odour

made her feel suddenly nauseous

the older child stepped forward into clear view

illuminated by the hall light

making her move back strangely was afraid

their presence a threat conveyed!


Holding the door tightly so neither could enter

then they lifted their heads together

holding back a scream shocked at what she saw

their eyes were large and black

two pale skinned faces that seemed stretched

on them something inhuman etched!


Slammed the door and put on the safety change

added go away you cannot come in

what seemed like hours they stood on the porch

but eventually walked away

went to the bay window with its clear street view

they were nowhere insight terror grew!


Sat freezing on the carpet for the remaining night

a frightened pet huddled close and tight!


The Foureyed Poet.





The Chapel!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

So long ago yet still fresh in my mind! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

How cold and dark the chapel looked that day

from the narrow dirt track

the overgrown graves adding to the gloom

no  longer did anyone pray

in this neglected forgotten medieval place

here a friend vanished without a trace!

This brought me to view this strange dwelling

a despair came over me that second

that gut wrenching feeling consumed my being

standing afraid started yelling

a spontaneous reaction that  would not stop

around fields filled with nature’s crop!

Never a believer in spiritual matters until then

a light breeze began to blow

why had made me venture to this solitary spot

from inside had there been a glow

compulsion made me open the rusty gate

what had happened to my mate?

A heavy atmosphere it was hard to breath

was that footsteps I heard

stopping to glance around nobody was there

two-horse riders passed waving

turning back soon at the solid…

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Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

What haunted the old mine? The Foureyed Poet.

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What brushed by me that cold night

has haunted my life ever since

was it man beast or unknown origin

exploring a shutdown mine

something held my arm for sure

it chilled me to the core!

Then worked for a mining company

checking out a report of noises

from within the blocked entrance

that was still sealed tight

native workers would not go near

cowering frozen with fear!

One brave soul came to the site

remember being really scared

with a crow bar forced the planks

blocking our way in

soon the entrance was revealed

should have stayed sealed!

A terrible pain and a deathly chill

surged through my body

as if touched by something within

upon my exposed arm

sure there was activity in the dark

on my skin a burn mark!

Overwhelmed in terror made my exit

running like a jabbering wreck

past the frightened natives a coward


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Entering his garage found the car engine running

perturbed thought it very odd

must be an electrical fault what else could it be

yet held the key in his hand

there was more to this unusual event he pondered

as the bad memories stirred!


Only a few weeks ago had placed his wife in the car

tense as he had been questioned

so far his plans had worked well thought a suicide

she had a history of depression

plenty of pills plus the fumes yet guilt lingered on

hated her but knew it was wrong!


Was it just that a feeling of regret at the repulsive act

or was there more still felt her near

put aside any nagging doubts opened the garage door

reversed out had to meet his girlfriend

until his wife’s demise was known as his mistress

she would get rid of this stress!


Even driving to work became  an increasing problem

never seemed to be alone

at his office computers kept shutting off objects missing

his chair moved and incessant calls

but nobody ever on the other end was getting paranoid

this odd conduct co-workers him did avoid!


But the day did come when he swore he saw his dead wife

smelling the perfume she always wore

just before the wheel violently turned and off the road

into a tree at speed the car swerved

an unfortunate accident the police report clearly read

now like his wife he to was dead!


The Foureyed Poet.




Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

What was the object above the hill? The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

Saw a bright object over the distant hillside

as the sun was setting on a warm evening

darkness was closing in slow motion

a few hang gliders had their final runs

the craft seemed to come from nowhere

hovering then it was not there!

Staring at nothing as the sun blinked out

thinking it was a trick of my own vision

it reappeared once more on the hill

at speed putting on an aerial display

suddenly helicopters came into view

pursuing the object which split in two!

Intrigued got much closer without care

just as the object sped in my direction

followed by dark military type craft

buzzing me as if to give a warning

then instantly blending back into one

and its show was now done!

Becoming bright red it went out like a candle

the unmarked choppers this could not handle

hovered for a few seconds then sped away


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Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Was it the ghost of a hitchhiker who had died along that road! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

His mind blank standing at the police desk

no idea why he was covered in blood

not able to even remember his own name

frustration made him seem aggressive

how had he ended up in this terrible state

all he could do was contemplate!

Nothing was reported nobody was missing

unsure of the events they sat him down

confused rested for a while in a prison cell

while intensive enquiries were being made

his mental condition a cause for concern

the acid in his stomach began to burn!

Then said a road number muttering a crash

emergency services rushed to the scene

several miles along a narrow desolate road

two people were found seriously hurt

barely alive the car in a water filled ditch

but rescued thankfully without a hitch!

Searching him found a photo in his pocket

his wallet still in the wrecked automobile

they were his wife and young daughter

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Chance Meeting!

Over the table they chatted constantly

amazing he thought

never seen her in his local pub before

this beautiful woman

sitting gazing in his mind in the bag

maybe a chance for a shag!


But that was far from her real intentions

hatred welled up inside

badly treated and hit by her ex-boyfriend

a substance viciously injected

a lethal substance altering body chemistry

and personality drastically!


Becoming mutated into a ferocious monster

able to control her emotions

to trap her prey into a feeling of false security

before draining their bodies

of blood and fat then discarding the residue

into the sewers to drain through!


In the central police headquarters on the desk

the detective many files he browsed

showing all the remains in the clogged drains

from many areas in the county

with reports yet no clues to their ultimate demise

not enough to even surmise!


The sports car wound its way on a narrow track

the woman was driving her car

persuading him that as he had been drinking

it was safer as she had not had one

in her favourite spot parked it was isolated

not realising his life was fated!


The infatuation blinded his vision and sense

every thought was being controlled

she then transformed into her true form

snake-like fangs pierced his throat

instantly paralysed so was death body drained

only the shrivelled shell remained!


Coldly disposing him into a remote sewer

moved on to find another

composed roared off in her sports coupe

a new breed of human beast

soon to be another file on the full desktop

no answers to make it stop!


A mysterious assailant pursued injecting more humans!


The Foureyed Poet.




Heard the alarm thought it was morning

then the odour of acrid smoke

jolted her into realisation there was a fire

rolled out of bed stayed low

flames trying to get under the closed-door

her breathing becoming poor!


On the third level such a long way to jump

tried to hold the window sill

strength sapped could not grab the latch

but slid down the wall

flames had permeated the door and frame

she would die if nobody came!


Fire had now ignited the carpet and bedding

going into a deep sleep

smoke swirling around this must be the end

through half closed eyes

somebody rushed in felt herself being raised

knew she was being saved!


Unable to see anything the rescuer never spoke

yet somehow was at ease

suddenly the air was clear and sirens neared

oxygen mask placed upon her face

blankets to as she began to shiver a voice spoke

no longer did she want to choke!


In the ambulance they said she had a lucky escape

asked how she got herself out

told them somebody had brought her to safety

told later the building was gutted

nobody could have gotten into that apartment

was their expert judgement!


So who had managed to get inside nobody knew

placing her completely unharmed

on the grass in front of structure in clear view

was her life truly charmed?


Maybe it was a guarding angel or kindly ghost!


The Foureyed Poet.





Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Never seen a ghost before! The Foureyed Poet.

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Certain something was closely watching

from that small upstairs window

never before had I felt piercing eyes

observing intently my every move

looking once again nothing was there

it was sunny was it just the glare?

Visiting a lost friend after some years

who had moved to this weird house

even outside took an instant dislike

somehow did not want to go in

but in the lounge sure I heard a voice

tried to ignore had no choice!

This had never happened to me before

my friend seemed to be oblivious

the discomfort was getting unbearable

a young woman suddenly appeared

stared at me then quickly had gone

for a moment just to leave did long!

Could not be rude our friendship renewed

we sat talking me feeling spooked

trying to enquire if this place had a history

luckily in our conversation she admitted

that a young woman had been found dead


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Cliff Edge!

How could they end up on the cliff edge

she though it just another row

both moving apart surely a bad patch

until she mentioned her affair

only briefly while he worked abroad

her phone calls had ignored!


Met while young neither yet matured

but there was a special love

realising it may not save the marriage

could not change her actions

never expected to be up here pleading

as the marriage was receding!


Anguish had overtaken his whole being

drawing closer to oblivion

the cliff crumbling from beneath them

tried to hold him grip was lost

fell back onto the grass he disappeared

for a second the turmoil cleared!


Then reality hit her like a thunder bolt

the strain upon her a jolt

guilt tore her sanity completely apart

jumped with a broken heart!


The Foureyed Poet.


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