The Dark Van!

Yet another act of brutality by those who did not care! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

The dark van sped away in a suspicious manner

joining the busy evening traffic

no markings and an unreadable number plate

went for now unnoticed

an alarm in a small supermarket just blared

those inside cowered scared!

Mayhem left behind blood spattered the counter

the manager unconscious behind

a gang out to cause harm and injury to anyone

while heading to their planned job

this to them was making extra money and fun

not caring their victim had a son!

Inside the van the masked gang were prepared

and unphased by their violence

now waiting outside a bank managers house

with the intention of intimidation

to hold his family while he let them in the bank

but on this night their plan sank!

A suspicious wife was watching the dark van

sensing there was something wrong

contacting her husband and then the police

who came quickly to her aid


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Island Of Hell!

Another violent institution where it’s said tormented souls have never left! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

To the Island of hell the five now headed

visiting the long disused prison

stood ominously silent and foreboding

here to investigate the spirits

was said possessed the bricks and steel

what spectres did it conceal?

The deceased still walking within these walls

many witnesses had told

of threatening voices from those dead

prisoners there murdered

also several prison officers here as well

on the Island of hell!

Long before anything existed on the  land

native american’s  shunned it

knowing it was cursed evil roamed free

but when the prison was built

even the hardened criminals were afraid

on minds and souls evil preyed!

To this place the ghost investigation team came

to find out for themselves

if stories and experiences were actually true

none of these truth seekers

were disappointed at evidence perceived

without doubt believed!

From recorded messages to those red eyes

feeling somebody near

the moving shadow…

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Hands of Destruction!

The millions struggling to cope with life

seeking to find happiness

anyway they can in a controlling society

where violence is close by

moments of joy snatched before its taken

the innocent are forsaken!


The clash of different cultures is it a myth

instigated to divide us

when the people want to interact as one

sharing their friendship

not wanting to inflict such awful suffering

as humanity is stuttering!


Are we not the same people from all nations

hating each other by actions

taken by those we trust for our existence

to safeguard our security

but now the fear of attack has escalated

our lives too complicated!


What will each day bring more uncertainty

as out there evil doth prey

as the darkness engulfs unsuspecting beings

nowhere for us to go and hide

those hands of destruction grow stronger

as common sense exists no longer!


Let Peace Love and Cooperation be more

than hollow words to stop the war!


The Foureyed Poet.





She had been a social worker many years

though there was more pressure

found it rewarding visiting senior citizens

concluded knocking on a door

her last visit of the week was unexpected

then no problems detected!


Remembered visiting the elderly lady before

recalling she was very frail

contact had been lost this was an urgent visit

to see if she was in distress

with no reply had a master-key to get inside

thinking she must have died!


Entering and calling the elderly person’s name

got no reply looked around

as if by instinct went into the small lounge

sensed she was in there

unprepared for the sight that would greet her

a primal fear within did stir!


She sat in a big armchair staring straight ahead

pale but appeared well

but it was several feet off the cream worn carpet

the room was cold a smell

made the social worker feel ill it was sulphur

everything after was a blur!


Awoke with a jolt as a soft voice close by spoke

shaking saw the elderly lady

who looked concerned and offering a cup of tea

the room looked normal

now in the armchair asleep a black cat did lay

quickly leaving could not stay!


From then on certain she was being followed

yet could never see anybody

her report did not reveal what she had seen

thinking she would be ridiculed

but could not forget what she had witnessed

making her feel more stressed!


It was a few days later her manager contacted

to inquire who she had seen

the lady mentioned did not live at that address

nor did anybody else

the property had been destroyed by a bad fire

an explanation did require!


Nobody was found within the burnt out shell

it was an unsolved crime

no culprit or evidence of arson had been found

flagging major concern

of course she could not give any information

causing her consternation!


Her mental health deteriorated she became ill

before long was committed

unable to accept that she imagined the event

now constantly medicated

yet still that feeling something evil was nearby

making her want to scream and cry!


Trapped in the single cell within her own hell!


The Foureyed Poet.




Life After Death?

The question is there an afterlife will it ever be revealed? Or will we have to wait to find out for ourselves? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Even at my mature years still cannot decide

can there really be life after death or not

many have told me their most strange tales

relatives friends or others had recalled

scientist believe it’s just a chemical reaction

making them conclude not a spiritual transaction!

Another incredible phenomena do not conceive

how people survive when they should not

like the teenage girl found unharmed

after a plane crash clinging to the wreckage

a man surviving after stab wounds to the heart

a lad getting out a crushed car non meant to depart!

Reluctantly must consider there is a possibility

our lives may not end at its designated span

surely still speculation as there is no real proof

but more are convinced and put their trust

in the hands of mediums or those out to fool

can there actually be a real connecting tool?

Too many charlatans have earned big money

that has spread onto our…

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Is there a malicious unseen agenda

that does not want unity

where humanity would join as one

instead of our destruction

intent on fanning the flames of hate

when people want to debate!


Dividing the masses for the privileged

creating fear and mistrust

taking us away from a righteous path

into the depraved depths

when we know not what is happening

a scenario for many baffling!


Death and chaos is a daily occurrence

the threat of total anarchy

your neighbours and friends the foe

everybody filled with mistrust

as understanding slips into that abyss

hope evermore we shall miss!


Or is the turmoil part of an ongoing plan?


The Foureyed Poet.


Another creation by scientists that had become out of control! The Foureyd Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

The sedated patient laid on the trolley

her spine was exposed

a masked gowned figure approached

ready to begin the procedure

in this sterile environment secret lab

she laid still on the slab!

A secret facility where an experiment

was just about to proceed

conditions here were of a high standard

the spores could not be tainted

as the spinal needle was inserted to inject

the contents they had to protect!

The space between the vertebrae was located

the fine sharp needle entered

piercing the dura contents slowly expelled

into the female spinal fluid

roughly onto her back to await the reaction

the first muscle contraction!

More victims lay in cubicles just abandoned

or were due to be used

hideously deformed from the failed research

but their latest victim

was different for she had seemed to accept

the alien blood did not reject!

Putting her into a locked and padded…

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Is what we are told the whole truth? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Erected in the centre of a huge hanger it stood

thousands of wreckage pieces

now twisted and burned into many shapes

being carefully reconstructed

on wire frames to assist in the investigation

analyzed to find an explanation!

It had taken several months just to get this far

crashing in an actual war zone

the deceased innocent victims not respected

their return too long for families

traumatized even more by this added insult

so many in this conflict caught!

The international teams unable to gain access

an unprecedented political block

for such a callous act raising the world tension

with no respect for the dead

holding back the solving of  a barbaric crime

the scene degrading with time!

It was calculated to be a sophisticated missile

origin and perpetrators queried

no longer of any interest to those who started

their journeys full of excitement

and expectation of reaching their destinations


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She spoke with an almost singing tone

lost in the mansion museum

here with his elderly parents to explore

something they had always done

it was nice to meet a girl of his own age

with whom to engage!


Forgetting he had come with anybody else

engrossed with his new friend

did not seem to notice her long flowing gown

certainly not of modern day design

as he was taken on a detailed personal tour

happy to explore even more!


It was if they had known each other forever

nobody spoke to him before

or able to understand what he was saying

he never wanted to leave here

moving deeper into lower parts his mind

was simple and truly kind!


Never noticed those portraits on the walls

resembling closely his guide

nor objects she seemed to walk through

chatting then she had gone

disorientated he sat waiting for her return

that he was missing had no concern!


Fraught parents reported their son missing

security found him calmly sitting

took him back to their tender loving care

did not understand the attention

his thoughts were on that nice chatty girl

who had put him in a twirl!


Just begged to come back again very soon

unaware that the girl was a ghost

murdered when young within the building

was the next in line to the title

condemned to roam until body discovered

and her bones recovered!


The white lady waited for her friend to return!


The Foureyed Poet.

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Nothing Is Personal!

What if any future can we expect? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Nothing is personal or sacred today it would seem

each one of us watched in one way or another

any secrets can soon be in the public domain

as there are those snooping of the official kind

even a neighbour or a so-called close friend

spying and seeking evidence you can’t defend!

Our home phones and mobiles can be quickly tapped

computers being hacked and viruses downloaded

wherever we turn the cameras are there tracking

to catch us speeding and check number plates

undercover agents look to see if we illegally claim

catching those they say are the right ones to blame!

The major rise is by frauds and crooks after our cash

from false emails stating you’ve won big money

to your credit and debit card details being cloned

with the genuine hard workers and honest folk

targets for private bailiffs able to seek and hound

crooks ready to steal leaving us dead on the ground!

Becoming a nasty…

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