Holiday Cabin!

First night on holiday was always exciting

this year was different

she had come ahead alone not so inviting

here early with good intent

mum and daughter due tomorrow night

being alone did not seem right!


Had come ahead early she had an extra day

wanted to see her daughter Kate

had been at university soon be here to stay

for two weeks could not wait

never been here before wanted to prepare

of any danger was not aware!


Busy getting holiday cabin how she wanted

soon darkness had come

felt tired never thought it could be haunted

to exhaustion had succumb

decided to have an early and restful sleep

anything else to the morning keep!


Not use to being in the countryside all alone

or cabin with panoramic view

had forgotten her mobile and no house phone

here alone anxiety grew

now for the first time began to feel uneasy

stomach churning was queasy!


As she came out of the bathroom she saw

through the bedroom window

the shape of a figure she could not ignore

yelling her actions slow

froze but then in an instant it had gone

for the morning did so long!


Unable to relax ran around to check doors

making sure they were locked

terrified felt sweat oozing from her pores

her well-being totally rocked

as if circling heard loud footsteps near

echoing in her ears so clear!


Many thoughts racing through her mind

were all the windows locked

would her child mums lifeless body find

now feeling deeply shocked

cowering in the corner behind the settee

wondering who it could be!


Creaking wooden boards surrounded her

scraping along the walls

with some object the fear within did stir

also across the glass

high-pitched a shadow passed as well

followed by a nasty smell!


Exhausted eventually fell into a half sleep

awaking with a start

the rising sun into the cabin began to peep

her fast beating heart

stiff where she had not moved needed a wee

parched so wanted a cup of tea!


The birds were singing loudly she ventured out

one shaky step at a time

afraid to make a sound in case it was still about

she was alive felt sublime

two joggers went by staring then running past

it was safe she thought at last!


Venturing onto the veranda now could see why

the couple moved away so fast

deep cuts in the wood and word reading die

she could only stare aghast

it covered the exterior in a place so serene

this horror did not fit the scene!


A familiar voice relieved she quickly turned

her daughter stood concerned!


She left with her family never to return here

something watched them go so very near!


The Foureyed Poet.






Ebbing Away!

In his sixties looked around at the people

talking and chatting together

yet sat on his own as if he was not seen

in the eighties he remembered

laying in a hospital bed life ebbing away

was it his moment that day?


After an operation was left bleeding inside

but for an observant doctor

would not be sitting feeling life had halted

nothing had worked out since

certain within himself he was not depressed

filled with self-pity or stressed!


Nothing had worked out thought he was nice

never fell out with others

had one job most of his reasonably long life

two ex-wives that was bad

nobody else had connected with him since

himself tried to convince!


As far as memory would stretch he was sure

tried to move forward

yet always it was blocked each time failed

the sensation of going around

in the same circle unable to break free

never to this day the escapee!


Trapped in a miniature transparent dome

watching time pass by

unable to communicate in a state of stasis

was this just imagination

or a reality that he was doomed to repeat

until there was no heartbeat!


The Foureyed Poet.



Avenue Of Trees!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

It seemed so different then! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

The day was warm the memory vivid

our car glided at a cruising speed

through an avenue of  tall leafy trees

the sunlight reflecting like laser beams

the roof down freedom screamed out

no cares in our lives nor self doubt!


Only a slight unease on the empty road

bringing back memories of  long ago

when most country lanes were clear

and driving was then such a pleasure

not a dread you could enjoy the view

each journey was an adventure anew!


The smell of nature such an amazing high

looking at the fields not yet built on

or being in choking endless traffic queues

as frustration grows into violent pitch

in this avenue of trees it felt safe and free

finding a place to stop for afternoon tea!


When I was young it was far from perfect

but there seemed to be more hope

the summers today do not seem so long

a sense of…

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Hells End!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Had it been my imagination? The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

One second it was there then disappeared

how did I take that wrong turn

the sign read ‘Welcome to Hells End’

it was not on my survey map

did not see the dark spectre with a hood

in the window came a piece of wood!

Had I been brought to this dreadful arena

strapped in the car it  would not start

shaking got out disorientated and alarmed

nothing stirred reluctantly walked

darkness had come with no warning

as it was only mid morning!

My cell phone was useless no signal

aiming towards a faint glow

spotting a movement I turned around

that figure was running my way

preparing myself for an instant attack

something cold hit me in the back!

It felt like I had fallen into freezing water

but nothing was in my sight

without hesitation took my chance

back to the car praying it must start

jumping onto the glass-covered seat

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The Band!

Excitement was high as the growing audience

waited with anticipation

for the heavy metal band to come on stage

known for outrageous shows

and their interest in occult and devil worship

it would be the ultimate trip!


Ferocious Beast name of the six member band

came upon the large stage

with a crescendo of sound and flashing lights

through thick dried ice smoke

leather clad with black menacing face paint

starting without constraint!


Into their set the band pounded the loud music

soon the mesmerizing voice

of the bewitching lead singer reverberated out

everyone listening was hooked

as if hypnotised by the clear words and tone

for them the seed was sown!


Huge speakers broadcast every syllable and notes

to the audiences willing ears

demonic images flashed onto viewing screens

at a pulsating high-definition pace

as cowled figures mingled amongst the throng

the intensity became strong!


Into the night the passion excelled to fever pitch

physically and mentally exhausted

they collapsed as the band left the stage in triumph

their message had been delivered

bedded into memories of the fans and believers

who had been welcome receivers!


The band moved onto their next awaiting disciples!


The Foureyed Poet.






The Closed Door!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Had it been a nightmare? The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

Was that a knock on the bedroom door

in fact two he was sure

a chill ran through his body instantly

sitting up in bed instinctively

not a believer in spirits or any god

thinking he was a silly old sod!

Staring at his own white-painted door

he placed bare feet on floor

putting dressing gown on feeling cold

moving forward rather bold

in the dim light did the handle turn

the stomach acid began to burn!

This was daft for the first time afraid

wishing in his bed he had stayed

with a deep breath thrust open the door

in the dark a shadow he saw

it vanished with no sound being heard

then noises in the kitchen stirred!

Turning every light on he could reach

there came a high-pitched screech

yet still nothing was at all visible to him

now the mood was getting grim

as he stood shocked  in…

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Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

The Slayer were now at war within the vampires lair! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

Uncertain the watcher accepted the girls presence

weeks of training was paying off

honing the skills that would save her life

he knew she would be formidable

with Tara the public might have a chance

to hold back the vampires advance!

  • Blood sweat no tears she would not cry

now with less of the growling

though feeling weak needing more energy

the victims were mounting

imperative Maya was here in the growing war

taking it to the vampires core!

  • Maya felt ready the anger more controlled

her destiny aligned to Tara’s

proof of their strength and focus soon to avail

the team cautiously proceeded

could it be the training break was a mistake

the army of vampires began to wake?

  • Vanquill the ancient one now aware
           the slayers had found his lair!
The Foureyed Poet.

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As he lay mortally wounded he reflected

on his life and love

the love that never did come his way

feelings of despair

knowing maybe she did exist somewhere

their lives never to share!

Many thoughts flashed by in split seconds

sadness became magnified

a longing in his life that was never shared

she would never know him

nor could he know her but in a dream

how cruel his fate did seem!

With that memory quietly slipped away

never in life to reach that day!

The Foureyed Poet.

Scarecrow Like Images!

The elite army unit cautiously entered the ruined town

after days of bombardment

followed by small arms fire being wary of snipers

now had to try and make it safe

also with the risk of hidden bombs trod carefully

and ever-present insurgency!


From the moment they were in the destruction sector

tension overwhelmed them

from windows and doorways there they all stood

staring but when approached

these scarecrow like images were never there

of anything living was bare!


Each step further within the centre was a torment

feeling enclosed with death

acrid smoke replaced the air in their choking lungs

getting harder to breathe

stumbling on seeing the dark scarecrows waiting

as if the soldiers baiting!


From the corner of their eyes shapes made them turn

and fire erratically at nothing

they longed for this ground search to be concluded

as the emotions were unfamiliar

deep thoughts ravaged their minds making them pound

no rest here would be found!


This fear not only for the dead but the restless souls

as if all those who they had killed

were back to claim their lives sending them to purgatory

they had split into two groups

reunited in the square satisfied all was clear until a thud

then saw the patch of blood!


Diving for cover for one too late passed through his heart

even more figures congregated

the sniper spotted by a small piece of falling masonry

quickly taken out now had to leave

retreating along the same route without more men lost

knowing a line was crossed!


Every step being pursued by the scarecrow phantoms

even at the retrieval point

now ringed into a tight formation back to back stood

as more surrounded them

thinking they were doomed heard the chopper drone

to rescue them from the unknown!


The dust swirled as it descended then touched down

scrambling towards their escape

survivors and dead mate fatigued ran at the shapes

evaporating as they charged through

left traumatized reached the craft and jumped on

from here had to be gone!


Rising up high saw the scarecrows massing staring up

relief made the tears fall

cheering loudly had safely left the horror far behind

it was short lived as by the door

from nowhere arose what taunted them on the ground

even in the air the soldiers found!


Back at headquarters realised the mission a failure!


The Foureyed Poet.

The Waiting Room! (The Journey!)

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Their journey to a dark realms had begun! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

To the long abandoned station five came

just as a storm was brewing

drawn into an unknown spiritual game

but what within was stewing

a malevolent entity lingered in this place

evil was gathering pace!

Older than earth’s ancient presence it lay

waiting for its victim’s to come

trapping their souls none could get away

enter Tilly and her mum

from a young age had an invisible friend

that was more than pretend!

Compelled to this location her age just twelve

destined to guide lost souls

into dark places and realms she would delve

guiding others in their roles

their journey unfolding in The Waiting Room

would they to be consumed?

She had come to drive the evil from here

to release these souls from within

a frightening start their aims now clear

at last the journey could begin!

The Foureyed Poet.

My stage play telling the full tale has been written!

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