He saw it coming the arrow towards him flew

was frozen to the spot

here in the middle of the battle was engaged

it pierced his shoulder

violently he fell down onto the battlefield

where his life did yield!


Instantly the any sounds of the conflict faded

as his body touched down

any pain dissolved from the injury received

penetrating his beating heart

finding himself rising from the body shell

that lay where he fell!


Like a silent movie he walked with no sound

amongst his once comrades

still many fighting as the two armies clashed

seeing others like shadows

some like himself roamed about as if at peace

his earthly existence then did cease!


The Foureyed Poet.

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Out of breath he staggered to the edge

not realising the sheer drop

in turmoil uncertain of what to do next

he sensed the men were close

it was meant to be a short break away

sounds here he could not stay!


Nowhere to run made an instant decision

there was a river far below

so jumped that was how desperate he felt

better to die than be captured

time seemed to stop closed his eyes tight

hit water adding to the plight!


A fast flowing river pulled him underneath

choking trying to breathe

keeping his head above water stayed afloat

until the current eased

to the rocky bank weak managed to crawl

in a muddy pool did sprawl!


The rest was short he could hear the dogs

an awful emotion terror

he had only asked them being lost the way

from a friendly request

they suddenly tried to drag him from his car

drove away did not get far!


Their shotgun pellets smashed into the glass

then bursts the rear tyres

now out of control swerved into a nearby tree

instinct gave him flight

the adrenaline gave him the strength to run

but began to feel he was done!


Somehow managed to stand and slowly walk

realised the pain in his arm

this was what kept him going he was the prey

for some crazy hunters today

almost crawling up and over the crest of a hill

with all his being did he will!


Could see a road some distance down below

a steep slope the barrier

men and hounds were closing in a shot fired

if it was his end it had to be

forcing himself over he started to roll faster

of his destiny no longer master!


Agony had permeated his body to weak to cry

he lay broken in a ditch

through blurred vision saw a lorry approaching

no longer caring if he existed

losing consciousness never saw the vehicle stop

nor hunters observing from the top!


Several days later awoke in an intensive care ward

relived he was at last safe

until he saw one of the hunters sitting by the bed

dressed in a sheriffs uniform

his uninjured arm in a handcuff clipped to a side rail

had he reached the end of the trail!


Petrified at the situation what was happening to him?


The Foureyed Poet.


Captain Jake!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Pirates the most feared enemy were coming ashore! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

I first viewed their coming by the roar of loud gunfire

the sound travelled crystal clear on the head wind

then canvass sails could be seen fiercely blowing

dread passed amongst the group on the shoreline

pirates were on the breath of the trembling crowd

a ship came into view on the tide the flag displayed

a depressive air came over the village as we fled

long boats hit the beach the devil Captain Jake lead!

Breathless up the cliffs men women and children toiled

tiring at each step knowing the pirates were very close

then in sight the old chapel was coming into plain view

thirty terrified tired souls  staggered into this sanctuary

yet the sounds of the shouting hoard came ever nearer

children were whimpering their mothers were brave

each man including me numbered fifteen scared souls

at this hour desperate angry unsure of our roles!

Feeling trapped like rats…

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Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Do we really know what is going on? The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

The concept of multi dimensions in our space

a reality that we have  knowingly explored

different worlds existing at the same time

could this explain what people are seeing

thinking they are spirits of those past on

a logical explanation that so many long!

Are these beings our natural next phase

sensitives can see and detect them

can they really be passed human spirits

aliens seen could there be a possibility

their not from the cosmos nor fantasies

but spiralling interconnected realities!

Is there not endless possibilities undiscovered

or have the facts to us been smothered?

The Foureyed Poet.

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The breakdown service received a frantic call

a frightened voice spoke

a females car for some reason would not start

in a side street close by

a priority call was put out to quickly assist

an area where trouble did persist!


As the mechanic approached the dingy street

he could see the callers car

bonnet lid was up and drivers door open wide

cautiously parked behind it

consternation overcame him this was sinister

what was his escape perimeter?


Got out to take a closer look at the empty car

a street light shone brightly down

nobody was to be seen noticing scratches

on the deeply dented roof

a trail of what could be blood on the ground

hearing a faint screaming sound!


Though he knew the rule was to radio control

his instinct made him pursue

thinking only of the woman’s desperate plight

holding a spanner followed the noise

along the semi derelict and littered pavement

searching for victim and assailant!


Saw no other living soul as he followed the trail

it went into an overgrown garden

female cries were louder also a disturbing growl

almost afraid to step forward

moved on gripping his make do weapon tight

not suspecting the coming sight!


Behind a dilapidated and rotting garden shed

saw beast with taught grey skin

ripping at the females flesh laying so still

into the fray he went on instinct

hitting it hard but the spanner rebounded

and on him the thing rounded!


Fang like teeth with large pitch black eyes

it charged him he reeled back

falling managed grabbed a piece of wood

with a sharp point he lunged

ripped into the body that made it divert

just disappeared sure it was hurt!


Dizzy bruised and shaken ran to the woman

sure with blood loss was dead

amazed felt a faint pulse picked up and ran

no time to think had to get help

after leaving her in casualty sat traumatized

as the events in his mind formalised!


What had he just confronted in that garden

nobody would believe his account

still had to ring his firm with an explanation

glanced at his own bruises shaking

thinking of that beast roaming somewhere

close by of this was too aware!


Heard loud talking the police had been called

no longer his tale could be stalled!

at this point unsure if the woman was alive

uncertain of the future deeply sighed!


The Foureyed Poet.



Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Pressure to have the money Oh for a simple life! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

Pressure increases coping with modern life

is too often hard for people to bear

demands for ever rising bills never ends

as the understanding for the poor wanes

easy to lead many into crime and despair

unaware there maybe those who care!

Over stretched social services cannot cope

as more fall under their growing umbrella

social housing is much more in demand

more applicants than vacant properties

as the economy plummets it gets worse

con men and loan sharks are their curse!

Not all are drawn to crime or breaking the law

families somehow cope to make ends meet

these people are honest and suffering too

drummed into us we must make the money

most can only wish as the few get the honey!

Material gain is what  society revolves around

get the money no matter what the cost

the divide is stark between rich and poor

those without will always…

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Family Gathering!

A little anxious about the family gathering

meeting his girlfriends parents

it had been six months since their first date

but it was unusual circumstances

coinciding with the funeral of her grandma

this was very odd for sure!


For some reason he found himself all alone

sitting in the dinning room

after returning together from the cemetery

there were others to see

feeling out of place an elderly lady entered

startled her coming never heard!


She spoke first simply asking him if he was well

and how nice the day had been

nervous he politely agreed and turned away

noticing a picture of her

looking back surprised to find she had gone

never thought anything was wrong!


A few minutes later his young lady came in

tears were filling her eyes

he mentioned the photos of the elderly lady

now the tears flooded

that was my lovely gran who we just buried

to comfort her he hurried!


Unsure that he should say she was just here

but it just left his lips

with your gran I have just had a little chat

at that second realised

he had seen her spirit both were smiling now

truly comforting somehow!


This moment brought them both to realise

how much in love they were

it was though dear gran wanted a close look

of her granddaughters man

bonding them into making that commitment

it made feel really content!


It unnerved him thinking she could be near

seemed so solid and real

never would he admit this persistent fear

somehow this did not appeal!


The Foureyed Poet.

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Crop Circles!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Are they all really hoaxes? The Foureyed Poet.

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From nowhere another one was formed

the night before this field was unmarked

but as light struck the corn at dawn

an intricate crop circle was created there

no sound or movement had been reported

as now these crops were neatly distorted!

Only a bright light was seen during the night

observers could not detect any human help

looking down upon the scene in disbelief

what could have made this vast pattern here

was this creation made by the human hand

by aliens or a power we’ve yet to understand?

Crop circles are created by human intervention

but what if not all are by our creation?

The Foureyed Poet.

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There had been a major storm warning given

flooding  added to the devastation

a coastal community hit by its merciless fury

a miracle that nobody was killed

cameras recording it all from high ground

every sight every sound!


Amongst all the debris and filthy surging water

a new horror began to emerge

initially transparent reptilian things scrambled

climbing with speed and agility

onto the buildings at first almost unheeded

no obstacle their progress impeded!


Not until the camcorders zoomed in close

were the aliens closely observed

with ease several quickly moving away

did the human curiosity grow

was this yet another unforeseen scourge

that we would battle to purge?


Amongst such a traumatic catastrophic event

an unknown phantasm came

leaving everybody fearful who witnessed it

what had been seen a mystery

even more disturbing where had they gone

just what was this phenomenon?


No more were detected but fear had spread

another terror out there to dread!



The Foureyed Poet.







Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

What is the truth out there? The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

Many tragedies are reported every single day

from all corners of this evolving earth

though part of life’s cycle is that we will die

events and timing of our end is so vast

when kids pass before the elderly it’s wrong

often the pressures to great to be strong!

Amazing how many humans have a long lifetime

with countless ways to expire from this society

how different cultures face this inevitable future

will we be with our loved ones through the light

do our souls and spirits actually transcend

or are we completely switched off at the end ?

Can we believe there is a spirit world beyond

or has religion the believers conned ?

The Foureyed Poet.

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