Do you know who is around you? #TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

How can happiness be defined in our life times

the more wealth some can gain pleases them

forever gathering material items and money

that is all that matters it makes them happy

others a more basic outlook little or no wealth

each day is a joy in sickness or good health!

Many can live alone nobodies help wanted

making every decision just for themselves

some can’t bear to be on their own not ever

must have others constantly be in a crowd

even at work centre of attention an extrovert

afraid of loneliness desperate not to be hurt!

There are groups of pure nasty human beings

are happier when hurting those around them

taking what they want no conscience or care

making those they encounters lives a nightmare

life to them is a game they don’t intend to lose

fuelled on cruelty drugs and lots of booze!

Though not all need any excuse for them destroy

superiority greed…

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The man sat watching and listening to theories

each with a different message of doom

predicting that the end times were closing fast

that evil societies were intent

on our demise by diabolical mass annihilation

except for a select few our obliteration!


Shocked at all the information of this barbarity

theories we live on a flat earth

aliens are here and are part of the elite rulers

he began to fear those around him

what was true or fake news to confuse society

that added even more to his anxiety!


Images on pop videos it is declared are sinister

that most of us would not notice

many admit openly they have sold their souls

for their stardom and wealth

secret societies exist that have a long term plan

so out there is a real bogeyman!


Religions are increasing the warnings of an ending

armageddon depicting the proof

strange lights in the skies and cloud formations

noises angelic singing voices

loud bangs above even tremors below the ground

yet the causes could never be found!


He was but a simple person not wanting trouble

but pass his lifetime quietly

seeking peace honesty and equality for mankind

living without war and violence

no starvation endless deception or mass despair

a society any problems they could share!


Now uncertain of what was happening around him!








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Along the shoreline rubbish now covered the sand

abandoned by those without care

too lazy to take away so discarded without thought

no pride for their environment

into the water trash collected contaminating

an eco disaster for the future creating!


Accumulated waste sinking to the oceans depths

where it is consumed by sea creatures

that in turn would be ingested into the food chain

poisons festering in our deep waters

coral dying the delicate balance has been abused

liability each nation the other accused!


Yet unabated this damage is allowed to progress

as an irreversible catastrophe grows

complacency and over population has excelled

what mutations and diseases await

ready to explode into the cauldron of humanity

to finally complete our insanity!




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For them all their lives were in turmoil! #TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

How peaceful walking upon that lonely hill

could hear distant voices singing

looking down at the countryside so still

dawn breaks dreading her phone ringing

false lighting replaced by natural light

as the future had to have a rewrite.

Thoughts of work his families need

oh how much he really did care

straining eyes just trying to see

the old house where family dwell

home where he also use to be

praying all the children are well.

Divorce often hard for children to bear

their loyalties can be torn both ways

wanted to show them he did care

only able to see them for two days.

Not an easy time facing separation

surely children the ones who suffer

feeling guilty he had let them down

not seeing them during the week

another man was living there now

must maintain his link somehow!


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Wish It Away!

So easy to wish your lives away! #TheFouredPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

In our short lives how often do we wish it away

waiting for hours to get out of our daily work

or for each weekend to come to go out to play

some do not have or want jobs so just shirk

still getting ready to get out for some fun

others like lounging about soaking up the sun!

No matter what the pace we head to our demise

ruled by the never ending clock we just wait

when one is young we race to get to adult size

wishing years away to get out the school gate

onto university or starting those first time jobs

some seeking trouble destined to be slob’s!

There is no end to wishing away our allotted slots

those marriage vows hoping it would last and work

to the dreaded divorce too many must yearly face

that can go on for years where hidden issues lurk

letting minutes fly by wondering where it has gone

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Is it now the time to question our futures? #TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

Civilisation lurches on in its predictable way

towards self-destruction we blunder forth

as always greed is the main driving force

no thought for the damage to the earth

or millions of lives lost on their power trip

when the warmonger’s lose their grip!

To many wars have been created for gain

countries destroyed for their resources

the most powerful country has to decide

the presidential election has been decided

financial troubles are haunting this nation

hint of a conflict creating devastation!

Never ending hostility dominates world news

so much spent a continuous drain on taxes

nations find it hard to cope money is tight

humans have always been a tribal feudal race

with modern technology we are out of control

uncertain future as we head for a black hole!

Massive population resources are shrinking

oil that rules our existence must soon end

can new ways of prolonging life be found

to stop our total…

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Mates Flat!

The surroundings of his mates new flat

were certainly unfamiliar

how they got back was a real mystery

waking up on the lumpy couch

needing to find a toilet for an urgent pee

but it was difficult to see!


No idea where the bathroom was situated

hitting furniture with bare feet

unable to detect the light switches as well

eventually blundering there

relieved stared at a mirror above the sink

saw his mate in a blink!


Spinning around nobody was in there with him

he ran out the taps turned on

hitting every surface saw his mate sprawled

half on and off the king size bed

a naked girl laid there by his side both asleep

head filled noise of a mournful weep!


This shocked him into waking up hang over gone

alone in the lounge no girl for this guy

never lucky with females just got far too drunk

clothes scattered sat in underpants

on the settee a seat cushion suddenly depressed

heart missed a beat in chest!


Could not see anybody yet an impression visible

shivering it was though no longer alone

quickly jumped up as arm was gripped so tightly

had never been here ever before

knew at that crucial moment his life was at risk

an exit needed to be brisk!


Without any care though nearly nude ran

to the door hoping it would open

a distortion within the dim light faced him

with a tug of war with the handle

it suddenly sprung open was hurled back

hitting the wall with a whack!


Seconds later a force threw his body outside

bruised stood looking at the entrance

there was a blackness so dense had to recoil

then the door slammed with a bang

never moved so fast in his life into the night

with sickening and fearful flight!


On the news a days later heard two discovered

both found dead in a bachelor pad

too afraid to come forward lived with unease

often wondered why his life spared

what malevolent entity had been in that dwelling

innocent life for some reason quelling!


Now each day was a challenge would it come for him?


Regretting ever going to his mates flat?






So the endless battles and deaths go on! Happy reunions and sad repatriation of the dead! TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

Only yesterday so it felt to a lonely soul

alone on a bench in that old station

waiting for her safe return home

back from the war to my open arms

my body shook with the excitement

nervously here my thoughts intent!

Then a faint whistle as the steam engine

came closer down the picturesque track

into sight saw the puffing locomotive

several minutes passed it came to a stop

then on the platform there you stood

within my whole self it was really good!

Only you could I see tired and so pale

traumatized by the horrors witnessed

back into your peaceful countryside

standing by the panting breathing loco

you came we kissed and embraced

together any nightmares could be faced!

After the conflicts countless tales of happy homecomings

as the men and women return safely for new beginnings

too often though they never do return from the warfare

now only remembered in their family…

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Who is wandering our populated areas

many innocent people have vanished

anguished families have been in limbo

frightened where the young have gone

what is the number of the disappeared

gone most harmed it is sadly feared!


Anxious and desperate wait of the parents

knowing there is nothing they can do

always wondering why they are missing

empty spaces that have been left behind

sometimes closure when a body found

others hoping for a word or sound!


It is said often though awful maybe true

the abductors are somebody they knew

a friend or relative not a pleasant thought

anybody trusted could do such a thing

fearing the stranger not those very near

off guard as family members leer!


Keep your family close beware of strangers

humans a mystery even unto themselves

there are dark recesses it is said in the mind

that cannot be evaluated history has defined

those who have ventured down that evil path

its written must face their gods wrath!


Mankind surely is the worst predator and beast

upon all living things its hunger doth feast!




The vast flock of birds turned day into night

nobody watching had observed it before

swarmed overwhelming the market square

swooping low with an intelligent intent

squawking drowning out all normal sound

this spectacle did all present confound!


Viciously hit by sharp claws and sharp beaks

petrified by the blood curdling shrieks!


Loud bangs were heard as birds began to fall

covering the roads and walk areas

like a thick black carpet upon paved ground

life lost in their panicked flight

a scene of devastation was spread all around

something unseen here did abound!


Nowhere to tread without stepping on birds

their expressions no need for words!


The grey swirling skies were empty of life

faint eerie rumbles continued

there was no explanation for this situation

cats roamed in a triumphant parade

in the distance birds still hovered on trees

not approaching watching with unease!


Eventually every bird carcasses was removed

nothing was found to have caused it

yet the ill-health amongst the large community

increased to unparalleled numbers

all cats and dogs disappeared from the state

nothing was found to confirm their fate!


What had migrated to the this pleasant spot

unknown was it a human or alien plot?


Heavy clouds remained nothing above now flew

life began to wither people contained

in case this contamination was able to spread

experts searched for even a single clue

that spiritual connection with people remained

as those trapped each day did dread!


Then on one repetitive day it was consumed

by thick black clouds and forever entombed!



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