Who is wandering our populated areas

many innocent people have vanished

anguished families have been in limbo

frightened where the young have gone

what is the number of the disappeared

gone most harmed it is sadly feared!


Anxious and desperate wait of the parents

knowing there is nothing they can do

always wondering why they are missing

empty spaces that have been left behind

sometimes closure when a body found

others hoping for a word or sound!


It is said often though awful maybe true

the abductors are somebody they knew

a friend or relative not a pleasant thought

anybody trusted could do such a thing

fearing the stranger not those very near

off guard as family members leer!


Keep your family close beware of strangers

humans a mystery even unto themselves

there are dark recesses it is said in the mind

that cannot be evaluated history has defined

those who have ventured down that evil path

its written must face their gods wrath!


Mankind surely is the worst predator and beast

upon all living things its hunger doth feast!




The vast flock of birds turned day into night

nobody watching had observed it before

swarmed overwhelming the market square

swooping low with an intelligent intent

squawking drowning out all normal sound

this spectacle did all present confound!


Viciously hit by sharp claws and sharp beaks

petrified by the blood curdling shrieks!


Loud bangs were heard as birds began to fall

covering the roads and walk areas

like a thick black carpet upon paved ground

life lost in their panicked flight

a scene of devastation was spread all around

something unseen here did abound!


Nowhere to tread without stepping on birds

their expressions no need for words!


The grey swirling skies were empty of life

faint eerie rumbles continued

there was no explanation for this situation

cats roamed in a triumphant parade

in the distance birds still hovered on trees

not approaching watching with unease!


Eventually every bird carcasses was removed

nothing was found to have caused it

yet the ill-health amongst the large community

increased to unparalleled numbers

all cats and dogs disappeared from the state

nothing was found to confirm their fate!


What had migrated to the this pleasant spot

unknown was it a human or alien plot?


Heavy clouds remained nothing above now flew

life began to wither people contained

in case this contamination was able to spread

experts searched for even a single clue

that spiritual connection with people remained

as those trapped each day did dread!


Then on one repetitive day it was consumed

by thick black clouds and forever entombed!



My Own Humility!

Are times really any different from the past? Full of lies and deceit! TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

In my own humility I view a troubled society

trying in harsh times to be honest and kind

working to fulfill my legal requirements

bringing up a family teaching them respect

mindful there are those in a worse position

struggling in places of shocking condition!

Now everybody is desperate  for more cash

if they do not earn it they will just steal

no matter who it hurts there is no guilt

many will buy drugs that is what counts

a natural instinct to take rather than work

responsibility means nothing easier to shirk!

Even out on the streets mercy has long gone

for fun people are attacked without reason

predators often target lone innocent beings

part of the evenings enjoyment for a laugh

drink for some is beyond a social event today

suffering injury or worse lives blown away!

Those as damned and evil now as ever in the past

who need no…

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The stench of death made him wretch he cried

amongst the dead rifle in hand

at his feet an enemy soldier he had just slain

with gaping stomach wounds

the battle was over the enemy had retreated

for now they had been defeated!


Weary with the horrors of this endless combat

ordered to return to base

he walked with stealth back to the transport

no words spoken to his comrades

overhead helicopter gunships flew very low

the adrenaline within did still flow!


As the dust made them splutter and cough

the soldier became mindful

of a bright orb following the military convoy

night had fallen as they arrived

disembarking near to their barrack block

of the day began to take stock!


For he could not forget his actions that day

after midnight could not sleep

had the urge to go outside for some night air

soon noticing the glowing sky

compelled to move closer to this angelic core

the serenity so wanted more!


Venturing to a far corner of the desert camp

no guards were to be seen

sank to his knees feeling a glorious presence

the brightness consumed him

then amazing singing filled his consciousness

with this his whole being it did caress!


Any dark thoughts were now lost in the vision

there before him he saw

a glowing figure to him was certain it was God

though not being of any religion

his connection with killing was finished forever

and ties to the army had to sever!



Dark again but knew he had received absolution

for him this was his chance for restitution

overwhelmed certain he had truly been blessed

in the name of peace must help the oppressed!




Around The Table!

What evil had the group stirred and unleashed? TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

Around the rickety table a group sat

holding hands in a psychic circle

at first silence except a purring cat

six people with different powers

in a dimly lit room of a haunted house

tension mounted in those early hours

odd noises now noted from all around

each frozen evil was earthbound!

Was that piercing howling a hell-hound

a wind began rising were spirits near

shapes began coming from all ways

everyone dreaded what would appear

before them stood a strange old man

glaring at the girl who summoned him

there intently staring she got up and ran

with lifeless eyes each he did scan!

The winds grew they discarded like toys

one lone sole courageously remained firm

strong willed stayed focussed and steadfast

evil  would not break his determined resolve

struggling to stand and breath the spell cast

everyone else were strewn upon the cold floor

he shouted out strange ritual…

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He evaluated his future how this body ached

knowing death was very near

time was not a friend but a nagging enemy

even his plan was complicated

surrounded by computer screens and android

at this moment life was void!


Not for him the cryogenics route to being frozen

not the body or even the head

his aim was to transfer his mind into a robot

had to be reliable to his design

that moment was at last within his embrace

as he looked at the young face!


Had to admit it this body was a true likeness

of himself at twenty-two

this was exciting knowing he would not decay

with no human frailties

living on without the limitation of human time

would remain in his prime!


It was a risk but was resigned if he expired

at least knew he had tried

being frail it was hard to connect the wires

could not share his secret

hated the so-called friends that mocked him

his view of them was dim!


Smiled it made his face even more grotesque

next to the still perfect android

both connected to computers and each other

with a bony decaying finger

struggled to hit the enter key then it began

executing his mind transference plan!


His body writhed as his memories and essence

were drained the computers flashed

leaving the empty corpse upon the leather chair

for a few minutes nothing moved

the light show stopped and death was present

his mind and body was spent!


Realisation that he was alive in some capacity

took a few minutes to register

for the first time the android rotated its head

the scientist transfer a success

slowly standing up coordination was unsteady

it would be awhile before he was ready!


How extraordinary no pain his thoughts clear

with a new perfect vessel

no fear of ageing or human functions to impair

after disposing of his own corpse

could start his new life nothing to hold him back

he would make sure the future was black!


The taxi he had just rang for arrived swiftly

awkwardly the young man got in briskly

nothing could ever be the same for us again

with the creators malevolent destructive reign

now into androids a mind could be transferred

the notorious this method would be preferred!


Immortality had come for whom could pay the price!





Do these overpaid players care about the fans? TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

Global stars always in the limelight

in the news more often than most

so-called famous people day and night

earning vast sums of money they boast

thinking they are really much better

each one a big spending go getter!

The football stars or so they are called

girl friends or wags are always around

but on the pitch there seems less pride

or passion many following are appalled

no longer the role models of our youth

nor enough goals getting in the net

pride and passion lacking a sad fact

regularly with fans there is no impact!

Playing for club or country should be a joy

like actors their best skills should employ!

The Foureyed Poet.

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Our outlook on life has changed! As predictions of a second coming and mankind’s end times grow! TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

Silence can be a golden moment in time

when there is no noise filling the mind

music doth sooth stress of modern society

easing the eerie sense of impending doom

fading are those days when we all cared

replaced by need of more gain for oneself

or selfless act of kindness with no bad intent

life meant more than money in your hand

imaging feeling secure safe when home or out

no fear of attack or abuse from friend or foe

most people helped each other love was love

a smile was innocent and a touch held no fear

those days hath faded dreams our delusion

now lives filled with strife and confusion!

Always the warnings of the coming end times

the predicted arrival of a being

some the messiah is whom they are waiting

others the evil one is overdue

religion and war unifying its onslaught on souls

as the…

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At that passed memory a deep sigh

thinking of a love lost

realising feelings had grown

pondering at what cost

confused my mind screamed out

life felt empty and hollow

nothing could console or cheer me

not happy then at being free!


So empty many endless hours to fill

what was Tracey doing now

grieving for her those soft moist lips

will always love her somehow

missing her tender passionate touch

it hurts deep down inside

wishing my tears would no longer fall

knowing Tracey no more would call!


Those hours and minutes slowly ticked by

solitude filled my years

that telephone message haunts me now

when her voice spoke harsh

never wanting to see or speak to me again

her reasons never did explain!


Had only left her bed twelve hours before

what went wrong a conundrum for sure

from that period in my life never redeemed

a passion for a lover I had so long dreamed!


Over thirty years have gone by a closure rejected

that love permanently disconnected!




My Epitaph to frank just a good Guy! TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

Frank was an ordinary hard-working man

leaving school at fifteen

finding work in a garage where he stayed

doing an apprenticeship

settling down with Jenny for a good life

happily never any strife.

I knew them well I met a nice young woman

we often went out together

he had three children my spouse and I four

the years were pretty good

my route took me into the medical field

nice to see people healed.

Lost contact for sometime I got divorced

next we met was a surprise

it was while on duty said his Jenny was ill

in the intensive care unit

later heard she had passed from this life

his precious wonderful wife.

After the funeral tried to keep in touch

but our worlds had changed

read in the paper he had won the lottery

what amount had no idea

really pleased for him deserving a break


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