Risk Of War!

They had been warned there was a risk of war
yet nobody believed it
each wrapped up in their own daily lives
engaged in the bickering
that desperate need to make more cash
not worried of radioactive ash!

Even though around them the signs clear
at the news shed false tears!

An imaginary tale that could not happen
material gain was their aim
use resources they did not want to see
damage to other living species
as unrest continued to grow were blinded
unaware and closed minded!

A false sense nothing was wrong in society
yet there was that building anxiety!

Everything viewed upon the large screens
it seemed a distant problem
but fake news now blending into a reality
people believed what they were told
those who were once financially sound
were now in their debt drowned!

Dark clouds were forming above their heads
as they slept in their beds!

Oblivious often to reality accepted the premise
a material existence with credit cards
live for today pay for the goods at a later date
as the society gradually crumbled
they were sure everything was turning out well
as more countries and cultures fell!

Holidays were just memories and fading photos
they still wore their once new clothes!

Contamination increased the coral reef destroyed
air pollution nobody could avoid
besides the continuous wars natures wrath grew
one government was in control
those aspirations of the many eventually lost
as the robots took over workers tossed!

Nice homes and flash cars rusted and decayed
humanities finality no longer delayed!

Even those who thought wealth would keep them safe
found with resource exhausted
a battered planet unable to sustain life anymore
their stored resources gone
those long term plans and god like superiority
also became part of the majority!

Is this just the ramblings of an elderly pessimist
who has become a disillusioned optimist?

Or a possibility of what maybe?



Felt very nervous as the airliner approached

the large busy international airport

relieved that we had all survived the ordeal

the other passengers also shaken

but the ordeal was certainly far from its end

as the aircraft began to descend!


A long haul flight from a popular destination

started as another routine trip

three hundred passengers happily got on board

filled with many different thoughts

sitting with the usual hassle and lots of chatter

now every moment for them did matter!


Arriving ten hours late at its European destination

fuel was at a critically low-level

had seen the silver metallic object at close quarter

flying closely along side the plane

that sharp turn as the pilots tried to avoid a collision

just missing with luck or precision!


Then the violent bang as eventually they impacted

luggage and passengers thrown

through the cabin with a destructive turbulent force

leaving many injured and petrified

but worse was to come when we fell from the skies

cabin pressure gone the awful cries!


The captain sounded calm as he warned us all

of the collision and rapid fall

telling us to brace ourselves the staff assisted

oxygen masks dropped into sight

as the end of our lives seemed an inevitability

totally exposing our vulnerability!


Our fate was certainly not in any human hands

as an engine burst into flames

and we all were thrust to the right as a voice

came emotionless over the intercom

to prepare for impact then we hit the runway

as spiritual came into play!


There was no fuel left we had recently been told

the only reason we did not fry

as it broke into two pieces the screaming stopped

the grating noise of metal on tarmac

pounded our bodies and minds we must perish

leaving those behind we cherish!


From utter despair and acceptance of our demise

the craft was now at a standstill

somehow the crew managed to open the doors

emergency shoots quickly deployed

and if by magic we were in the main terminal

battered shaken but relief discernible!


There had been no fatalities but many injured

as we all sat and stood dazed

men in black suits came with armed soldiers

confronted us with an ultimatum

that what had happened was an engine fault

a tragedy in which you were caught!


This would be in the official report to follow

if anybody veered from this line

they would visit them the consequences grave

with that clear threat departed

even though we knew it was a metallic UFO

the outside world would never know!


Defying their warning was determined to tell

now in fear listened for the doorbell!




Maiden Voyage!

From its moorings the liner headed out to sea

the decks and shore filled with people

cheering loudly happy and excitedly watching

en route on its maiden voyage

no hint of the horrors that would materialize

to this day many still agonies!


The truth behind the sinking still in question

as yet another theory emerges

an uncontrollable fire in the ships coal bunkers

was raging when it left port

prestige and money outweighed human cost

as hundreds of lives were lost!


It is surmised long before the departure date

the fire was originally discovered

the task would be no problem to extinguish

but the bunkers were full

nobody knew when the initial ignition occurred

as the twists and turns of fate stirred!


Even as the excitement increased for passengers

families tearfully saying goodbye

there was no visible sign to an innocent throng

the deception continued on

the ship set off on its only voyage and into history

leaving that lingering mystery!


Too many unanswered questions remain to this day

unease of what really happened

never goes away as more hidden evidence discovered

what is yet to be brought into sight

will it ever be known the veracity of that fateful night

full disclosure of these souls true plight!



That is a question there is no certainty can be resolved!








Gazing at the throng of humanity

he sat unable to understand

tired of such a long turbulent life

the memories still clear

unable to comprehend that need

their desire to proceed!


To prolong their lives into centuries

he found after a hundred years

so hard to face always stayed young

as friends and family aged

his girlfriends withered by his side

leaving him when they died!


An enzyme within his DNA the reason

his life seemed to never end

had thought often of taking his own life

but felt it was the cowards way

resigned to wait for that allotted day

hoping it was not far away!


Got up and faded quietly into the crowds

to a lonely life in his home

prepared it maybe another century to live

with more memories to recall

friends to make and then say goodbye

now use to time passing him by!




Passed that large field today on the way to work

there were only sheep passively grazing

no indication there of what would soon befall

the rural countryside were I resided

a tiny hamlet quiet and serene undisturbed

nothing for residents to feel perturbed!


Regular route always had that oppressive feel

twisty and narrow vehicles driving fast

little had changed here over many centuries

which was why for me it seemed so safe

returning as the light faded and rain now fell

the need to vomit was hard to quell!


Unusually there was a build up of traffic ahead

and from the direction of the field

a hazy glow seemed meet a low pulsating cloud

roar of motors above added to the plot

soldiers were walking down the road and verge

with their guns drawn did converge!


In the narrow road we were forced to turn back

from this day the road was closed

the military would never leave properties seized

rumours spread a craft had crashed

high levels of radiation detected unsafe to stay

we were all made to move away!


Like so many other rural dwellers we resided

now in large drab city tower blocks

forced into cramped oppressive surroundings

an authoritarian society now ruled

green fields were out-of-bounds to humanity

into a regime of misery and brutality!


No explanation for what transpired in the field

we soon found there were others

all over the country the military now controlled

vast areas of the open countryside

basic foods a luxury freedom was just a thought

in a nightmare the people caught!


The skies were filled with thick black low clouds

sunlight and fresh air had now gone

from a good life to imprisonment and control

within days of that first daunting event

no violence the once free society was disbanded

and a new authority now commanded!


Would there be a future for the now oppressed people?






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It went by unnoticed such a subtle interaction

but he sensed something for a moment

shrugging it off walked on yet very disturbed

this was not from our dimension of reality

attaching itself to everybody just passing by

nothing felt or seen by any viewing eye!


An entity able to enter our time and space

bringing unimaginable dangers here

through minute rifts in the fabric of time

opened by the experiments of scientists

on projects they were unable to contain

when most would think this to be insane!


The public had no idea we had been invaded

by microscopic alien intelligent bacteria

interacting within the bodies of their hosts

observing ready to implement change

yet nobody usually ever felt any sensation

of this other dimensional infestation!


Except for the man with psychic abilities

knew there was an unnatural presence

that for some reason did not affect him

but was alerted to the undetected exposure

of molecules in the air now surrounding him

realising our existence was on the rim!


Trapped knowing he would not be believed

could only observe as  it consumed

the minds of everybody he knew and loved

yet realised if he was resistant to them

there must be others the same he must seek

as the future looked bleak!


With an urgency he put his abilities to work

knowing time was not on his side

soon he felt the presence of a woman close by

his first recruit not contaminated

their brains linked the crusade had started

the task not for the faint hearted!


But could they win?The unanswered question!









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Did she really stand a chance of surviving? TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

She knew it was not her actions but compelled

by the evil spirit within

where it had found her she had no knowledge

continuously really scared

had tried to seek help from a the local priest

but this was a powerful beast!

Dominating to the point of complete control

whenever it so desired

turning this sweet innocent young woman

into a predatory monster

charm oozing from every orifice and pore

until the victims ran no more!

She always looked beautiful a pleasure to meet

funny a captivating female

men were lured into the chameleons deadly lair

then the mask was removed

revealing the grotesque creature escape futile

carnage created for while!

From that first pleasant meeting it soon changed

to screaming obscenities

before any chance of detection just evaporated

returning in a new location

the woman trapped now helpless and horrified

suffering and inwardly died!

Compelled the real soul within had…

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Farm Gate!

Behind the locked wooden farm gate

lay a field of ripe corn

a warm dry day the hikers neared

tired wanting to rest

attracted by the rhythmic swaying

hypnotic images displaying!


Isolated no wind yet the corn swayed

climbed onto the gate

for a better view of the open landscape

at first did not notice

that the trees in the distance were still

until there was a deafening shrill!


Jumping down puzzled at the sudden noise

saw darting shapes in the corn

somehow felt vulnerable and isolated here

had to run for their lives

instinctively retreated back down the trail

something was right on their tail!


Exhausted one tripped as the other continued

until he heard her scream

slowing reluctant to even peek at the pursuer

but was swept off his feet

the escape futile  dragged like a piece of scrap

both caught in the assailants trap!


Both were taken to the farm gate and thrown over

forever gone within the vast field

some weeks later with no sign anything was wrong

the harvest was gathered in

but nothing was found and the mystery remained

evidence of the missing was contained!


Somebody knew what was really happening here

yet there was a news blackout

nobody had any idea of these disappearances

as the innocent still ventured

to what was thought of as an unspoilt idyllic scene

until an unmarked chopper was seen!


From then on no way could the truth be suppressed!





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Do you know who is around you? #TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

How can happiness be defined in our life times

the more wealth some can gain pleases them

forever gathering material items and money

that is all that matters it makes them happy

others a more basic outlook little or no wealth

each day is a joy in sickness or good health!

Many can live alone nobodies help wanted

making every decision just for themselves

some can’t bear to be on their own not ever

must have others constantly be in a crowd

even at work centre of attention an extrovert

afraid of loneliness desperate not to be hurt!

There are groups of pure nasty human beings

are happier when hurting those around them

taking what they want no conscience or care

making those they encounters lives a nightmare

life to them is a game they don’t intend to lose

fuelled on cruelty drugs and lots of booze!

Though not all need any excuse for them destroy

superiority greed…

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The man sat watching and listening to theories

each with a different message of doom

predicting that the end times were closing fast

that evil societies were intent

on our demise by diabolical mass annihilation

except for a select few our obliteration!


Shocked at all the information of this barbarity

theories we live on a flat earth

aliens are here and are part of the elite rulers

he began to fear those around him

what was true or fake news to confuse society

that added even more to his anxiety!


Images on pop videos it is declared are sinister

that most of us would not notice

many admit openly they have sold their souls

for their stardom and wealth

secret societies exist that have a long term plan

so out there is a real bogeyman!


Religions are increasing the warnings of an ending

armageddon depicting the proof

strange lights in the skies and cloud formations

noises angelic singing voices

loud bangs above even tremors below the ground

yet the causes could never be found!


He was but a simple person not wanting trouble

but pass his lifetime quietly

seeking peace honesty and equality for mankind

living without war and violence

no starvation endless deception or mass despair

a society any problems they could share!


Now uncertain of what was happening around him!








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