Determined to survive through adversity! For herself and two precious children succeeded!#TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

They sat shivering in the basement flat

damp and mould covered the walls

mum held her two children very tightly

trying to keep them warm and dry

no comforts her benefits had been cut

any family to her the door was shut!


Left home at fifteen fell for an older man

who showed kindness in the beginning

gave her a child then became ill and died

was just sixteen and for her he cared

his family rejected them to just as her own

on the streets with a baby all alone!


Found herself now poorly treated abused

soon realised she was pregnant again

roamed the streets until she found help

a charity cared for them until the baby

was a few months old but funds were short

the council’s assistance urgently sought!


Desperate feeling suicidal told had to wait

funding taken away for now try a friend

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Conflict can solve nothing but create more division! Love and respect is the only way to unity and peace!#TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

This is not funny anymore will have to go

was it ever love we had or lust

my heart aches our feelings cannot show

deep within we both lacked trust

so much older wanted to slow the action

you disagreed so lost my interaction!

Your wild spirit could never hope to curtail

realising it would turn into resentment

feeling in the end my efforts would only fail

walking out your anger would vent

a quiet male could not say that word to you

was time up my exit overdue?

It was wrong my emotions taking command

in the street recognised your face

longed to say I love you and hold your hand

these deep thoughts quickened my pace

your happiness the one important fact did feel

gave you that space emotions so real!

Many thoughts made my legs heavy to move

a voice said do not be a fool turn back


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Why Marie?

Can that fulfillment of love be found?#TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

You ask me why I want to be

in your company each day

because you still do not see

you Marie love in every way!


For so long have tried my best

to be within your kind heart

yet feel each meeting is a test

we never seem to really start!


What else can we really say or do

you can trust my heart’s desire

when we are able to say it is true

make us both feel the raging fire!


Two Years have now passed us by

yet our passion has not grown

my minds in turmoil thinking why

your thoughts of me still unknown!


Without a partner it is no fun at all

my feelings being near to you

in an empty house nobody to call

or be there to see a crisis through!


How I would like you with me

being happy when you…

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He was only thirty-two when he disappeared

from society loved and respected

devoted in his research of the paranormal

part of an investigation team

of the occult and aliens who explored together

properties or sites said to be haunted

by evil spirits or strange creatures or beings

that many reluctantly admitted seeing!


Had uncovered connections between aliens

and governments hidden agenda

delving into it with his usual enthusiasm

made his friends begin to worry

especially those who ventured out with him

to known and unknown UFO hotspots

on this particular trip he decided to go ahead

as the area was dangerous to tread!


A message said he had arrived and to meet

at a diner a few miles to the east

they had all their equipment in their truck

departed their base at twenty thirty

could not make any contact after that time

on arrival his car was not there

nerves were jangling so they decided travel

to the location the riddle to unravel!


This was a risk as it was a military owned site

no unauthorised personnel allowed

with caution they neared the forbidden zone

to their horror found his vehicle

burnt out still smouldering in the desert sand

yet of him they found no sign

but could see three lights in the clear starry sky

of human origin would have to deny!


Wanting to search the area but this was hampered

as vehicle headlights came into range

their own safety was now at risk so had to leave

with a deep sadness headed home

with no explanation of  what had happened here

or where their close friend had gone

no matter how they tried information was denied

what secrets from us all do they hide?


The unnatural mystery still remains until this day

but the group continue to carry on the fray!







Gazing at the throng of humanity

he sat unable to understand

tired of such a long turbulent life

the memories still clear

unable to comprehend that need

their desire to proceed!


To prolong their lives into centuries

he found after a hundred years

so hard to face always stayed young

as friends and family aged

his girlfriends withered by his side

leaving him when they died!


An enzyme within his DNA the reason

his life seemed to never end

had thought often of taking his own life

but felt it was the cowards way

resigned to wait for that allotted day

hoping it was not far away!


Got up and faded quietly into the crowds

to a lonely life in his home

prepared it maybe another century to live

with more memories to recall

friends to make and then say goodbye

now use to time passing him by!




Did she really stand a chance of surviving? TheFoureyedPoet.

The Foureyed Poet

She knew it was not her actions but compelled

by the evil spirit within

where it had found her she had no knowledge

continuously really scared

had tried to seek help from a the local priest

but this was a powerful beast!

Dominating to the point of complete control

whenever it so desired

turning this sweet innocent young woman

into a predatory monster

charm oozing from every orifice and pore

until the victims ran no more!

She always looked beautiful a pleasure to meet

funny a captivating female

men were lured into the chameleons deadly lair

then the mask was removed

revealing the grotesque creature escape futile

carnage created for while!

From that first pleasant meeting it soon changed

to screaming obscenities

before any chance of detection just evaporated

returning in a new location

the woman trapped now helpless and horrified

suffering and inwardly died!

Compelled the real soul within had…

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Island Of Hell!

Another violent institution where it’s said tormented souls have never left! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

To the Island of hell the five now headed

visiting the long disused prison

stood ominously silent and foreboding

here to investigate the spirits

was said possessed the bricks and steel

what spectres did it conceal?

The deceased still walking within these walls

many witnesses had told

of threatening voices from those dead

prisoners there murdered

also several prison officers here as well

on the Island of hell!

Long before anything existed on the  land

native american’s  shunned it

knowing it was cursed evil roamed free

but when the prison was built

even the hardened criminals were afraid

on minds and souls evil preyed!

To this place the ghost investigation team came

to find out for themselves

if stories and experiences were actually true

none of these truth seekers

were disappointed at evidence perceived

without doubt believed!

From recorded messages to those red eyes

feeling somebody near

the moving shadow…

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I told them it was an entity that made me do it! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

At the time just did not believe her

how was it true she was odd

or assumed this a few weeks past

regrettably she was right

yes Jenny was a friend must confess

when we met it was a mess!

Me a party hound always out for fun

maybe fine when young

then forty could not take that pace

she came over and spoke

as always drunk vulgar and very rude

did not want her to intrude!

From the start she kept on about an entity

a sort of ghost insisted

it kept on taunting her when she got home

pleading with me to go with her

honestly thought the girl was plain mad

or just a little bit sad!

I  really felt she had problems not scared

but eventually did succumb

unable to say had begun to like her a lot

lived in a very old house

just the…

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What haunted the old mine? The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

What brushed by me that cold night

has haunted my life ever since

was it man beast or unknown origin

exploring a shutdown mine

something held my arm for sure

it chilled me to the core!

Then worked for a mining company

checking out a report of noises

from within the blocked entrance

that was still sealed tight

native workers would not go near

cowering frozen with fear!

One brave soul came to the site

remember being really scared

with a crow bar forced the planks

blocking our way in

soon the entrance was revealed

should have stayed sealed!

A terrible pain and a deathly chill

surged through my body

as if touched by something within

upon my exposed arm

sure there was activity in the dark

on my skin a burn mark!

Overwhelmed in terror made my exit

running like a jabbering wreck

past the frightened natives a coward


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Predictions Of Doom!

We can only wait for that day! The Foureyed Poet.

The Foureyed Poet

Are the predictions of doom founded

as the planet spins and circles

around our bright sun at a high-speed

humans trying to better nature

chaos continues to blight anything living

nature as always is never forgiving!

An endless stream of disaster scenarios

forever have been fed to the masses

can Nostradamus be the most quoted

but were his predictions too general

adapted to fit what we want to believe

making sense of tragedies we grieve!

The prophecies and deadlines pass us by

here we are still onward bound

each more dire yet do we get more blase

until another disaster stirs our anxiety

thinking is this the real prediction of doom

when our planet could be our final tomb!

Only time will tell as one day it must occur!

The Foureyed Poet.

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