Lowly crouching by the open fire in the wilderness

he thought hard yet was relaxed

settled in the encampment for the night

in the deep dark wooded forest

with only a few members of his tribe

had to stay alert as danger was near

as the any enemy was not be far away

hidden deep in the brush keeping them from bay!

There was a bright moon the ponies stood nervously

as if knowing trouble was very close at hand

no sleep would be had during the night

they cautiously hovered tense and alert

the fire crackling and flames flickered and banged

the battle seemed so far away and distant

few had escaped the wrath of the fray

as to their gods they did quietly pray!

A stream ran closely by where they all gathered

enabling them to clean the wounds they’d received

only flesh injuries nothing to slow them down

knew it was unwise to stop here at all

sweat covered his brow his senses on full alert

with movements and sounds of dried twigs

tension around him as he took a defensive stand

as with a firm grip held his knife he had in his hand!

There was no sanctuary or peace of mind

they could not stay here or rest

while there was a chance had to escape

those who were closing in on them all

together in a dangerous but equally cautious move

headed down along the water course

untying their animals and stealthily walking

silently found a footpath riding clear of those stalking!

On the back of their ponies how they did ride

as arrows where whisking by their heads

keeping very low to avoid being hit

making their escape from this violent attack

but hitting trees and slipping on the ground

with deadly purpose did they pound!

Pushing the animals hard they did not intend to stop

making sure there was the distance

from the pursuing raiders close behind

knowing they would not easily give up

safety now was only a few miles away

as their village was coming into sight

there would be many braves on this day

hoping the enemy would fall back and stray!


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The air seemed charged at that moment

as he walked in the nearby park

sparkling patches of brilliant light waves

ahead so bright had to cover his eyes

nobody else was nearby he could see

approaching cautiously a nearby tree!

It was like a dream lights were all around

what was happening he was not scared

drawn ever nearer the woods did change

it was if drawn into another new reality

he was enthralled by this strange image

like a magical new real live page!

Entering a new realm somehow feeling elated

cartoon like characters filled his view

music played loudly and so nice

no more alone found he could interact

within this world everything so clear

that at no time did he have any fear!

What seemed forever feeling so at ease

must be a dream was the only thought

without worry he simply walked on

then as the journey began it vanished

in the park found himself suddenly back

walking once more on the lonely track!


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She smiled as next to her a mother and child

stood close by her to cross the busy road

yet seconds later she turned back they were gone

nowhere in sight as she glanced around

a little shaken at this she crossed the road

where could they have vanished so quickly

this made her more aware of who was near

as a sense of understanding filled her with fear!

Were they really beside her or just a spirit

not a real mother and daughter standing there

could there be ghosts amongst people about

not all you could see were actually there

what other explanation could it possibly be

between the countless people on the street

it made her shudder it certainly made her think

somebody to disappear within one blink!

From that day forth she was far more certain

not everything we see can be real at all

that maybe ghosts do really without doubt exist

within the living not hiding from our view

in buildings for paranormal investigators to find

with electronic devises to make any contact

but around us anywhere part of life’s fabric

real beings normality not just party tricks!

Feeling wiser she moved cautiously on!


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Into the wilderness to escape the crowds

taking a hike into the country meadows

the fresh air on your face you breath in

those surroundings filling all your senses

in the wide open spaces and how quiet

birds singing loudly so sweet and relaxing

walking along a country lane into the distance

no need to rush but just gently advance!

The sun shinning down through the tree leaves

sprinkling warm air onto your face and body

wide open land you find a narrow footpath

taking you through and across the open fields

twisting its way as the grass blends with bushes

the smell stimulating and tingling all your senses

viewing open fields and groups of trees

a tractor in sight around you butterflies and bees!

A few fluffy white clouds sprinkle the skies

warm as you bask on your slow stroll

time means little as you step onwards

along that gently rising green pathway

the time comes to turn back homeward bound

as the day passes you all feel so calm

hungry now it is the welcome return for tea

refreshed but tired feeling now carefree!

A welcome arrival after such a lovely country stroll!


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Confusion seems to fill my mind

how I long for passed times

when talking was a natural act

being out and about no effort

anxiety never clouded thought

then no help had to be sought!


Moments when I had to pace

in an existence being alone

not knowing what was wrong

finding I could not express

what I felt deep down inside

had lost my dignity and pride!


When I could be out happily

without being low in moods

deep within ones own world

physical ailments not in mind

no burden with mental health

depriving me of natural wealth!


The cycle repeats its self over again

trapped in a perpetual motion

just wanting simply to break away

to be back to how I once was

which is not an impossible dream

or an imaginary fantasy theme!


There is always hope out there!



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Upon Us!

The suns light beams down upon us

giving life to those below

as they toiled on the parched ground

temperatures souring higher

seasons hard to define as cold and wet

overcome once tropical areas

now natures struggling to find a balance

motion of life could not advance!


Unclean air quality adds to human misery

contaminated by harmful elements

that cannot be seen or felt as its absorbed

life becoming more fragile

feelings are out of control under the sun

disasters mount people displaced

the routine of living completely falls apart

kindness is gone exposing a cold heart!


Into The Wilderness we go forth!



Shadow people!

From the corner of your eye you see movement

was it a trick of the light or in the mind

had the temperature really got cold

could that be a shadowy figure you had seen

standing in an eerie place you hear a sound

whispering in your ear your frozen to the ground

terror engulfs you every noise is magnified

in the dark recesses of your troubled imagination

is this the basis for ghosts being created

panic now sets in making you break free and run

trying to get away from your nightmare

something monstrous nearby is giving you a scare

finding yourself standing on the porch

again those shadow figures appear coming so close

had not noticed your lungs so tight

skepticism starts to wane as you do begin to believe

a real possibility they could be real

but then just disappear uncertain how you feel

think you have heard of shadow beings

had never thought before they actually existed

cold scared and dehydrated dawn arrived

relieved you had mentally and physically survived

yet unlike others there that night

who did believe this phenomena was a real sight

my experience left me in an agitated state

that forever my hold on realty it will pervade!


Are shadow people of supernatural classification

or is there a logical explanation?




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The horror of so many deaths by stabbing that shows no sign of decreasing has spread throughout society! Now nobody is safe! It is of deep concern to me and no doubt the wider population! What can be done to stop this frightening trend? Had to re blog my poem!#TheFoureyedPoet


Young lives are being slaughtered by knives

law and order seems to have no power

to contain the gangs creating such strife

brutality grows not by weeks but the hour

these crimes getting rapidly out of control

with no logic to the mounting toll!

The gang culture has been allowed to expand

cities towns and villages none are immune

in the present climate they are in command

too often on the roadside flowers are strewn

lawlessness spreads as people are oppressed

helpless we stand as a society transgressed!

A bleak future violence escalates and discipline

is now lost allowing worrying complacency in

surely it extends far deeper into our culture

where nobody can see that hovering vulture!


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Determined to survive through adversity! For herself and two precious children succeeded!#TheFoureyedPoet.


They sat shivering in the basement flat

damp and mould covered the walls

mum held her two children very tightly

trying to keep them warm and dry

no comforts her benefits had been cut

any family to her the door was shut!


Left home at fifteen fell for an older man

who showed kindness in the beginning

gave her a child then became ill and died

was just sixteen and for her he cared

his family rejected them to just as her own

on the streets with a baby all alone!


Found herself now poorly treated abused

soon realised she was pregnant again

roamed the streets until she found help

a charity cared for them until the baby

was a few months old but funds were short

the council’s assistance urgently sought!


Desperate feeling suicidal told had to wait

funding taken away for now try a friend

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Conflict can solve nothing but create more division! Love and respect is the only way to unity and peace!#TheFoureyedPoet.


This is not funny anymore will have to go

was it ever love we had or lust

my heart aches our feelings cannot show

deep within we both lacked trust

so much older wanted to slow the action

you disagreed so lost my interaction!

Your wild spirit could never hope to curtail

realising it would turn into resentment

feeling in the end my efforts would only fail

walking out your anger would vent

a quiet male could not say that word to you

was time up my exit overdue?

It was wrong my emotions taking command

in the street recognised your face

longed to say I love you and hold your hand

these deep thoughts quickened my pace

your happiness the one important fact did feel

gave you that space emotions so real!

Many thoughts made my legs heavy to move

a voice said do not be a fool turn back


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