The Tree!

The tree stands tall and proud a symbol

of mankind’s struggle to save the trees

from being cut down in increasing numbers

as millions are raised to the ground every year

land now used for farming and agriculture

the onslaught of destruction grows worse

the mighty oak stands solid as a sign

that it will show the way and define!

Throughout the world trees are depleted

even though there is a drive to grow more

but in the rain forests come crashing down

determined for more varied and arable crops

leaving huge gaps in the thinning woodlands

upon us mighty trees and bare land lay

as we destroy our fragile environment

and many seem to be happy and content!

That lack of urgency and any understanding

how important are trees to absorb carbon dioxide

that is increasing in our polluted atmosphere

producing oxygen a precious resource on earth

care needs to be given for their preservation

as these living creations are dangerously at risk

all the trees must survive unhindered now

as new woodlands must be budding somehow!


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  1. A lovely poem and very current given the number of forests being decimated…such a shame as trees are our lifeblood and many don’t realise if the trees go and the bees go our whole ecosystem will collapse …I hope you and yours are keeping safe and well, Malc 🙂


    • HI Carol. Thank you so much for liking my poem and your kind comment. It is a shame about the loss of the trees and I felt strongly it needed to be highlighted. Yes my family is well. I hope you and your family are well. Best Wishes. Malcolm.

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