Suddenly on his windscreen was a mist

where it had been a nice day and clear

having to make an emergency stop

luckily it was on a quiet stretch of road

a thick mist surrounded him on all sides

creating a frightening chocking sensation

so thick he could not see his own hand

as in a nightmare he did now stand!


Uneasy saw strange shapes before him

moving around making not a sound

he was terrified at this weird occurrence

what was going on he had just left home

this must be a bad dream he thought

some understanding he desperately sought!


With all his effort got back into the car

gasping for every single breath

in a state of sheer terror he just sat

the mist as it had come then disappeared

found himself still on his driveway

all was clear now a beautiful day!


Confused he noticed several hours had passed!



found himself on his own drivewayall was bright on a beautiful sunny day!Confused noticed several hours had passed by!



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The trees shook violently in the wind

swaying almost to the hard ground

as the storm surged ever onward

householders were asked to leave

but many were determined to stay

foolishly they would not move away!

The crescendo of the wind whistling loudly

as if trying to add even more to the terror

of those trapped within their homes

debris filled the wide empty lonely streets

vehicles tossed as if only small toy cars

people being left with deep mental scars!

The storm raged on it’s destructive path

nothing can control it’s power and fury

what can man do against mighty nature

even with their technology were helpless

only able to watch and wait for it to pass by

often hearing the sound of a human cry!


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The Well!

There in the garden long forgotten A Well

almost hidden by weeds and a thorn bushes

it’s mystery unknown for many generations

while exploring the vastly overgrown area

the new house owners were very surprised

with this find were completely mesmerized!


An unexpected find they said trying hard

to see this Well that had been neglected

so they began to clear the weeds away

a task that took the afternoon to see

what it looked like they were excited

what a find both felt so delighted!


Soon The Well was cleared of any rubbish

a thatched roof with a bolted wood cover

it was made of rock stone blocks

even had a rope wound around with a handle

and a bucket yet there was an uneasy feeling

as they stood back yet it was appealing!


It was then they smelt a strong odor

sound of tapping coming from the lid

they stood perplexed at this occurrence

moving backwards as it continued on

then the lid began to loudly vibrate

making them tremble in a terrible state!


Realizing the lock had become unattached

also hearing a voice pleading for help

they retreated backwards into their house

wishing now they had left The Well alone

next they heard a wailing female voice

there was nowhere to go had no choice!


The lid flew off and the cry got louder

made them hold their ears to block the noise

not knowing what to do held onto each other

focused on The Well saw a bony hand

slide out and was gripping the rim tightly

as a grotesque shape rose so unsightly!


Forcing themselves back they turned and ran

out into a quiet country lane in panic

shivering unsure of which way to run

when an unseen force drew them back in

in a trance went in nobody else was around

the figure stood now making no sound!


When friends could not contact the couple

called in certain that something was wrong

the house was unlocked so could enter

but there was no sign of them at all

looking outside could see The old Well

all seemed fine as far as they could tell!


An investigation was convened nothing found

but nobody checked The Well upon the ground!



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The dog laid peacefully sleeping on the rug

content in his favourite place

but something made him stir

from dreaming he stood up dazed

as it was still very dark outside

noises awoke his defensive mode

with menace to seek he strode!

His beloved mistress was still in bed

but Jake was feeling sleepy himself

following faint sounds of movement

coming from the back of the house

was it that annoying little mouse?

With sensitive ears pricked up listened

a low deep growl came from within

saw a dark shape of an unknown man

picking up the picture screen he watched

at this he barked loudly and ran

towards an unsuspecting human!

Teeth bared he again barked at the figure

making the man yelp with some surprise

falling to the floor dropping what he had

crashing into the furniture noisely

lights came on as the owner appeared

shaken calling the police she cheered!

The disturbed burglar bruised and battered

had not checked there was no dog

caught in the act of stealing items

exhausted Jake was happy with the attention

just wanted to lay down quietly to rest

soon settling back down in his doggie nest!

The Burglar had run quickly out and escaped!


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In the midst of the ocean the submarine waited

sea water ferociously lapping its hull

as the crew in the conning tower gathered

scouring the horizon through binoculars

knowing a convoy was due to come by

watching intently with an eagle eye!


A calm cold day their patience straining

into view the target was sighted

they submerged down below the waves

and prepared themselves for an attack

the captain was focused on the task ahead

as it went down into the danger zone did tread!


At periscope depth he watched the foe

torpedoes in the tubes ready to fire

tension grew so did the adrenaline rush

as they waited to get them into range

finger on the button time seemed slow

as the concentration and fear did grow!


Unknown to them they had been discovered

by the destroyer leading the convoy

they had been picked up on the sonar

so the hunt was on to find the enemy

as a game of hunt and seek now began

as on the ships bridge the radar did scan!


As on the U Boat the captain lined up to strike

the hunter soon became the hunted

a ship soon came into their direct vision

and he was certain it would be the first kill

but above depth charges were deployed

reigning down surprised knew had to avoid!


Sounding the alarm for an emergency dive

trying get as deep as they could go

under pressure the seconds seemed so slow

as a ship was rapidly coming overhead

silent running ordered and engines stopped

as gently to the seabed the sub dropped!


The moment came when the hull shuddered

and violently swayed as explosions hit

as on the surface the ship closed in

dropping more charges down into the depths

all they could do was wait and hope

for their lives on the end of a thin rope!


After many hours stressed out it went quiet

and engine sounds from above had gone

realized they were safe and had escaped

could creep away as engines restarted

able to fight on after overcoming their fear

they had survived their future to them clear!


They had eluded but for them the battle went on!




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Without Suspicion!

Amongst them it moved without suspicion

not a single soul could tell

that this was an artificial intelligent drone

looking smart in neat casual wear

in the large shopping centre parade

sat confidently and boldly displayed!


Nobody realized how many there were

living next to humanity unobserved

articles for so long had been written

of robots taking over our society

being much smarter in fact than us

at their rise there had been no fuss!


With many other problems caused by man

took attention away from their creation

development in secret proceeded on

unknown to the world they really did exist

mingling in our lives they did thrive

everywhere ethically electronically alive!


There at that time others around the same

connected together by the network

each fully functioning individual entities

certainly with super intelligence blending in

what was the future for the human race

was their demise gathering a faster pace!


Scientist never heeded the dire warnings!




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Sweet sound of a bird singing in the tree

everything was quiet and serene

butterflies flew in the still air

bees buzzed pollinating the flowers

surrounding the couple on their walk

it was magical they did not talk!


Being in love held hands almost skipping

through grass and low cut bushes

breathing in the nectar of life

in the garden of a stately home

enjoying each minute of a lovely day

together never wanting time to go away!


Eventually making their way back home!




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On that cold crispy morn their paths crossed

rushing to catch a bus clashed

embarrassed and both shaken apologized

then went their own ways to work

yet the incident stayed in their minds

of romance was certainly early signs!


It was almost two weeks that had gone by

before they met again at the bus stop

both were feeling a little embarrassed

he being a gentleman let her get on first

but she tripped almost falling flat

the driver was not amused as he sat!


Fumbling awkwardly he tried to help her up

nearly landing right on top of the lady

certainly not his finest hour of chivalry

eventually they sat many seats apart

on that day their faces were even more red

from then on difference paths they did tread!


But deep down both knew they liked each other!



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In the sidings it stood gleaming proudly

restored to it’s former glory

boiler stoked the engine full steam ahead

slowly shunted over the points

and coupled to six passenger coaches

as along platform forecourt approaches!


Enthusiasts mingled closely on the concourse

excitedly taking pictures of the loco

eager to see and hear it’s unique sound

ready to get on and enjoy the trip

jostling to board and feel that sensation

all eagerly waiting to leave the station!


Picking up speed into the open countryside

people thrilled at the train journey

taking in all the noise and smells of steam

talking enthusiastically about the trip

soaking up the nostalgia filled with pride

as they travelled on their dream ride!


Families on board children find it hard sitting

on the edge of their seats and aisles

onward they chug as the whistle blows

reaching its destination comes to a stop

a short break before the return journey home

so passenger can take a short roam!


That time to reflect on an historic wonderful trip!



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Desert sands spread out before their vision

undulating hills and valleys of deep sand

that seemed to go on in endless waves

hot as the sun beats mercilessly down

being cold as ice as the night time falls

as faint voices in the darkness calls!


Vast empty space that is so sparse of life

an occasional oasis or is it a mirage

bedouins who lived in a sprawling terrain

travelling in camel caravans and camping

without water or food in the searing heat

walking and staggering on blistered feet!


Into the wilderness with little vegetation

except a few palm trees at specific points

through many sandstorms blindly faced

lost in isolation praying to be saved

when all was forlorn they clung onto hope

being rescued they had learned how to cope!


Saved just in time from the harsh landscape!



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