The Path through woodlands was inviting

sunlight deflected by leafy branches

birds twittered sweetly around my head

enticing me to walk the narrow track

at intervals by my feet a squirrel darted by

running up the tree bark so high!


Feet crunching on the gravel strewn path

where once unspoilt undergrowth lay

altered conforming more to human needs

yet here nature nurtured to survive

unity of minds to stop civilisations decline

as forever all living creatures entwine!


For future generations we must conserve

thus the balance of nature preserve!






Stressed took a stroll noticed no insects

could not detect any bees or butterfly’s

filling the scene worryingly in decline

relaxed gently sat on a grassy hill-top

over looking the fields and small town

but the calm was soon to be shattered

and his fortunes would soon turn sour

as what he thought was a rare insect

with his vision did suddenly connect!


Annoying it flew very close to his head

had to stand and up from his position

making no difference as now followed

soon there were more flying along to

swatting at them one seemed to strike

landing on his naked arm a sharp jab

hitting it with reflex action plummeted

down onto dusty well trodden footpath

curious decided to inspect this nasty foe

the consequences then did not know!


Gasped as on close inspection discovered

that this was not a natural living bug

but a minute very intricate type of drone

designed like a mosquito held in his hand

soon seemed to move and then flew away

he began to feel so unwell and collapsed

found by passing cyclists hugging the earth

taking some time to get any medical support

the couple in this dire scenario were caught!


Delirious he kept mumbling insects not real

nobody attending knew what he meant

far to incoherent they did not understand

a few days later in the intensive care unit

his body succumbed to unknown toxins

the only clue a puncture wound on his skin

all organs had completely ceased to function

to the coroner a frustrating puzzle emerged

his theories of cause made him feel disturbed!


Especially when told the facts were classified!


Could this really be true?









Hard for him to believe the image was so real

his friend had died years ago

it faded and the coldness lifted what was real

technology could recreate life

make what did not exist a reality before you

with hologram programming

impossible to know was actually real anymore

implants in the brain was standard

private thoughts eliminated now part of the hive

in a virtual realty society had to survive!


So how was it possible to see and recognize him

it was when he was a child

that Jake had that accident always had guilt

how could he be here by that lake

those memories long forgotten streaming back

it was not a hologram or CGI

hit his head maybe the implant was damaged

for the first time since a lad

could think for himself everything seemed real

and his emotions could feel!


But it was bleak he stood in a wasteland of ruins

trees were dead grass was to

how had he got here tried to go walk forward

feeling so weak his mind confused

then his thoughts cleared it was a nice sunny day

now had been put back on-line

this was a much more serious glitch in the matrix

still wired up to the master computer

yet deep in his subconscious the memory stored

soon would overload the mother board!


The awakening was coming and the truth exposed!



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That rare glance in the bathroom mirror

made him realize time had not been good

all he had left was flashes of memories

what could have been but never was

so much had wanted to achieve in his life

but decisions made had shaped the path

never felt envy for those who achieved

their very busy materialistic aspirations

some had done well many overwhelmed

just to be better and gain more status

now broken and burned out or passed on

for him that existance had never longed!


Life was more than the battle to become rich

yet it was the society that was pushed hard

the mega rich middle working class and poor

to him everyone was the same a human being

but people were divided and socially graded

many with endless money a superior breed

treating the masses merely as their slaves

to do their bidding and forever rule their lives

as the majority struggled to even exist

the domineering plundered the earths resources

with no regard for damages to the environment

making their own rules with no care or consent!


As endless wars ravaged destroying civilizations

with most unable to sustain a safe living standard

the aging man could only reflect on his own state

he counted himself more fortunate than most

had many problems but could still sit in safety

but knew that nobody was really safe anymore

the threat of global warming and overpopulation

with an unseen enemy never far from your door

worried about future generations sustainability

always the threat of world conflicts escalating

and natures continues instability for humanity

and the path of mankind’s evil depravity!


His only comfort life for him was nearly at an end!







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A warm evening a suggestion of a walk

along the trail near the cottage

in local folklore said a flying creature

haunted this tranquil area

but nobody had lived to confirm tales

just a whimsical decision to go

where few would ever dare to stroll

new to the picturesque hamlet

that evening ventured along the path

a light breeze the sun shone

they felt like children without any cares

entering the darkening avenue

of over hanging trees creating a canopy

that was when the mood changed

their blood ran cold sensing a presence

yet then nothing could be seen

muttering voices could be heard close by

ahead what seemed like red eyes

watching that sensation of desperation

being trapped without any escape

trying mobile phones but had no signal

tales they had heard of a killer

that waited for anybody taking this path

but it had been a hundred years

since anybody had actually gone missing

it was thought they could be buried

no suspect was ever found for the crimes

nothing stirred as they panicked

as the path had seemed now overgrown

and the eyes started getting closer

what could they do clinging to each other

as if waking from a nightmare

then as one ran retracing their steps back

hoping it was escaping the thing

tripping exhausted screaming for it to stop

burning pains on their sweating skin

it became brighter and open countryside

gave them hope it was over at last

but falling to the dirt path a shadow cast!


Above them a moth like creature

screeched swooping down claws flaying

they awoke bleeding but alive

sitting up everything seemed peaceful

darkness had fallen fearful

headed home but could no longer stay

telling nobody moved away!




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He stayed near to the closed coffin

knowing what was inside

nobody would believe the content

had to keep it contained

certain the beast was really dead

had caved in its head!


Under duress had paid two scoundrels

for assistance to the mine

sending it back from where it came

but as the task neared its end

sure there was a vibration from within

his patience worn thin!


Petrified had to be certain it was gone

the journey was hard

eventually the mine came into sight

it would soon be done

wood covering entrance ripped away

had to get away without delay!


Just a short distance to the main shaft

had to light torches

a hanging chain was swaying violently

the men reluctantly

dragged the coffin to a crumbling rim

the task in hand grim!


Shrieks and yelling started from below

as he helped push the coffin

down the shaft into the unexplored void

a high pitch sound erupted

as the rocks began to fall the men fell

down he was sure into Hell!


Alone now he fought just to get out alive

as the mine imploded

threw himself at the collapsing entrance

bruised and bleeding watched

laughed like a madman emotions released

certain he had killed the beast!


But that satisfaction was very short-lived

as the through destruction

the very thing he had sacrificed so much

strode towards his position

no chance to cry out was exterminated

the world now contaminated!


The slaughter would begin it had arrived!







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Without You!

Why is it so lonely

without you

what had I done

felt helpless

being in the dark


ended yesterday

no reason why

just cannot cry

said you hated me

am so confused

no idea what to say

feel insane

why not explain

it so very sad

to each other bad

mutually cruel

who was the fool?








The man sat quietly thinking

why was he here

all his life tried to do his best

willing to help the rest

divorced with kids but alone

with few friends true

had tried to mix and mingle

in his sixties unfulfilled

with only memories sat alone

muttering in a sad tone!




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The years have gone by

often wonder where

on reflection think why

nobody there to share

nor guide me to see

there are those who care

to feel more carefree

but of life’s pitfalls aware

is there hope don’t know

can the future change

a resolute smile will show

even if it looks strange!


Few notice that your low

a mode of our time

hope the sadness will go

facing the rising crime

if only more could forgive

not just wanting to fight

in peace more could live

showing real foresight

who can we trust today

when supports not found

life’s harder every day

with such poverty around!


Easy to envy the wealthy

but there is a divide

for our sanity not healthy

have to swallow pride

a stable society has gone

uncertainty here to stay

no matter how we all long

living is a risk each day!


At the mercy of unseen forces!









How do we define a human beings life

that seems to click into place

is sweetness and bright without strife

others only nightmares do face

maybe earth for some a Heaven state

many Hell just misery and hate!


The rest live in a struggling neutral mode

juggling their burdens and heavy load

who are just able to live not thrive

hardships for billions who do not survive!




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