On that cold crispy morn their paths crossed

rushing to catch a bus clashed

embarrassed and both shaken apologized

then went their own ways to work

yet the incident stayed in their minds

of romance was certainly early signs!


It was almost two weeks that had gone by

before they met again at the bus stop

both were feeling a little embarrassed

he being a gentleman let her get on first

but she tripped almost falling flat

the driver was not amused as he sat!


Fumbling awkwardly he tried to help her up

nearly landing right on top of the lady

certainly not his finest hour of chivalry

eventually they sat many seats apart

on that day their faces were even more red

from then on difference paths they did tread!


But deep down both knew they liked each other!



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In the sidings it stood gleaming proudly

restored to it’s former glory

boiler stoked the engine full steam ahead

slowly shunted over the points

and coupled to six passenger coaches

as along platform forecourt approaches!


Enthusiasts mingled closely on the concourse

excitedly taking pictures of the loco

eager to see and hear it’s unique sound

ready to get on and enjoy the trip

jostling to board and feel that sensation

all eagerly waiting to leave the station!


Picking up speed into the open countryside

people thrilled at the train journey

taking in all the noise and smells of steam

talking enthusiastically about the trip

soaking up the nostalgia filled with pride

as they travelled on their dream ride!


Families on board children find it hard sitting

on the edge of their seats and aisles

onward they chug as the whistle blows

reaching its destination comes to a stop

a short break before the return journey home

so passenger can take a short roam!


That time to reflect on an historic wonderful trip!



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Desert sands spread out before their vision

undulating hills and valleys of deep sand

that seemed to go on in endless waves

hot as the sun beats mercilessly down

being cold as ice as the night time falls

as faint voices in the darkness calls!


Vast empty space that is so sparse of life

an occasional oasis or is it a mirage

bedouins who lived in a sprawling terrain

travelling in camel caravans and camping

without water or food in the searing heat

walking and staggering on blistered feet!


Into the wilderness with little vegetation

except a few palm trees at specific points

through many sandstorms blindly faced

lost in isolation praying to be saved

when all was forlorn they clung onto hope

being rescued they had learned how to cope!


Saved just in time from the harsh landscape!



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As life created unknown pressures at every turn

the young man felt it hard to breath

as out of nowhere found himself being jostled

in a crowded shopping town centre

as a group of youths surged towards his side

there was nowhere for him to hide!


Realizing he was amongst a large noisy crowd

instinct made him just want to run

away from a growing noisy and mighty crush

heart pounding panic felt within

reflecting on the society in which we all juggle

in his mind now began to struggle!


As he ran his tension began to ease and stopped

in a quiet place all the fear and stress was dropped

was able to gently breath and at ease once more

but was hopeful life for all would be more sure!






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How close to the ground he sniffed

the police K9 soon had the scent

pulling his handler ever faster

following a trail through the grass

snorting loudly nearing a copse

determined to find the fleeing foe

rustling sounds now can be heard

as something in the bushes stirred!


In the undergrowth something seen

as the dogs teeth grip the assailant

who cowers groaning in some pain

soon the officer pulls him out of cover

holding the K9 getting him to let go

with difficulty for the struggling man

hand cuffs on wrists was not contested

taking away the criminal now arrested!


The K9 given a pat and his favourite toy!








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The grass grew high in the field

unkempt over the decades

nobody lived here anymore

left to decay the standing house

in the corner of the barren land

once full of life and so grand!


Few ventured to this country space

where once laughter existed

now stories of ghostly hauntings

had become folklore to the locals

urban explorers came to investigate

drifting here to find their fate!


With uncertainty of what to expect

some had heard the weird stories

a hostile atmosphere was present

making their spines judder and tingle

some unable to venture on the site

at any part of the day or night!


Many tales of people disappearing

who had dared enter the buildings

but it drew many into its tangled web

was there truth here or just hyped up

could this place hide such a danger

and there was a malevolent stranger!


Beware of places its better to avoid!



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The swing moves rhythmically back and forth

relaxation as the body feels the force

in the action able to chill and think

freedom from any pressures to and thro

the swing then goes much higher it flies

as up you glance to the blue skies!


Downward to the landscape surrounding you

as in life can be up and down moods

that pleasure of feeling relaxed in control

when reality brings you back down to earth

from a point of elation without any fear

that realization and moments to shed a tear!


The thrill of swinging was absolutely satisfying

through your energy pushing forward

you are making your own personal motion

independent to making such progress

as in life it was by your very own pace

that every moment of living we can face!


Like the swing for us all time moves on by!




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Sad Face!

That gentle soft touch on a sad face

an understanding word in her ear

gave that reassurance she needed

to give strength at a time of stress

admitting to being bullied at school

so upset she certainly was not cool!


Parents were sympathetic tried so hard

to support their child at this moment

being glad she had bravely told them

rather than keeping it within herself

the family were now all united as one

this awful situation no longer would run!


The school realized the urgency of claims

with pupils helped to stop the abuse

bringing everybody concerned much closer

to stamp out the mental and physical attacks

allowing a unified team spirit to return

alleviating all their worries and concern!


Only by coming together could it be stopped!





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Nobody can really foresee what lay ahead

we are guided towards a cashless society

giving us far less power on our incomes

the authorities that rule us have more grip

on our daily lives through every single hour

this for our freedom makes the future sour!


The rich have few worries about their future

living with an arrogance they care not

no thoughts for those who flounder to survive

a challenge to keep a roof over their heads

two different aspects of the same existence

those with little seeking subsistence!


Where is that positive spark of humanity

in a community filled with such insanity!




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People stand for one or two minutes

this a mark of humble respect

for the many heroes of ordinary folk

giving their lives and many injured

through countless wars and struggles

for our liberty their lives did sacrifice

this ultimate act we must all recognize!


As these conflicts continue this will remain

as mankind cannot stay a peaceful race

mistrust fills the hearts and minds of many

cooperation often falls apart in the search

for that fragile freedom people forever seek

war like in nature humans integrity is weak!


So for the foreseeable future we stand and respect!



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