Lowly crouching by the open fire in the wilderness

he thought hard yet was relaxed

settled in the encampment for the night

in the deep dark wooded forest

with only a few members of his tribe

had to stay alert as danger was near

as the any enemy was not be far away

hidden deep in the brush keeping them from bay!

There was a bright moon the ponies stood nervously

as if knowing trouble was very close at hand

no sleep would be had during the night

they cautiously hovered tense and alert

the fire crackling and flames flickered and banged

the battle seemed so far away and distant

few had escaped the wrath of the fray

as to their gods they did quietly pray!

A stream ran closely by where they all gathered

enabling them to clean the wounds they’d received

only flesh injuries nothing to slow them down

knew it was unwise to stop here at all

sweat covered his brow his senses on full alert

with movements and sounds of dried twigs

tension around him as he took a defensive stand

as with a firm grip held his knife he had in his hand!

There was no sanctuary or peace of mind

they could not stay here or rest

while there was a chance had to escape

those who were closing in on them all

together in a dangerous but equally cautious move

headed down along the water course

untying their animals and stealthily walking

silently found a footpath riding clear of those stalking!

On the back of their ponies how they did ride

as arrows where whisking by their heads

keeping very low to avoid being hit

making their escape from this violent attack

but hitting trees and slipping on the ground

with deadly purpose did they pound!

Pushing the animals hard they did not intend to stop

making sure there was the distance

from the pursuing raiders close behind

knowing they would not easily give up

safety now was only a few miles away

as their village was coming into sight

there would be many braves on this day

hoping the enemy would fall back and stray!


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