His Journey was just beginning he was prepared

for what may happen along the way

no matter the risks or impending danger

he was determined to see the adventure through

first foot forward he made with such ease

the opportunities he knew would not be a breeze!

Nothing to hold him back certainly very keen

to make his mark in an over whelming society

confidence he decided was the hidden key

to finding the next step along his way

hostility as well as help awaited him

yet in the face of adversity he was not grim!

He met those who were tough with no patience

foul mouthed in everything they had to say

would take your last penny without care

no way share any part of your working day

life was cheap money their one real aim

for them it was normal they had no shame!

In amongst the hardliners were genuine folk

willing to help and advise for no rewards

speaking kindly without any hidden agenda

to guide along that often lonely path

nothing seemed simple with obstacles to override

as from life we just cannot hide!

The journey continues still much to learn

he was prepared his mind open without concern!


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