Art Therapy!

Art therapy is a special environment

where you can relax and be welcome

by Gwyneth and Freya to take care of you

guiding you to do anything to create

your own handiwork drawing or painting

maybe working with clay or even sand

giving confidence for you to express

your thoughts and feelings without stress!

Like a cocoon of creativity of our minds

the joy of being part of the warmth

finding that spark for the challenge

soft music playing to make you feel at ease

the choice of art making you can choose

letting your imagination become open wide

where somebody shows a real interest

for you to have fun and do your best!

Art Therapy is a special place to really be

where you can feel in great company

reading out aloud poetry you have written

where it it such a boost to your moral

making me write more to read out

it is a thrill and makes me so proud

such a welcoming class for all to enjoy

always the same happiness they will employ!

Thank you for your time spent with me

eternally grateful I shall always be!


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