My Vampire Mother!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

I forever will curse my Vampire Mother! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

There you appeared pale beautiful but cold

an ageless image of strength and power.

Afraid your gaze rooted me to that spot

my blood pulsating through my body.

Arteries bulging we faced each other

telling me you’re my long-lost mother.

Reality began to uncloud my tortured mind

cursed being neither human or vampire.

Left to fend in a twilight world alone

the thirst for blood always being there.

Now here after so long you stood erect

without words you dared me to reject.

Blood dripped slowly from her thin red lips

her eyes glistened as I backed away.

I knew my body strength was no match

as I would become a whole vampire now.

Fear gripped my fading soul feeling the bite

soon my skin would become deathly white.

I had been brought into the family circle

no longer in between the two worlds.

The House of Vosper accepted me now

hate still filled my cold…

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All Hallows Eve!

Visiting a friend for dinner was an unusual quest

because contact was lost long ago

apprehension because she was just a school friend

who was happier in her own company

why had she decided to contact  after all this time

as she never thought of her as sublime.


Remembering nobody liked her believing in the occult

everybody  thought of her as weird

truthfully  the rumours were she was a black witch

naturally the other students shunned her

so Lyn was the only one to make  any contact at all

that fact she certainly did recall!


Why now had this invitation come through the letter box

how had angel the name did not fit

find where she lived changing her name when married

but there was a desperation in the words

a nagging curiosity the only way to satisfy was to go

but scared as she would be solo!


The date was interesting for the meal Hallowe’en

which added to her uncertainty

but decided she had to see if angel had changed

being it was twenty  since they spoke

the address was not easy  to find in heavy rain

making her eyes ache with the strain!


At the end of a row of very old cottages she saw

the most dilapidated one of them all

even more nervous parked in front on a verge

walked up the dirt and muddy path

the dangling overgrowth touching her face

made it a much quicker pace!


Getting to the front door angel was patiently waiting

dressed in a long black dress

making her look older especially with long hair

for a moment she saw an  old hag

then it was normal she entered the front room

noticing in a corner a witches broom!


The table was laid near to the open roaring fire

in contrast to the outside plot

pleasantly surprised at the welcome received

began letting her guard relax

the meal was soon severed and plenty of wine

now glad she had come to dine!


Forgetting it was the night of All Hallows Eve

could never conceive the outcome

becoming very warm tired and light-headed

never admitting to being drunk

talking like bosom friends with gusto laughed

obliterated her fear of witchcraft!


Soon the midnight hour chimed on the clock

in the hall as Lyn fell asleep

now the cold made her shiver was it morning

unable to move her arms bound

to posts sticking up from the damp wet ground

with a clear chanting sound!


Numb with the penetrating damp permeating

her now naked flesh they came

black-robed figures surrounding her closing in

just able to make out markings

certain she was in the centre of a large pentagon

sensing her life was now done!


One stepped forward and crouched by her head

pulling back the hood spoke

though it was hard to see recognised the voice

it was angel the evil witch

glad you came tonight to become our sacrifice

raising a knife her heart did splice!


Now more unspeakable monsters filled the circle

as angel screamed with pleasure

let the celebrations of the witches night begin

as Lyn’s blood soaked into the earth

her body thrust onto the bonfire the devil rose

dancing around the victim they chose!


The Foureyed Poet.










Dark Knight

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

This time the knight made sure the Barron Was dead! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

Shimmering on that bright yet unspoilt sunny morn

the Dark Knights armour created a shadow.

Standing like a giant before his loyal army

six horses approached upon their backs.

Rode six  more knights warriors full of pride

an ancient elite force were now by his side.

A vast enemy camp lay below them in the early mist

tension was high dark clouds filled the sky.

Fighting for months the force was now cornered

thinking of his Lady Claire whom he had saved.

From the clutches of the Barron who had taken her

his nerves building up how the anger did stir.

Mounting his steed the Dark knight drew his sword

Remembering his Lady as the seven rode forward.

Joining them the rest of the mounted soldiers

followed by his trusty band of loyal men.

In unison silently they headed into the fight

lead by this proud and brave Dark Knight.

As the enemy army below awoke to this new…

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Lady Claire And Her knight

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

The Knight had to save his Lady Claire! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

Early morning light glistened on the knight

sitting high up on his proud young steed.

His armour pristine his livery bold and clear

watching from a safe point the towering keep.

Here to rescue his true love he knew not fear

feelings and passion running within him deep.

The morn was crisp a chill ran through his veins

adrenaline began to give that internal strength.

Even his horses muscles tensed ready for the fray

before the cock crowd he stealthily moved nearer.

His army placed around poised for the interplay

phase one of the plan no going back his mind clear.

Word had been secretly sent to his fearful Lady Claire

with fear and excitement wanted to be with her man.

To escape from the evil Barron a friend of her mother

stealthily to the castle careful the guards did not see.

Lady Claire crept quietly one foot in front of…

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The Fire Station!

Within the  centre of the modern city

stood the main fire station

not only with emergency calls

also had ghostly sightings in its border

to rational crew out-of-order!


Were known to mock the ghostly stories

until observed and recorded

moving across the yard a male figure

strolled by the camera lens

then disappeared no alarms activated

no intruder was indicated!


Allegedly was built on the sight of a temple

of the ancient Knights Templar

a monastic military order established here

and all around were grave yards

ideal for stories of roaming spirits to grow

the dead in the ground below!


A group of investigators wanted to  seek out

explanations for themselves

within the main building some had images

of somebody crying in pain

a bloody form crawling on hands and knees

evermore repeating their pleas!


Others that desperation of an endless torment

lingered on the upper floor

moving down to the underground car park

that took on the guise of a tomb

they settled on chairs to wait in the dim light

where shadow s came into  sight!


As if quickly walking around the nervous team

one said they saw a door open

somebody exiting checking there were no staff

coming for an inquisitive look

everybody had been instructed not  to interfere

all personel to keep well clear!


The decision was made after five hours to leave

more footsteps had been heard

as the equipment was dismantled they talked

though nothing could be seen

none were comfortable and glad to be departing

as another shape was seen darting!


Taken aback because it occurred while emerging

the team leader said he saw

the dark shape following the last member out

being certain this he did observe

getting back to the ground level being late

this gave them a lot to debate!


Their conclusion there was much unexplained

gathered information to analyse

personal experiences were really compelling

whether proof had been recorded

this was yet to be done review and ascertain

if natural cause or the proof obtain!


Half of them truly believed something existed

the others this notion resisted!


In The Fire Station!


The Foureyed Poet.








Another Average Day!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Violence and greed forever caught! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

On a quiet day in a busy street

an innocent mother is stabbed

nobody saw or heard anything

in a pushchair her baby screams.

just wanting his mum to be there

a tragedy for the family to share!

This evil is happening everywhere

why be so cruel to our fellow-man.

there are those who need no reason

to destroy a life without any mercy

violence solves nothing talking must

to help us humans to finally trust!

Greed is the scourge of our society

money is more import than the living

what we own counts the rest can suffer

as people die and are just a statistic

happiness is gauged in your wealth

when it should be safety and health!

Many young people killing each other

repeated around the world every day

in families slaying their own members

violence seems part of man’s agenda

cold calculated with no second thought

humanity forever is regrettably…

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The Smiling Man!

Just before they came home from holiday

they asked another couple

on the sunny beach to take their picture

outside a derelict stone building

nobody else was there that glorious day

they could honestly say!


Close together for that one memorable shot

but on seeing the picture

another figure was standing right behind

clearly in the doorway

that was not there as they happily posed

was disturbingly exposed!


They had ventured into the gun emplacement

while inside it was very odd

but nothing else did they encounter within

the photo was taken soon after

the following day headed back to their home

a few days by the sea before Rome.


A good conversation topic the unknown man

everybody keen to see the photo

but soon the intrigue became their torment

it started simply with noises

faint taps objects falling and items shifted

tried to laugh it off but it persisted!


A few weeks on the holiday was a memory

a very bad one for them

the night the smiling man sat on their bed

in the early hours that jolt

the mattress was dipped half asleep turned

shocked realising he had returned!


By the time they had sat up nothing was there

it had suddenly become cold

scraping could be heard just above their heads

like something crawling in the loft

heading downstairs could not settle any more

terrified the cause were unsure!


Reaching the bottom instinct made them look up

as the bookshelf on the landing

came hurtling their way with tremendous force

just managing to jump to safety

having to admit it was not of a natural cause

in their thoughts made them pause!


Neither until now believed in the paranormal

this had now changed their minds

as each day  their situation became much worse

and no longer could feel secure

once more viewing the photo they were sure

it started on that sandy shore!


And the figure behind was who they had seen

now within their own home

urgently needing help searched the internet

hoping to find that solution

being drawn to a psychic research organisation

for some kind of explanation!


Even as that sense of hope rather than despair

made them feel closer together

a positive purpose amongst growing negativity

making that initial contact waited

for their first meeting to find the possible cause

in the disturbances there was no pause!


As the electrical power to their home was cut

and a deep voice from nowhere

shouted get out a shadow like presence forced

them towards a solid front door

that burst open and they stood on their lawn

in darkness waited forlorn!


Hugging each other hoping these people could help!


The Foureyed Poet.















A Rose For Mum

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

There was one lady I can honestly say I loved and respected. My Mum The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

The rose planted in memory

of a special mum.

An epitaph for history

now we don’t feel so numb.

The rose placed very carefully

with our own loving hands.

One thing I know truthfully

she never made demands.

At first the rose seemed lifeless

in the dense clay mixed soil.

Looking so lonely and helpless

mum did feel life was a toil.

Through the cold it has grown

I know mum is near

A spiritual love has been shown

my sense of purpose clear.

In its own little plot of land

grass and bushes around.

The plants secured by my hand

some peace of mind is found.

I said a little humble pray

over this simple rose.

Always in our hearts each day

this rose for mum I chose.

In Memory of my Mum 1908-1987

Born on April 23. St Georges Day

A wonderful lady ‘Queenie’

Mum I will never…

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The Golf Course!

The now derelict hospital had a foreboding look

spread over many acres of land, Located

with a dark history and countless mortality rate

proven cases of experiments done

and the inevitable reported sightings of the dead

and a building not to tread!


But adjacent in contrast to the medical institution

was a magnificent golf complex

when old records were checked it was discovered

under the perfectly mown grass

the hospitals grave yard had once been located

causing the whole course to be fated!


With the never ending stories and recorded proof

provided by visitors on the tours

and highly respected paranormal organisations

who were permitted to investigate

this discovery was a vast new area for research

even remains of a derelict church!


The history of this once house of godly worship

was nowhere to be found in records

yet talking to the dedicated golfers it was hard

to build factual evidence of hauntings

bones had been unearthed even during mowing

as slowly the experiences began flowing!


One group knew they had to explore the grounds

it had not been investigated before

permission was granted from the golf club owners

soon they were standing ready

in front total darkness an uninviting emptiness

sensing the foreboding nastiness!


Keeping together walked onto the empty golf course

immediately hearing awful cries

in the distance checked with security making sure

the site was not contaminated

by others wandering around though it was isolated

in vast areas noise would be oscillated!


The replies back confirmed it was none of them

but they too had heard sounds

with evidence already mounting made their way

to the ruins site to set up base

approaching moving lights blinked rising high

and feelings of somebody walking by!


On reaching the location there were no lights

yet an object was viciously thrown

what it was could not be found in the grass

digital recorders were set up ready

to pick up any electronic voice phenomena

that may well there occur!


The group consisted of seven members present

one bravely or foolishly offered

to stay and monitor cameras put at hot spots

splitting into two  segments

the hunt began to explore the creepy landscape

with spirits contact could they make?


With torches infra-red and thermal imaging cameras

methodically scoured the lush greens

darkness seemed to almost drown them like water

as shapes akin to humans  appeared

for split seconds then evaporating into wispy vapours

instantly to the eye becoming no more!


On the thermal cameras the same forms were clear

adding to the mounting evidence

that unsettled sensation never left any of them

during the night spent probing

sounds and movement that could not be explained

harder for discipline to be maintained!


As dawn approached they were glad to be leaving

quickly packing equipment away

that last long gaze with the mist in dawn sunlight

giving a supernatural portrait

all with lasting memories of their involvement

each inside feeling content!


But were they prepared for what they would find

as the evidence was viewed and defined?


The Foureyed .Poet






From Where I Lived!

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Watching the endless news stations does war seem more like a film and not reality? The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

From where I lived honestly could not seee

nor hear the real explosions or cries of pain

not understanding just what it meant not me

prime notice of any bombs going off first came

as I sat to view the news always full of blues

little to cheer heart and soul or amuse

events affecting a multitude of people about

in disasters natural or man-made increase

those not involved may feel sad yet no doubt

media hype makes us blase’ to death less peace

how easy to be detached to think of number one

more countries get drawn into these bloody wars

civilian casualties get worse but few seem to care.

the evil fight on with grabbing bloody claws

pulling more innocent into the blinding glare

helpless to stop those who die for nothing

can they guide their own destiny let the bell toll

battle scarred cities towns and minds are all around

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