Erected in the centre of a huge hanger it stood

thousands of wreckage pieces

now twisted and burned into many shapes

being carefully reconstructed

on wire frames to assist in the investigation

analyzed to find an explanation!


It had taken several months just to get this far

crashing in an actual war zone

the deceased innocent victims not respected

their return too long for families

traumatized even more by this added insult

so many in this conflict caught!


The international teams unable to gain access

an unprecedented political block

for such a callous act raising the world tension

with no respect for the dead

holding back the solving of  a barbaric crime

the scene degrading with time!


It was calculated to be a sophisticated missile

origin and perpetrators queried

no longer of any interest to those who started

their journeys full of excitement

and expectation of reaching their destinations

returning safely back to their relations!


Life we know can be so cruel nobody is immune

from what fate or destiny has in store

each day embraced and  every second savoured

too much misery fills our planet

only as one surely a short life could be enjoyed

but far too many stare into the void!


Ever in hope my thoughts are with those in mourning!


The Foureyed Poet.



Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Our own imagination and freedom Dreams. The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

How real a dream can be

when your mind has no limits

a spirit wandering free

with no human laws to bar you

paradise and exotic places

where you can find happiness

without fear of reprisal

pleasant dreams to nightmares

time and space ours at last

the physical body now resting

travel to the future or past

be in a blockbuster the big hero

or the villian even a Pop star

limitless imagination to explore

what we see is for us alone

personal dreams only we own.

The Foureyed Poet.


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Triangular Objects!

Conspiracy theories abound on the triangular objects

so often seen in the open sky

increasingly observed twenty four hours per day

by the public military and police

files found report they were not extraterrestrial craft

but of human origin is this daft?


After hearing of this bold conclusion I did not laugh

nothing today would surprise me

even high-ranking world leaders phenomenon seen

from this a disputed defence strategy

was born many decades ago what then was created

this forever being debated!


What does surround us that has never been divulged

so much information disclosed

filtered into the public domain by different sources

pieces of a puzzle never completed

how close to Armageddon is the major question

are we being subjected to auto suggestion?


What is the secret behind these triangular objects

and other unidentified flying shapes

bombarding our atmosphere are they a real threat

to the very existence of us all

more they deny greater the demand for authenticity

the deeper the worry of complicity!


The Foureyed Poet.



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Is There Somebody There?

That light touch you feel or temperature drop

uneasy sensations you are not alone

interpreted as possibly a ghost is close by you

maybe the slamming of a door

your heart races that chill shoots up the spine

is it really a paranormal sign?


Is there anybody there words very often spoken

what would you do if it said yes

thinking naturally nobody was with anyway

intruders would not let you know

has any ghosts you can recall spoken this way

their presence never want to display!


I am sure most have heard unrecognisable noises

this is scary in your own home

most sounds are part of the fabric going unnoticed

some make you become alert

imagination can make you anxious of the unknown

and seeds of fear are overblown!


Many believe and are certain to have made contact

with those who have died recently

or long ago either family or spirits they do not know

there are different views on belief

are some people sensitive and psychically connect

and others this notion reject!


For the growing teams of paranormal investigators

spread throughout every nation

nothing has been resolved with endless hauntings

with more questions than answers

as more technology is involved to find the proof

will sceptics want to find the truth?


I am a sceptic honestly is there somebody there?


The Foureyed Poet.












Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Pictures on the walls images created by eye and hand! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

Pictures hanging upon the many walls

expressions of a persons thoughts.

Exposed to any inquisitive gaze

in a room where the family meet.

Hanging above in amongst their lives

silently the images reaching out.

For the attention they each deserve

from the artists unique creative eye.

In the room conflicts surround mum

with her children’s internal feuding.

Charges of anger hate envy and love

creating such mixed emotions for them.

Each sense an emptiness they can’t describe

what they could have done together.

Their chance to make amends gone forever

or would fate give them one more try.

Behind every painting a story cries out to be told!

The Foureyed Poet.

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The Beginning!

For the novice investigator this was the first

investigation he had ever been on

but hoped this would be only the introduction

as yet uncertain how it would feel

was consistently sceptic with an open mind

that hoped soon would be defined!


Apprehensive sitting in the car with experienced

members of the paranormal group

heading towards their chosen haunted location

was a moment for him to savor

as the ominous grey walls of the castle loomed

his imagination was consumed!


Stopping in the car park the walls were so high

and the imagination strong

seeing soldiers peering from the battlements

ready to defend the castle

as the rest of the team arrived reality dawned

and the investigation was spawned!


No mediums were involved within the group

more of a scientific approach

once the site briefing had been completed

the night’s hunting now under way

now it was the real action or so he thought

as for the unknown he sought!


In the different locations he sat very patiently

listening for any unusual noises

or see movements in the complete darkness

which seemed an odd request

armed with a torch and camcorders nearby

being more sensitive than the eye!


Digital recorders hoping to pick up unseen voices

almost afraid to cough or breath

this did not seem like all those television shows

with knocks and bangs and orbs

acting intelligently a manifesting spirit we are told

at this moment on this was not sold!


Yet it was exciting to be really there not watching

willing for something to happen

apart from the odd noise that was probably natural

everything  to him was normal

the lead investigator said he saw a shape on the wall

to him looked sharp and tall!


But for the new investigator nothing was to be seen

told a spirit was  next to him

and a shadowy figure was close behind following

he neither felt nor saw anything

the odd chill ran up his spine probably just dread

he might be amongst the dead!


The  investigation eventually came to a conclusion

around three in the morning

the group not believe in having all night sessions

as imagination through being tired

could contaminate evidence that had been found

this seemed logically sound!


It was only the beginning for the enthusiastic cub

and he hoped many chances

would occur when he might  meet those passed

after all this was why he joined

leaving certainly could not wait for the next event

positive in his future intent!


He knew this was only the beginning!


The Foureyed Poet.








Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

One day we shall know whether it’s fact or fiction! The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

Is there a life beyond our own death

a question often asked by millions.

An unknown mystery do we move on

or at the end is that our final breath.

Humans have pondered this one question

hoping that life is not the finale.

Wanting to hold onto hope for comfort

many because their present life’s not good.

It’s said religion gives belief to the followers

who seem to know what their end will be.

Scientists feel maybe a form of life does go on.

though nobody has contacted with any proof.

Maybe it’s better we don’t truly know

waiting to one day find out the truth.

Is there a light to walk into one day

where troubles are gone and peace is found!

No doubt one day we shall all find out!

The Foureyed Poet.

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For some years now the group had investigated

many reported haunted sites

on which every member the findings did debate

the many frightening nights

when sceptic and believer too often disagreed

as the investigation did proceed!


This philosophy worked well a mutual respect

until they visited the hospital

that had been abandoned its history suspect

with rumours and tittle-tattle

sounds and sightings of  dead patients seen

or the staff  it could have been!


This intrigued the groups sense of adventure

and determination to seek facts

with boldness and determination did enter

in the hope of making contact

with members of the local paranormal team

who knew the haunting was extreme!


First a walk around to known places of activity

static cameras with night vision

put in areas of  known sightings and negativity

making each move a joint decision

but even on this prelim voices were picked up

creating flutters in their gut!


Every piece of equipment was primed and ready

as the small group proceeded

lights were now turned off had to take it steady

and rules of engagement heeded

torches to guide them to the areas of interest

this night each it would test!


In the resuscitation room cries of pain are heard

picked up on the voice recorder

screams of a male asking for help clear each word

this nearly created disorder

one female says she has been touched on her face

shaken went back to the base!


Passing by the theatres a child’s laugh is so clear

everybody heard this faint sound

followed by an aggressive growl so very near

each suddenly turned around

slowly the few walked towards the trauma ward

an eerie place to be explored.


Reported in here coldness and shadows moving

even the double doors creaked

cautiously entering the mood was not improving

as a loud tap made a girl shriek

in the cameras viewfinder a human shape seen

also on the thermal image screen!


Then a deep rasping voice shouted clearly get out

the words confirmed on playback

a shadow darted around them in anger no doubt

another group member felt a whack

almost ending on the debris covered ward floor

they could not take any more!


Gathering outside by their van in the forecourt

the dawn was beginning  to break

every member shaken at what they had caught

though a long night were wide awake

the equipment still inside they had to retrieve

even the sceptics had to believe!


But there would be a lot more surprises in store

reviewing the footage taken

galvanizing them all into coming back for more

the investigation each had shaken

two hours later left to evaluate and contemplate

and their next actions to debate!


The Foureyed Poet











Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

Are the streets any safer today? is it not a divided society? The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

A sound from behind made her turn around

not a soul was in view I found.

making  them feel very afraid terror grew

gripping the fear of being attacked but who

nobody is safe walking out and about

to risk being hurt by some uncouth lout

at anytime of the day or night is safe

there are different opinions and little faith

in our polices ability to protect or control

as their positions hard in this important role

so much pleasure was gained from a stroll

today mugger’s and vandals have taken their toll

unemployment has changed attitudes of mind

the once happy workers are not always kind

or understanding of the plight they are now in

there are those who would steal from their kin

teenagers are confused not knowing what’s ahead

others who lap up the situation are easily led

hookers  stand or roam certain areas or streets

so are a lot…

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House Part Eight

Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.:

House! 8/8 The Foureyed Poet.

Originally posted on The Foureyed Poet:

The group stood silently on the spot

where they had first viewed the dwelling.

Nothing there but rubble left to rot

all felt hurt their limbs still swelling.

As they mourned their lost mate

thankful it wasn’t also their fate.

Loud rumbling sounds could be heard

as the remainder of the house disappeared.

The only noise was that squawking bird

each one was truly filled with fear.

Another bang the ground opened wide

in a split second the group vanished inside.

Now all seemed quiet trees and plants grew

no sign of the house was it the end nobody knew.

The Foureyed Poet.

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