She could not hide the fear within

thinking of the journey ahead

spiritually was feeling sad and alone

many times tears had fallen

she fought to keep a positive composure

seeking to find that closure!


Wanting a divorce yet her husband

just would not let her go

to her the relationship was certainly over

all she wanted was a conclusion

no going back simply wanted her freedom

taking such a long time to come!


The day came when she could take no more

so with a heavy heart they met

facing each other to try and make an agreement

just wanted the divorce papers signed

an atmosphere of tension as she feared

he could not be civil and at her jeered!


There was no chance of going back knowing

there would be a hostile reaction

stood up to him though he did lash out

making her left eye bruised leaving her in pain

but the anger eventually did subside

all those years of bitterness could not hide!


That moment at last was reached he signed

for a moment saw a glimpse he could be kind

now it was over both going their own ways

could only hope there would be far better days!



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