The Queue!

Was this an accident or something far more sinister? The Foureyed Poet.


Those in the queue never noticed the tall man

just did not seem to fit in

an odd pallor covering his hands and thin face

shuffling along the line

occasionally coughing in the small busy cafe

sprayed the virus every way!

Each of the customers looked uncomfortable

at this mans demeanor

rapidly moving away as he stuttered his words

asking for a latte coffee

picking up the take away cup visibly shaking

his skin then flaking!

Nobody wanted to get near to this sick being

a rising panic set in

began to violently heave unable to breathe

others began to feel unwell

suddenly shook and fell knocking over a chair

everybody could only stare!

One staff member called for an ambulance

but each stayed clear

more began to show the same symptoms

knowing it was serious

some virulent type of contagious disease

a thought magnifying their unease!

Before the girl could…

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