These zombies all stumbled forward

blank expressions on their faces

minutes before rushing to their work

a busy midweek day in the city

no warning of that deadly infection

that came in a fine vapour

sprayed from a plane far overhead

creating the living dead!


A few minutes after it dropped to ground

it had completely evaporated

thousands contaminated in the one strike

so many more at first unaffected

confronted with hoards of flesh-eating

beasts that many had known before

who chased without hesitation or any pity

as violent death came to the city!


From their headquarters through cameras

observed their experiments

relishing the success with a contented smirk

scientists and dark suited elite

satisfied the virus created was the solution

their aim controlled de-population

but rapid mutation had not been anticipated

it would make their plans complicated!


Their initial assessment a total miscalculation

as even rodents transported it

to once safe protected areas of their families

a pandemic now out of control

with no anti-viral antidote for their protection

the privileged migrated below ground

for conservation into pre-built cities and sealed

from their abominations were shield!


Leaving the masses wandering as the living dead

was not part of their cunning plans

being trapped like prisoners deep under the earth

had decided to reclaim the surface

prepared teams cautiously made their way back up

as all communications were cut

so there was no advance warning of what to expect

or from what dangers themselves to protect!


As the massive blast doors slowly opened prepared

after ten years to see daylight and death

for any situation together that moment each shared

in unison took that first surface breath

yet nothing could brace any of them for what waited!





Covered In Blood!

Could not make out why his car door handle

was covered in fresh blood

why was the supermarket car park empty

coming back with his shopping

Not a soul was insight nothing stirred

to him it seemed absurd!

It was then all the lights began to go out

screams of terror he heard

what had gone on in such a short time

terrified got into his car

unable to get it started  was stuck

as towards him came a truck!

Only a few seconds to get out before it hit

jumping onto the tarmac

his pride was dented but car destroyed

thinking lucky not to be hurt

got up onto his feet confused and dazed

as nearby his car blazed!

Vision blurred saw a crowd moving his way

sensing they were not friendly

decided to escape but could not run fast

then from his left side

saw the lorry driver who was still on fire

no hope his life did expire!

These hungry zombies arrived on this scene

gorged on the remains

who had created the experimental virus

or how it was released

nobody would ever admit to this major error

of this spreading terror!

Who had devised a virus without an antidote

this worrying factor they did note!

Now a member of a zombie hunting unit we battle on!


The Foureyed Poet.

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