There alone in the room felt enclosed

yet somehow something lingered

sounds though faint made him shiver

no radio or any other distractions

could have made those creepy sounds

as knocking in his head pounds!


What was so close yet he could not see

nothing visible but why so petrified

afraid to move or look around the room

surely this must be his imagination

his breath now was becoming strained

his strength and willpower drained!


The open door closed wanted to scream

the air chilled heard a faint whisper

understood not a syllable of any words

mouth became so dry his heart raced

on his sweaty neck a sudden sharp pain

no longer within could he remain!


What was here tormenting his very being

a shadow appeared and circled him

a physical push made him fall to his knees

summing up what energy he had left

crawled to the door struggling to his feet

prayed this specter he could defeat!


As it began that awful sensation had gone

but the scars within were really strong

what had happened just could not explain

to this day vividly remains in his brain!


The Foureyed Poet.




Fallen Mega Star!

She was a Mega star one of the super elite

from such a young age.

In the public eye as a teen now as an adult

though still only forty.

Finding it harder to keep up the fast pace

and hide lines on the face.


The buzz was always there for adoring fans

from humble beginnings.

The money was mounting the lifestyle good

but deep down depressed.

Endless parties and drinking taking its toll

life became an acting role!


Drinking and drugs becoming part of living

prescription pills needed.

To get some rest as the adrenaline flowed

and keep going when tired.

Exhaustion held back no time to stay still

not on the agenda to be ill!


An ever demanding fan club and her agent

she could never let them down

Mentally and physically pushed her too much

unable to express how she felt

Carried on until the day broke down on stage

a display of an almighty rage!


Fame soon fades without publicity exposure

those so-called friends leave!

Her music would never lose that creative style

but the spirit had been broken

Taking more drugs to survive each hour

eventually losing the will power!


It was announced the death of a Fallen Mega Star!


The Foureyed Poet.


Desperate to find a place of solitude

my relationship ended.

Thoughts were naughty and crude

even I felt offended.

Needing to stop to clear my head

seeking a rational thread.


The brisk walk took me some distance

and bracing air was good.

Upon the magnificent view I did chance

like a king there stood.

No sounds except birds in the sky above

realising I had lost a love!


Screeches like a human cry made me turn

self-pity crossed my mind.

Saw it was an injured bird I felt concern

answers I needed to find!

Looking majestic even though was hurt

domination it did exert!


From a distance I admired its will power

for other birds to hear.

Listening with emotion hour by hour

desperation sounding clear.

Several birds swooped wanting to assist

this loyalty did persist!


Revitalised I knew it was time to go back

running away the wrong choice.

The bird showed me be positive attack

speak in a strong voice.

Assuming the bird had no chance a surprise

as into the sky it did rise!


Maybe there was a lesson that day I learned

a different person had returned!


My relationship had finished both still immature

but that bird made me grow up for sure.


The Foureyed Poet.

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