Feral Cats!

Cats had been gathering unnoticed

by local residence.

In this wealthy quiet town suburb

where few ever left.

Feral cats breeding vicious and wild

close by a small child!


Parents were unaware of the dangers

after concerns about foxes.

Had made them blaise to family pets

losing their connection.

To humans reverting to foraging prey

not docile pets at play!


Hunger forced them to roam for quarry

as nature claimed them back.

Rats foxes and even dogs stayed at bay

nothing was off the menu.

The weather began to turn much colder

their attacks became bolder.


The unthinkable dawned upon the locals

their gentle pets had changed!

Now another foe that added more danger

while they walked or slept.

Unchecked vicious becoming out of control

could humans be on the scroll!


Complacency about what is surrounding us

could be a big mistake.

Living things can mutate and genetically alter

either by our misguided hand.

Or natural progression we do not understand

is it really in a god’s hand?


The feral population expanded unhampered

something with life had tampered!


What nightmares were silently waiting?


The Foureyed Poet.


Becky’s A Wild Child!

Can it be said that Becky’s a wild child

rebellious in her nature?

Life is a buzz on her very own terms

do what you want!

Saying to hell with all that convention

but a nice girl I’d better mention!


Working is a necessary evil for the money

as the time off is the best.

A boyfriend who loves the same fun

in whatever that could be!

Has a wealthy family but no compatibility

couldn’t control her excitability.


Truthfully not one to be told what to do or say

so from her parents stays away!

Living on the edge of conventional society

maybe others don’t understand!

Becky’s an individual a rebel with a cause

to you I send rapturous applause.


To want to stand apart from the crowd

should really make you proud!


The Foureyed Poet.

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