Happy Day!

She never realised the work to make her happy day

a white wedding to make her parents proud.

They were thrilled thinking this was her perfect man

being thirty was not young to get wed.

Thought it was the final wish she had now achieved

but her family were nearly bereaved!


Shaking uncontrollably¬†her legs she couldn’t feel

the beating had damaged her spine!

Stabbed in her abdomen it had nicked an artery

doctors said lucky to be alive.

Completely taken in by this smooth tongued lout

her life shattered by his rout!


Police hovered nearby her husband had escaped

shouting he wanted her dead!

How could that love he said he had just fade

she asked herself over and over.

Out of the blue he accused her of having affair

when she was given him the care.


What hurt the most he had killed her pet dog

raising him from a puppy.

The one friend that had never let her down

his final repulsive act.

The reality she had no more tears to cry

her marriage was a lie!


With so much time she thought deep and long

remembering how they met.

He was so kind and caring to her back then

but he did slap her face.

When they first got engaged during a row

but she accepted it somehow.


Now twelve months on living in fear of this man

maybe paralysed for life!

Why ¬†didn’t she listen to family and friends

too late for recriminations!

It was a miracle she had actually survived

and successfully revived!


How her heart ached for her pet Bobby.


The Foureyed Poet.

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