The mixed group of hikers felt a slight tremor

as the wind picked up

on a desolate icy and snow filled wilderness

lost as the heavy snow

hit their bodies as the temperature dropped

it would be foolish if they stopped!


Finally found a sheltered area safe to camp

protection from the elements

though some equipment lost on the trail

had enough supplies for now

six-men and women huddled in a tent

it would be a night of torment!


It had been reported bright lights were seen

falling from the swirling clouds

the night before the hikers passed through

from details on investigation

during the atrocious storm they left the tent

for some unknown intent!


More hikers alerted the rescue authorities

after finding the deserted camp

there seemed to be no signs of any struggle

search parties were formed

finding their mangled corpses what desire

going out only in night attire!


None being alive at first it was thought bears

the culprit of a despicable act

injuries caused by a weapon not any claws

covered all the bodies

but what had drawn them out into such cold

would the truth ever be told?


No tracks beside the victims could be detected

adding to this enigma

many reported feeling nauseated on the recovery

and were glad to leave

sensing whatever had done this was very nearby

they to could easily die!


Tests carried out later gave them more surprises

tissue and fluid samples found

were not of human origin adding to the conundrum

many years later unsolved

few would ever venture to the area no locals dared

either sensible or truly scared!


The Foureyed Poet.




Last Journey!

The pretty young teenager got on the bus

on her way to school.

Thinking about the exam she was to take

glad to see her friends.

No bad feelings or thoughts just talking

but somebody was stalking!


There was one watching her and brooding

as the vehicle moved.

Stood suddenly lurching forward at the girl

in his hand a knife!

Focussed on his act the weapon pierced skin

shocking events would begin!


The driver stopped hearing terrible screams

as the murderer escaped.

Forcing open the doors he then sprinted away

friends and strangers united.

Some paralysed with fear others tried to slow

the pumping blood flow!


Paramedics and police  on the scene in minutes

clearing the passengers.

But even with professional help could not save

this precious young life!

One light of a generation had been cruelly taken

everybody was shaken.


The suspect was caught an hour later lurking

acting suspiciously nearby.

Apprehended and taken in for interrogation

waiting for more information.

Then declaring he was of unsound mind

not saying if the maniac kind!


Those questions that are always being asked

might one day be answered!


Dear child rest in peace.


The Foureyed Poet.

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Dormant on the rotting vegetation it lay

not visibly on display.

It had the appearance of a broken twig

until a child decided to dig.

Possibly organic in its advanced design

camouflaged by a vine!


There’d been reports of something in the trees

nothing entered not even bees.

Thought of as haunted so nobody went near

the locals truly did fear!

But the children had no such inhibitions

not for them superstitions!


One of the three then over the object stood

thinking it a piece of wood.

But as he held the ancient alien technology

they had no idea of ufology!

Suddenly it lit up and automatically fired

dropping it he quickly retired!


They all ran in terror from the small clearing

for them it wasn’t endearing.

The weapon had been put in an active state

what would this action create?

Then the eldest child still curious came back

picking it up off the track.


Something else lurked in the dark and gloom

wanting his weapon of doom!

Out of the shadows it came to reclaim the device

the teenager didn’t look twice!

He tripped and it fell on the dirty ground

falling it fired with little sound.


Just missing the alien who picked it up and ran

this was definitely not a man!

The lad scrambled in the opposite direction

a good time for defection.

That experience stayed with him forever

back to that place never.


What he saw or where it went he didn’t care

nobody else ventured in there!

Lights movements and sounds are still heard

would I enter don’t be absurd!


The Foureyed Poet.

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