Just a pensioner not rich worked all his life

paid his taxes owed nothing

entitled to no benefits a proud honest man

at last got his small bungalow

now retired family had grown fled the nest

had until recently felt blessed!


Thought himself just one member of society

saved and earned every penny

pleased that day he had got his dream home

no frills but was their dream

sadly he would be moving in this place alone

missed her the only love he had known!


Sorry his wife had gone they were never parted

now could not physically share

yet knew her spirit would always be very near

their pet dog they both loved

would be close by his side the day he entered

for a simple life his hopes centered!


His two children helped him safely get settled in

but lived some distance away

though not the same was still a contented man

country views no neighbours to close

eased himself into a routine and restful lifestyle

certain he would live here for some while!


For months was good walking with his best friend

trips to the nearby picturesque village

soon winter was approaching began to stay in more

unaware of strangers observing

on a cold night snow falling upon sodden ground

the dog heard an unfamiliar sound!


Jim had fallen asleep under his duvet oh so warm

barked at the bedroom door

too late the hooded burglars were already inside

burst in to the darkened room

in the intruders muscular leg tiny teeth did sink

then Jim hit before could wake and blink!


In minutes the dog lay unconscious by his master

as the bungalow was ransacked

without thought or any respect his home violated

thinking he must have wealth hidden

pissed off stole his precious ten-year old motor car

found burnt out nearby a bloody iron bar!


The perpetrators long gone to find another victim

when dad never made a call

to his daughter as usual on the Thursday evening

called the police and headed there

only to be told he was critically ill in intensive care

the children gathered their grief to share!


Jim never woke up he succumbed to the assault

now resting with his beloved wife

his loyal mate Tinker who had stayed by his side

recovered who often sat by the grave

missed his kind voice for him would always grieve

and the sticks he threw for him to retrieve!


Eventually the thugs were apprehended and jailed

but not before others were hurt

sentenced to twenty-five years in a secure facility

to the victims it was a kind of justice

small comfort for the dad and granddad they had lost

the memories and his suffering too high a cost!








I really dreaded answering the phone today

am I easy game?

That salesman bombarded my hearing

and I just listened!

Every time I tried to interrupt he talked

being verbally stalked!


Never have I been harassed in this way

at first he was pleasant.

An hour passed should have clicked off

had I become mesmerised?

Saying he wanted to invest my savings

continuing his ravings!


Wanting to put all my money in fine wines

had my interests at heart.

As I got angry he rambled on non stop

lecturing like a teacher.

In the end I felt mentally violated by him

speaking to me if I was dim!


At last courage prevailed told Him I am going

yet on her persisted.

I could take no more my head was throbbing

this was hard sell.

Why did I allow him to go on for that long

not to hang up was I wrong?


Tolerance for pensioners has surely got worse

thought of as a curse!

Abused and robbed thinking them easy prey

unable to run away!

Where has that respect gone today?


The Foureyed Poet.

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