It was the swinging hallway light flex

alerted him all was not well

as he waited could not feel any draft

just wanted to leave now

in his girlfriends house always scared

though this he had not shared!


He loved the sweet girl he met at college

not her parents Victorian house

always gave him a cold chill as he entered

knew it held a dark secret

always glad to leave its oppressive grip

always tasting blood on his lip!


Relieved to see his beautiful girl ready to go

breathed again outside the door

that crawling sensation of being observed

from the attic window lingered

was always afraid to raise his head to see

scared made him want to pee!


Had to be love surely to face the daily ordeal

but one day had to tell her

it had become an obsession he could not hide

to his surprise she felt it to

since she was very young had feared the night

always afraid to turn off her light!


From under her bed she often heard scratching

a clawed hand gripped the bedding

sometimes mum told her to turn the light off

then it stood in full view

often she screamed and her parents came

for a time with her did remain!


But in the end when nothing was ever found

said it was just her imagination

so had to face it on her own until it attacked

violently grabbing her arm

pulling and ripping flesh on skin exposed

the truth at last disclosed!


They were sitting in a cafe telling her story

even here he was afraid

as she explained they had to seek refuge

in a neighbour’s house that night

as the family fled from their own dwelling

what would happen no foretelling!


Before they could re-enter an exorcism

on the property performed

for a while all seemed to be normal again

but the hauntings returned

then realised she was the one possessed

had come to feel blessed!


Shaken these words he could not believe

but in the corner booth

her face became grotesque his soul lost

silently the teenager left

leaving the corpse sitting as if sleeping

neck broken heart not beating!


Nobody noticed the pretty girl leave alone

innocently talking on her cell phone!





Victorian House!

I used to live in a nice Victorian house

it was an ordinary building.

One of a terraced block in the street

that was some years ago!

With my wife and then young child

before things turned wild!


Years before I used to pass the house

then it was always empty.

But I saw somebody in the bedroom

only for a few seconds.

Thought I had imagined it and forgot

yet recall an odd spot!


After I got married one day my wife called

she had found our first home.

Not until she took me around for a viewing

did I recognise the place.

I honestly felt scared when I went inside

saying it was great I lied!


We moved in at first everything was fine

sensed we were not alone!

Eight months later our daughter was born

and the shadows started.

Object being moved and whispering voices

soon there would be few choices.


From the baby’s room one night came banging

then she started to cry.

At first the nursery door could not be opened

as our panic set in.

Entering a shadow vanished from by the cot

the room a mess we lost the plot!


On the wall scrolled in large red bloody letters

my family have come back to me!

With no more thought we picked up our child

with just what we wore we left.

Standing outside the house that chilly night

that face again came into sight!


Never did we go back inside that Victorian house

we struggled for a long time.

Thankfully somebody bought it for renting

but nobody stayed very long!

We both knew why they would not stay

inside the evil still lay!


The Foureyed Poet.




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