The male figure stood head covered in a hood

he looked very young

but this was deceiving with pale gaunt skin

aged three hundred years

not a single person gave him a second look

for a child he was took!


Keeping close to family groups blending in

late evening getting hungry

savouring the humans their blood to satisfy

waiting for them to wander

following he liked to track them and hunt

his method of kill blunt!


Then once more after it had drained the prey

into the night floated away

preferring to rest during the lighted hours

in a coffin amongst the tombs

where there was no sound and few entered

or death would be encountered!


Feeling at home amongst the decayed corpses

the unsuspecting public

still unaware of the horror within its midst

but soon as more locals

were lost the immensity would be detected

as out of control infected!


Oblivious to these coming horrors night fell

the vampire in the hood

again prowled in his favourite spot observing

just waiting to pounce

as the peaceful town drew nearer to disaster

to the church came a new Pastor!


This man of god had been sent in advance

he had not arrived by chance!

the paths of priest and hood would entwine

the outcome not Divine!


The Foureyed Poet.



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Not until the early morning did they reach it

the small sparse camp site.

In this small mountainous  european country

both eager to get set up.

The castle towering above them really high

seemingly blending with the sky.


Neither would admit they had been drawn here

neither believed in the occult!

Hearing stories from many sources so curious

simultaneously suggesting a holiday!

Now the castle was real not a picture as before

they began to feel unsure!


Difficult to sleep for was left of this warm night

an underlying dread persisted.

Getting up as dawn broke breathing pure air

discovering nobody else was there!

Certain other tents had been pitched on the site

apprehensive of their plight!


As though compelled found themselves on a path

that twisted towards the castle.

Flying above were large black screeching birds

adding to the now surreal scene!

There awaiting them an elderly man in a long coat

as they walked over the dry moat.


Who was polite and showed them into a large room

beginning to wonder what was happening.

After some time nobody came they decided to leave

puzzled retraced their steps.

As they approached the impressive grand staircase

in anticipation increased their pace!


As if on cue he almost glided down to confront them

tall pale and really very thin!

Hypnotizing them motionless he drained their blood

as they joined the undead!

As if it were a dream back at the tent packed it away

home now on humans to prey!


The Master was certain he had chosen well?


The Foureyed Poet.

The Lady!

The lady seemed natural when first seeing her

very attractive wanted to speak

that anything was abnormal did not occur

my knees felt weak

was far too old but was flattered she smiled

though never went wild!


Never spoke to her on that encounter so brief

drawn to the pendent

around that long pale neck shaped like a leaf

then I had no intent

years flew by then one evening there she was

that beauty gave me a buzz!


Again was attracted to her presence she spoke

aging my emotions stirred

with a hypnotic voice my inhibitions broke

only those sounds heard

it was if we had known each other forever

not wanting to part never!


Began to realise she was not of the living kind

not as young as she looked

our future together she clearly to me outlined

on this vampire was hooked

we grew closer it felt natural to be turned

to be with her always yearned!


The Foureyed Poet.

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The New Neighbour

My last neighbour made no noise at all

never knew they were there.

But they passed away completely quiet

nothing to disturb me.

It did not last a new neighbour arrived

my tranquility deprived!


At first not much sound came from next door

hoping it would quieten down.

Then louder noises emanated in the wall

hammering sounds too.

Worried I knocked their door to complain

from anger I tried to refrain!


Never a reply but a lot of vehicles came after dark

many arrived and went.

Few if any ever during those daylight hours

when black curtains were shut!

A nasty smell started to make me feel ill

something burnt on a grill!


I hadn’t believed in vampires until the neighbour

moved in next door!

From then on my windows stayed tightly shut

who would believe me?

No animals came near which was a good thing

but what would the future bring?


The noises got worse even afraid to sleep

an atmosphere so grim!

In the end I had to leave while I could

as people began to disappear!

I knew what my neighbour was next to me

but would they let me be?


For a long time after I saw bats above my head

was it my neighbour one of the undead?


The Foureyed Poet.

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The Slayers Busy Night!

The adrenaline pumped as the stake went in

wishing she could share the kill.

Tias face lit up with a triumphant grin

a long night she  felt the fatigue.

As the dust lay at her leather clad feet

it was the vampire it looked neat.


The sector was large that she patrolled

it would be good not to be alone.

Vampires increasing at a rapid rate

an epidemic her watcher said!

Their blood hunger raising the toll

placing more pressure on her role!


In the distance her eyes saw a figure

tension gripped her athletic body.

On her guard with stealth approaching

there stood a tall lean young man.

Somehow there was no fear as he spoke

standing in a long black cloak.


He to was a slayer from another place

tracking a band of roaming vampires.

Also finding it was getting harder to cope

not wanting to trespass.

They both were attracted to each other

more like a sister and brother.


After a very long and restful discussion

they became aware of movement.

In a flash they were attacked from behind

six vampires after their blood.

But their skill together destroyed five

as the sun rose they were alive.


Exhausted but thrilled parting company

a new team had been born.

Knowing each had to stay on their own

there was somebody to call upon.

Heading back for her well-earned sleep

never asked his name it would keep.


The vampire that had just got away from the fight

swore he would find them again one night!


The Foureyed Poet.

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For Eternity!

That day will stay in my mind for eternity

the moment I sat in that shaded garden

my fete was sealed but then had no idea

lost in my own lonely and dejected mood

at first never saw her there watching me

then a soft hand slowly touched my knee!


Certainly aroused my suppressed passion

my girlfriend had finished our relationship

like an angel sent to rescue my aching heart

so beautiful it was an amazing stroke of luck

was my first reaction that perfume so strong

not realising the whole scene was wrong!


Darkness was now upon the once warm spot

suddenly felt pain on the left side of my neck

sensing her weight on me becoming so weak

moments before losing any consciousness

this monstrous yet intoxicating young female

drank my blood she looked cold and pale!


Come she said in a  mesmerizing voice so quietly

with no will had to go as she helped me up

so strong she carried my limp body to her car

captivated and trapped by this creature now

unable to resist her had uncontrollable desires

had I become one of these fiendish vampires?


That was ninety years ago how time has passed

everybody I had known were now just dust

yet looking exactly the same as that distant day

the vampire that turned me sleeps by my side

we have become close and wait for the dark

to return to our favourite spot in the same park!



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