Sky People!

Upon the vast reservation a beautiful delight

scary in light more at night

orbs of all colours and sizes fill the skies

those gazing it did hypnotize

part of the native american culture embraced

with their lives this was encased!


Always welcomed upon the sacred indian lands

no fear on plains or grasslands

sky people part of their history they share

with pride are prepared to declare

military interaction not allowed on reservations

nor need for secret observations!


Here part of the fabric of each ones existence

with an unspoken reverence

do not hide any secrets nor create false trails

unlike the free world telling tales

where the real truth for us is impossible to find

tangled webs they never will unwind!


From a truly uncomplicated non corrupted race

one with nature and able to face

spiritual civilisations and dimensions unseen

that none of us have foreseen

forever they interact with UFO’s and Alien life

where for them there is no strife!


The native american indians even to this day

face persecution yet guide the way

to a perception of life most could never see

their essence evermore magically free!


The Foureyed Poet.





From The Beginning!

From the beginning of our humanoid existence

unidentified objects have been seen!

Cave paintings found show what look like craft

and figures in space helmets!

Discovered by those seekers of fortune exploring

and hardships enduring!


But the present mass sightings started in the war

when each side thought it was the other.

Man made flying objects meant to spy or attack

a name given was foo fighters!

Football size balls of fire in the war-time skies

their origin still today defies!


Do some actually know the real truth of these UFO’s

or is an outside force watching?

Has an invasion happened or are we under threat

many questions to be solved!

As humanity once again lurches to a cross roads

with each day survival erodes!


Strange objects according to rare documents found

indicate this has always been so!

Are they of a secret human advanced technology

or of a superior alien creation?


I wonder with anticipation!


The Foureyed Poet.

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