Three Lights!

There was a gasp from a small group walking

ahead as he talked to his girlfriend

they saw up into the darkening starlit sky

could see three lights moving in unison

also a silhouette of a large triangular outline

nothing earth like did they align!


People came to a halt as everybody stared

then small craft lit up as if an escort

the mood altered to unease as it progressed

soon silently heading out over the sea

the small objects darting about at high-speed

was this a prior warning to heed?


A lot took photos and recorded on their phones

gathered in groups watching lights

that vanished in an instant before their eyes

not expecting another huge triangle

towards their vantage point it was heading

what was coming fear was spreading!


Then from the depths many more object came

within the triangles each entered

was this the invasion predicted in many films

as the eyes of the world focused

on this night news outlets reported this event

what beings were coming us to torment?


But almost immediately the images removed

newscasters stating it was an exercise

balloons flares and planes just misconstrued

there was no need for any consternation

any truth removed from the populations gaze

trapped in a mind controlled maze!






The Triangular Object!

Thousands of reports of a UFO sighting came in

police media and the military.

Couldn’t keep up with so many frantic calls

reports of a huge triangular shape!

Moving slowly over the M Five motorway

the authorities had nothing to say!


Denial and cover up had always been the ploy

but an object several miles across.

Being so visible there for everybody to see

as dawn broke it was there.

Slowly moving along with the early rising sun

just as the rush hour had begun!


The carriageways came to a complete stand still

was an alien invasion about to begin?

If yes surely nothing could be done they watched

it kept moving over the land.

People were inquisitive but somehow not scared

with awe they just stared!


The triangular UFO continued out over the channel

tracked by military and civilian radar!

Then blips stopped the phenomena came to a climax

the object split into three.

And simply disappeared from any human sight

gone like turning off a light!


But where had this huge craft come from where had it gone?


The Foureyed Poet.

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Unknown Intent!

Something is watching high in the sky

a silent object hovers of unknown intent.

You feel the urge to let out a bellowing cry

violating your whole being without consent.

Terror overtakes every single action you make

nobody is anywhere near to assist in your plight.

You pray from this nightmare you will awake

as you shake in the loneliness of this night.

The huge dark triangular shape is over your head

is it an alien race from a distant star.

A hopeless empty feeling of total dread

the power has gone from the battery in your car.

How the light is blinding who are these creatures

so pale and thin how they prod and poke you.

Petrified you cannot make out their features

now realising all the stories were actually true.

As it began suddenly it is once again so dark

there is no light no sound or any more pain.

Sitting in your car alone you hear a dog bark

bringing you back to reality are you insane.

Turning the ignition key the car bursts into life

with a deep breath you drive ever faster.

Desperate to get back to your worried wife

will she believe your personal disaster?


Dreading it is following you home the UFO!


The Foureyed Poet.

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