The Lorry!

The lorry moved off slowly from the docks

after the channel crossing.

Inside not only the legal cargo on board

four illegal passengers as well!

Laid silent lucky to have avoided detection

no staff for a border inspection!


Two were just taking a chance on the entry

the others had different plans.

As the lorry came to a stop as darkness fell

the driver had to rest.

It was a chance for two to leave the trailer

for them there was no failure!


The lorry’s side panels were made of canvas

easy to cut their way out!

Quiet as two cunning foxes they got away

here they had no permission!

Able to move freely without any detection

through a bad entry inspection!


Under a low railway bridge they were met

by an expensive waiting car.

Whisked away to join the assembled team

to carry out their attack!

Nobody in security knew of this organisation

and their intent on our eradication!


Too late as often is the outcome in our times

an explosion occurred soon after!

There were deaths injuries and destruction

they then became known!

But the agencies didn’t learn to cooperate

for more trouble we wait!


The two terrorists slipped away undetected!


Fictitious but is there any truth here?


The Foureyed Poet.

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