The Question

Why is this question being increasingly asked

when families are killed?

Not by a stranger’s hand but a family member

committing the fatal act!

The reasons it appears just cannot be found

is there a need to be profound?


Suddenly becoming a phenomena of humanity

that’s beginning to escalate!

Something that’s being reported a lot more

by the news media!

With disbelief of the crimes being committed

where often truth is omitted.


Psychologist try to understand their motives

especially where children are involved!

How loving parents take their children’s lives

brutally slaying them!

Before killing themselves a despicable act

a cruel and selfish fact!


Were they driven by desperation of debt

but most were rational!

Thought of as normal liked and respected

in most cases no warning!

No indication of any kind nor depressed

or violently stressed!


Awful how these harrowing family tragedies

continue to question our psyche.

knowing there is nothing we can do to quell it

humans are a breed apart.

Unpredictable in every action and thought

what solutions can be sought?


Life can be an unpredictable joy or a living hell!


The Foureyed Poet.

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