The Hooded Thug!

The hooded thug waited for a victim

needing money to buy drugs!

Without care of the hurt it will cause

only wanting the next fix!

Waiting ready silently in a dank alley

adding to his despicable tally!


A couple celebrating their engagement

came laughing towards him.

When he pounced as they walked passed

no warning of an assault!

Just a blur of the hooded thug appeared

the man with a knife speared!


The weapon thrust without any hesitation

the young man had no chance.

Demanding money the girl had to give him

the thug ran off unmoved!

A screaming woman cradling her loved one

his evil deed done!


Leaving the desperate couple far behind

as good Samaritans ran over.

Witnesses to yet another atrocious act

the hooded thug didn’t care!

He’d got their money for his next score

not long before he’d want more!


The couples excitement permanently ended

the young man never recovered!

They both were only in their early twenties

two lives had been ruined.

The hooded thug was known to the law

soon knocking on his door!


He had been charged several times before

hoping there was evidence.

Regrettably at first none could be detected

but skill luck and endeavour.

Forensic evidence was found on the thug

who killed for his choice of drug!


The woman who thought her life had finished

found another as her sadness diminished.


I can only wish her well for the future.


The Foureyed Poet.

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