The red lights flashed on and off rhythmically

as the heavy door slammed shut!

They were trapped within the war-time bunker

not abandoned as they had thought.

Thinking it was fun an adventure to explore

then a disturbing loud roar!


No way to retreat now the only way forward

a loud pearcing siren sounded.

The intermittent light showing a dank tunnel

going endlessly into the distance!

Slipping on the carved out granite single track

afraid what maybe at their back.


Downwards they headed gathering momentum

the wierd noises increased.

Crashing into each other as they were halted

at the doors of a large lift.

Without warning shuddering the doors opened

falling in it soon started to descend!


An awful smell made some reach and others vomit

there was no interior light.

Visibility was zero but it felt sticky and very hot

eventually the lift stopped.

They dreaded what waited for them down here

doors opened their vision clear.


Bodies laid everywhere one was in the lift to

many in white lab coats.

What had they come across trapped in here

everything had been smashed .

Afraid to take a step into this man-made hell

a body from the ceiling fell!


Mutilated laid motionless there before them

intuitively knew it was above.

Everyone reluctantly took a few steps forward

the last went to make his exit.

Then the lift started to rise trapping his head

and more gore was rapidly spread!


The four remaining heard a frantic female voice

warning them to run from there.

Instinctively they sprinted for their survival

just as a large shape landed behind!

Hiding amongst the pipes where they had been

their presence had sensed and seen!


Four remained certain they would be caught

to their left side a woman called.

Slowing and turning she had their attention

beckoning to head in her direction.

Confused and petrified but glad for a direction

making a strange collection!


The monster was rapidly gaining on their position

their energy was nearly spent.

Bruised and bloody as they hit the jagged walls

came to a huge metal door.

She pressed in the code it lifted a couple of feet

to get under was no easy feat!


But once again the last lad was just to portly

hearing the thing was close.

Had to bring the metal shutter back down

the screams were the last sounds.

It was much darker the noise of water clear

reaching the edge the drop was sheer!


No time for hesitation jumped into flowing water

which took them to freedom!

The woman and two of the group emerged alive

hopefully safe for the moment.

Exhausted collapsed on the bank down river

on a muddy and foal smelling sliver.


But what had happened it was obviously a secret

would survivors need to be eliminated?


The Foureyed Poet.


Snake Like Thing!

He was sure it was there only had two drinks

yes it was really dark.

He’d been scared it was certainly unexpected

that snake-like thing!

It was there in the village he was born

his own opinion torn.


Worrying he had started seeing objects

was unstable on his feet.

So pleased to get to his own garden gate

stopping there was a sound.

Certain something had followed behind

even his path felt confined.


Reaching his door step turned in the porch

sweat running down his neck.

There was a weird noise that got closer

yet he could see nothing!

Waiting to cry out his cords were frozen

the victim had been chosen!


The snake-like thing rose high and menacing

engulfed the man’s taught body!

Nothing was left but a pool of body fluid

the alien killer moved on!

In search of more flesh to sustain its being

this thing few were seeing!


By the post office a man thought he saw a snake

must have been a mistake!


The Foureyed Poet.

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