The Church

The knight had been wounded in the ambush

but for his armour would be dead!

His horse had escaped now he was on foot

injuring his leg when he fell.

Moving with stealth that sanctuary to seek

before becoming too weak!


The four other knights had been cruelly killed

anger drove him forward.

He had remembered a church in the vicinity

this place would give him safety.

This is what he prayed as exhaustion took its toll

then voices halted his stroll!


Two men sat huddled talking around a newly lit fire

his horse tethered with their own.

He could see their weapons on the ground at hand

catching them off guard his aim.

Straining to get a much better view now realised

two of the marauders he analysed!


Beyond this scene he could vaguely make it out

his one obsession the church!

In pain and exhausted getting home his aim

to his own beautiful damsel.

Whom he had left far too many years before

they’d be together again he swore.


With his light weight armour he inched forward

with his will and strength.

Both were in deep conversation when he struck

skilfully cutting them down.

Headless corpses now lay amongst the trees

smell of death on the breeze!


Filled with remorse now onward to the church

hoping he could find rest.

Fighting the crusades surely he’d done gods will

all he wanted was sanctuary!

As he reached the gates jaded he blacked out

tired of war there was no doubt.


Opening his eyes knowing god had smiled on him

the church had not been taken.

Priests hovered with concern as his body healed

now he was certain in his mind.

Home his next destination word had been sent

satisfied for him there’d be no lament.


The Foureyed Poet.

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