In the king size leather chair at the top of the tower

the billionaire surveyed the city below

now he was the ruler of his kingdom and people

who believed his every word

within his mind and being certain them understood

his intentions its said were good!


Though from unbelievable wealth totally certain

could achieve his full schedule

protecting his subjects from any ruthless enemies

never himself struggling to survive

nor ever evicted from the place he called home

the streets in all weathers to roam!


Accumulating huge debts that you could not repay

or standing in a food bank queue

paying your taxes all of your life but still in debt

not entitled to benefits to ease hardship

sleeping in those wet streets chilling your bones

nobody sympathetic to your groans!


Where even a small coffee is too expensive to buy

walking the only mode to get about

that constant fear of violence or hopelessness near

no warm abode or a safe dry bed

the divide so immense how could he comprehend

to his tower most would not ascend!


Comfortable in his leather chair promised he did care

but his vast fortune would never share!




Christmas Once More!

Christmas once more nears on the calendar

as our big society crumbles.

Under the ever rising amount of unpaid debt

the wealthy will celebrate with relish.

They have no fear of the lack of food and light

on that festive holy night!


Many once rich countries now have food banks

as the people have no money.

Taxes keep increasing with little given in return

as we aid others but not our own!

Ruled by governments where politicians aren’t poor

they’ve no idea of the score!


More desperate and isolated families do now exist

as credit and jobs are scarse!

Both have become very hard for most to acquire

prices beyond most people’s budget.

There’s no shortage of those with money to burn

we enter lotteries hoping its our turn!


Christmas once more is knocking on the door

children have grown to expect.

Presents from Santa under the decorated tree

that their parents can’t afford!

Millions go without not for them Christmas joy

celebrating the birth of that special boy!


A Very Happy Christmas!


The Foureyed Poet

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