The Party!

They crowded into the hotel for the party

sitting in their specific groups

on neatly laid out christmas round tables

wine flowed during the evening

music started to play increasing to blaring

inhibitions lost and more swearing!


The happy factor slowly began to deteriorate

aggression began to materialise

those around the tables had the urge to kill

way passed the drunken phase

some realising there was no longer joviality

at the dawn of a dark reality!


Niggling amongst the women turned to threats

a slap glasses and bottles throne

punches started flying around the men joined in

dancing abruptly turned to a melee

soon a battle ensued wounded scattered around

as the first casualty hit the ground!


Soon the wounded became deaths as the law came

this created even more trouble

as the violence spread to other parts and outside

decorations and presents lay strewn

on shiny lino and carpet along with personal gear

those able were made to clear!


Eventually the fighting was brought to an end

the cause had to be investigated

even now rage still simmered as police vans

came in mass to take them to jail

and growing foreboding there would be more

this was a violence not seen before!


High in the clouds the mutated spores began to fall

where they had lived for centuries

in another part of the country as the dance began

and they were slowly inhaled

rapidly turned the happy revellers into lunacy

there would be nowhere to flee!


THe Foureyed Poet.






At The Local Pub

In the countryside on the towns outskirts

a fine watering hole stands

attracting customers to its glorious fair

like a magnet their drawn

rarely empty people boost the atmosphere

as you enter within here.


The staff work so hard always on their feet

a smile often under pressure

the boss and manager Felicity is really kind

bar staff serving drinks

waitresses maneuvering by tables and chairs

missing punters in groups and pairs.


From early morning for the breakfast guests

through to the endless carveries

plenty of choices for vegetables and meat

as the chefs beaver away

heading up to the Christmas and the New year

the teams constantly in gear!


At The Local Pub.


The Foureyed Poet.

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