Even approaching her electric car

that buzzing sound began

a powerful charge threw her back

bright specs of light darting

rapidly all around her visual field

to its power had to yield!


Stunned lay upon the dank tarmac

of the large car park

could not understand the cause

other shoppers helped

concerned at this unusual event

what was this torment?


Almost immediately it escalated

the electricity arced

connecting with lighting towers

plus cell like poles

that were closely situated nearby

birds fried flying by!


Patterns sparking above their heads

the charge crackled

smell of burning ozone as it ignited

as anything electrical

ceased to function and a grid created

a new power base activated!


From that day forth the vast population

filled with fear and damnation!


Surely this is only a nightmare scenario?




A Stunned Hush!

A stunned hush took their voices away

another tragedy reported.

Children and teachers in a school killed

what can anybody say?

As more innocent lives have been taken

the police were not mistaken!


Why do these tragedies have to happen

the young have done no wrong.

Watching traumatized kids holding hands

evacuated from the scene.

Parents stunned and wanting to know why

listening to the kids cry!


Another chapter in the book of shocking events

unfolding in front of the world.

Nothing can be said to ease the anger and pain

we can never understand.

Together may the families stand together in unity

spiritually strong in their community.


Never can we understand the acts of mankind

together I hope peace they’ll find.


May I send my sincere thoughts.


The Foureyed Poet.

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