There alone in the room felt enclosed

yet somehow something lingered

sounds though faint made him shiver

no radio or any other distractions

could have made those creepy sounds

as knocking in his head pounds!


What was so close yet he could not see

nothing visible but why so petrified

afraid to move or look around the room

surely this must be his imagination

his breath now was becoming strained

his strength and willpower drained!


The open door closed wanted to scream

the air chilled heard a faint whisper

understood not a syllable of any words

mouth became so dry his heart raced

on his sweaty neck a sudden sharp pain

no longer within could he remain!


What was here tormenting his very being

a shadow appeared and circled him

a physical push made him fall to his knees

summing up what energy he had left

crawled to the door struggling to his feet

prayed this specter he could defeat!


As it began that awful sensation had gone

but the scars within were really strong

what had happened just could not explain

to this day vividly remains in his brain!


The Foureyed Poet.






Each apprehensive on this investigation

the ghost hunting team approached

the castle foreboding in the half-light

complete with a moat without water

through a gateway of iron and wood

the castle for centuries here stood!


Parking in the cobble stoned courtyard

where the executions were carried out

high walls that seemed angled inwards

creating that claustrophobic sensation

nerves already delicate pulses now fast

shadow of suspicion had been cast!


Before they had hardly got out of the cars

noises from the battlements

drew their eyes upwards to see movement

certain somebody was there

besides themselves just security on gate

early excitement did create!


The atmosphere was depressing and heavy

as they took a walk around

partly in ruins giving a more sinister aspect

descended into the dungeons

dark and damp a lingering feeling of despair

surrounded them everywhere!


Faint cries seemed to be coming from within

overwhelming stench of decay

their stomachs churned with a sense of panic

wanting to scream themselves

had to back out of the cramped prison cell

for a moment was their hell!


Heavy footsteps could be heard far above

as if of marching feet

now like being in a never ending maze

disorientated they were lost

could hear heavy doors were banging

chains and keys clanging!


Though an experienced paranormal group

they started crumbling

fortunately the equipment tech did not go

being in radio control

contacted him to get them free from location

could think of no explanation!


The darkness had become so heavy and dense

heard footsteps close behind

walls became distorted surrounded by orbs

that did not seem like dust

onward bunched tightly together faltered

their purpose never to be altered!


Feeling weak as their strength sapped away

a familiar voice could hear

and torch beam ahead coming their way

brought them back to rationality

guided up to base to analyse phenomenon

decided investigation done!


Had not realised several hours had passed

a dark spirit embedded within

all determined to return far more prepared

as the activity more than foreseen

reluctantly left the oppressive castle for today

not for long would they stay away!


Stopping on a nearby lay-by for one more look

even this their nerves it shook!


The Foureyed Poet.







Heard the alarm thought it was morning

then the odour of acrid smoke

jolted her into realisation there was a fire

rolled out of bed stayed low

flames trying to get under the closed-door

her breathing becoming poor!


On the third level such a long way to jump

tried to hold the window sill

strength sapped could not grab the latch

but slid down the wall

flames had permeated the door and frame

she would die if nobody came!


Fire had now ignited the carpet and bedding

going into a deep sleep

smoke swirling around this must be the end

through half closed eyes

somebody rushed in felt herself being raised

knew she was being saved!


Unable to see anything the rescuer never spoke

yet somehow was at ease

suddenly the air was clear and sirens neared

oxygen mask placed upon her face

blankets to as she began to shiver a voice spoke

no longer did she want to choke!


In the ambulance they said she had a lucky escape

asked how she got herself out

told them somebody had brought her to safety

told later the building was gutted

nobody could have gotten into that apartment

was their expert judgement!


So who had managed to get inside nobody knew

placing her completely unharmed

on the grass in front of structure in clear view

was her life truly charmed?


Maybe it was a guarding angel or kindly ghost!


The Foureyed Poet.




The Flight Attendant!

Not keen on flying but having no choice

the business woman winced.

As she boarded the large long haul flight

going into business class.

And unsettled stomach through flying

sat nervously sighing!


The plane on this day was less than half full

but busy in her section.

Many she knew were busy on their laptops

and they acknowledged her.

Half an hour later rising and heading east

her agitation increased.


She tried to work and then sleep but failed

then a nice flight attendant.

Came over to talk it calmed her tension

thinking he was very nice.

She had never had such attention before

happy to talk even more.


After awhile she fell into a restful slumber

when she awoke he had gone!

Not wanting to think she had been rude

summoned another attendant.

Felt she had to apologise but got an odd reply

for this airline he did not fly!


Nobody recognised her description of him

there were no male staff.

Soon after one of the engines caught fire

it was quickly put out.

But had to make an emergency landing

then there he was standing!


The young man stood making her feel at ease

petrified at the unfolding events!

Safely touching down with a jolt on the runway

a cheer went up with relief.

But the attendant was not there any more

now she was really sure.


He was not real but why had he appeared to her

she was glad he did.

Giving such comfort and strength on her journey

escaping down the shoot.

Back in the terminal where she got on the plane

composure now could maintain!


Months later still could not get back in the air

wondering who he was.

Then on a site about passed air disasters

saw his face in a picture.

Killed on a crashed plane helping others survive

his name Alan no longer alive!


How glad she was he had come to help her to.


The Foureyed Poet.

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