She seemed a kind attractive young woman

joined his firm as a secretary

at first they just acknowledged each other

progressing to short chats

later he could not help flirting she was nice

but he would pay the price!


Had noticed the unusual tattoo on her arm

that was what caught his eye

the design looked similar to hieroglyphics

like Egyptian symbols he had seen

commenting on it one day she gave no reply

changing the subject wondered why!


After that their conversations were no more

but his interest was alerted

a gut feeling grew there was a hidden agenda

from the early attraction

her presence now began to fill him with unease

his curiosity had to appease!


Soon there were reports of bodies being found

shrivelled as if the life force drained

staff from his office block were not turning up

it was down in the basement

several were his friends long time co-workers

they were said to be murders!


Sensing this woman must have a connection

dare he think it possible

this young attractive female was the culprit

nobody would believe him

if this theory was put forward to the police

his search had to increase!


No expert in being inconspicuous he watched

trying not to be obvious

though easy to look at such a mesmerizing lady

he felt the pangs of fear

yet it began to feel there was a sexual desire

so strong started to perspire!


The more he tried to follow her movements

the magnetism grew stronger

suddenly from ignoring him she again smiled

his eyes hypnotised by the tattoo

that even from a distance seemed to come alive

his urges going into overdrive!


Had to go over and speak as though compelled

it was so strong the passion

she sat looking at him emotions hard to control

telling her she was beautiful

really embarrassed not normally so forth right

showing her thigh a thrilling sight!


Though awake was unable constrain his body

as now through a quiet office

found himself compelled to walk with her

aroused by the perfect image

and the incredibly intoxicating smell of scent

on having pleasure was bent!


Entering the lift was totally under her spell

but he had a strong will

the basement was reached she helped him

felt weak yet began to realise

as the pattern of events began to unfold

she started to become really old!


Guiding him rapidly to a furnished store-room

on entering came in for a kiss

but he had the strength to pull away and fell

she was on top of him now ugly

loose hanging skin grey hair and rotting teeth

trying kiss as he glared beneath!


Pushed this monster away saw a fire extinguisher

stood against a near wall

as she came into to hold his head just grabbed it

swung it at the shrivelling face

the once beautiful woman now reeled back

had it been a successful attack!


Making an awful shriek with outstretched arms

then dissolved into nothing

just gunge filled clothing left on the floor

struggling to regain his senses

got out determined to never return to here

walking away his mind more clear!


Completely certain it was a just an isolated case

but even as he planned

a new future far from this part of the country

a security guard had found

the mess and clothing on his routine walk round

never heard the faint sound!


In the corner a small statue started glowing

and a shape began growing!


The Foureyed Poet.


The Cursed Statue!

From the ground an ancient object was gently removed

on an archeology dig for scientific research.

The small statue was buried in a sealed box

writing on it was in fact a protective spell.

Stopping the evil curse being let loose again

that would drive those exposed totally insane.


Found in a remote spot created by an alien race

of travellers from a distant galaxy who came here.

Changing the lives of any creatures they had met

the statue contained a suppressed magical power.

Never seen on our planet waiting for release

devised for them to invade forever ending peace.


Only one being knew of this monstrous silent plot

his name Janix Kavar a bounty hunter from far away.

Assigned to search for the Zandac’s evil wizards

trying to protect primitive races from annihilation.

Disguised as a member of the archaeological team

infiltrating our species he worked his devious scheme.


Janix thought his search would now come to a climax

as in the hands of the group leader the object was held.

Soon he intended to transport out of earths atmosphere

he should have known forces would not make it easy.

The seal was broken they  opened the box lid wide

to their dismay the statue was definitely not inside.


A band on his wrist started to hum and brightly glow

warning him that imminent danger was about to occur.

Aware of how this race of beings covertly attacked

he feared the safety of the humanoids about him.

Static electricity buzzed changing the atmosphere

sparks arced in all directions they were here.


Armed Zandac warriors stood in front of the group

the dig leader from his jacket produced the figure.

Thinking he had made a deal and went to hand it over

but the head wizard grabbed that magical statue.

A warrior killed him in seconds then just disappeared

chaos now filled the camp site as it rapidly cleared.


Janix Kavar had been outwitted once again by the Zandacs

he knew there was a narrow window to find them.

Leaving the scene following them into dimensional space

searching to find them before they executed their plan.

In between dimensions he caught up with this nasty foe

his guidance control found them in very deep snow.


There Janix stood ready in the vast empty south polar region

the six were in a circle chanting one wizard held the statue.

Deafening sounds pierced his ears as the snow quickly melted

silently he approached his gun carefully aimed as he neared.

They sensed him close to late each turning in surprise

but Janix was to quick and blasted them grabbing the prize.


The statue of unimaginable power now safely in his hand

then into endless time it turned instantly into harmless sand.


Another little tale of our planet being saved by unknown forces.

But amongst all the fairy tales, legends and myths. Are there elements of

truth, UFO sightings are increasing not all can be hoaxes. I s this building

up to catastrophic change in mankind’s existence?

What is going on out there?


The Foureyed Poet.

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