There’d been reports of speeding lights in the sky

and silent silvery craft!

This was in the early sixties over the desert

near to the secret area 51.

There was  covert testing of a new spy plane

this  they wouldn’t explain!


The attention was not welcomed by the security

drawing to many prying eyes.

To the craft that didn’t exist on any documents

as it flew fast and high.

Nothing then was known of man’s progress

the one rule deny and suppress!


Though the ufo reports were very unwelcome

it turned out to be a good cover.

While the public searched for aliens from space

likewise the media followed.

They found a clear window with no prying eyes

easy then to cover the lies!


Today the mystery of what lies within has grown

does alien technology exist?

Hidden inside and beneath this vast  complex

will the truth ever be told?

Are these sightings of  human or alien kind

if we could what would we find?


There are numerous unexplained sightings

reported around the world.

And an open question of what they can be

most it’s said can be identified.

As natural or projects of human creation

but some there’s no explanation!


The Foureyed Poet.

Spy Plane!

From the edge of our atmosphere it flew

nobody knew the craft existed.

Invisible to radar screens out of sight

the spy plane didn’t exist.

At the period in history myth or fact

then proof they lacked!


A plane flying at seventy thousand feet

thought an impossible task.

Designed to spy undetected at this height

against their powerful old foe.

But the intrigue when they started to fly

a surge of  UFO’s reported in the sky!


Was this what pilots were reportedly seeing

and civilians on the ground.

Not alien but man-made flying saucer craft

but maybe not all were!

Could it have been this secret spy plane

or something we can’t explain!


Strange lights that change shape and colour

blending into one then dividing!

Triangular shapes seen all over the planet

often over groom lake!

So are they secret and developing planes

created on the barren plains?


Is there a need for mankind to be very afraid

if we knew the secrets being made?


The Foureyed Poet

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