At that passed memory a deep sigh

thinking of a love lost

realising feelings had grown

pondering at what cost

confused my mind screamed out

life felt empty and hollow

nothing could console or cheer me

not happy then at being free!


So empty many endless hours to fill

what was Tracey doing now

grieving for her those soft moist lips

will always love her somehow

missing her tender passionate touch

it hurts deep down inside

wishing my tears would no longer fall

knowing Tracey no more would call!


Those hours and minutes slowly ticked by

solitude filled my years

that telephone message haunts me now

when her voice spoke harsh

never wanting to see or speak to me again

her reasons never did explain!


Had only left her bed twelve hours before

what went wrong a conundrum for sure

from that period in my life never redeemed

a passion for a lover I had so long dreamed!


Over thirty years have gone by a closure rejected

that love permanently disconnected!





Camping on moorland just needed a break

alone with his tent and nature

or that was how it was planned to much on

falling out with partner

solitude was what had always kept him sane

this was how he wanted to remain!


Fresh air and a warm starry night it was good

alone without argument

never able to do the right thing he pondered

sipping his hot coffee

in his own world when he first heard a cry

like an injured animal close by!


Had a walk around his camp but saw nothing

the view was magnificent

sheep and ponies grazed some distance away

it was then nerves came into play

realising the isolation until now had not cared

his very well-being bared!


On the grassy hillside no other human near

close by was swampy ground

saw a walker heading up to his high position

surprised as there was no path

through the water-logged low ground below

seemed to be moving slow!


Looking forward for a chat just sat and waited

then were lost from his view

flustered got up the person he tried to locate

but they had simply gone

knew another night would have to spend here

that was certainly clear!


Began to miss the quarrels he had left to avoid

as the temperature dropped

settling in his tent for one more lonely night

found it hard to relax

odd noises outside made him shiver with dismay

felt he had become the prey!


On the other side of the thin material breathing

well thought it could be

shuffling as if somebody was slowly approaching

almost afraid to take a breath

summoned up the courage to take a quick peek

an explanation to seek!


Cautiously took a look a shape he could just see

red eyes stared back at him

a mist swirled upon the ground what was this

a high-pitched shriek

as the thing charged this was the end he thought

next memory woke distraught!


The tent had gone laid on top of his sleeping bag

at his feet saw hoof marks

in the soft grass here still completely alone

gathered his belongings

just left as quickly as he could physically walk

with other people needed to talk!


A few days later his body was found on a trail path

trampled as if by a hoofed animal

there were no clues to what had actually happened

his wife informed by wallet contents

another death on this land they could not explain

animals were not allowed on the terrain!


The Foureyed Poet.










Desperate to find a place of solitude

my relationship ended.

Thoughts were naughty and crude

even I felt offended.

Needing to stop to clear my head

seeking a rational thread.


The brisk walk took me some distance

and bracing air was good.

Upon the magnificent view I did chance

like a king there stood.

No sounds except birds in the sky above

realising I had lost a love!


Screeches like a human cry made me turn

self-pity crossed my mind.

Saw it was an injured bird I felt concern

answers I needed to find!

Looking majestic even though was hurt

domination it did exert!


From a distance I admired its will power

for other birds to hear.

Listening with emotion hour by hour

desperation sounding clear.

Several birds swooped wanting to assist

this loyalty did persist!


Revitalised I knew it was time to go back

running away the wrong choice.

The bird showed me be positive attack

speak in a strong voice.

Assuming the bird had no chance a surprise

as into the sky it did rise!


Maybe there was a lesson that day I learned

a different person had returned!


My relationship had finished both still immature

but that bird made me grow up for sure.


The Foureyed Poet.

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