A major battle the soldier hid

exhausted in the rubble

heat of the day taking its toll

upon his weary tired body

comrades lay dead about him

in this once small town

knew it as a gentle community

of love respect and unity!


Here remnants of a rebel cell

could not give up now

remembering this was home

fight until resistance gone

yet from a high vantage point

in a snipers line of sight

who had one thought eliminate

no time for debate!


Let his guard down head too high

a faint popping sound

the bullet went through his head

fell by his comrades

another casualty amongst many

that few would mourn

long forgotten cause of the war

this the soldiers last tour!





His reputation had followed his career

even since he left the army

boasting they had taught him to shoot

given a dishonorable discharge

for an unlawful killing he did not agree

not listening to his plea!


Through his skills and knowledge of guns

he became a sniper for hire

as a mercenary fought in countless battles

but it never sat easy slaying

because every victim he killed remained

haunting him why unexplained!


He was not a believer in the paranormal

this he kept telling himself

at first just an odd glimpse like a shadow

certain it was his conscience

but as years passed were becoming vivid

making his personality frigid!


As the date of his fiftieth birthday neared

the dead seemed more real

than all the living he daily encountered

becoming evermore distant

from the reality of a once methodical life

his whole being took a dive!


Becoming decrepit for one still classed as young

the once untarnished reputation

crumbled becoming more inaccurate and sloppy

taking out the wrong targets

unable to detect fact from any reality he grasped

in his hands the gun he clasped!


Unable to distinguish those living from the dead

fired the bullitt entered his brain

he would rather face the many he slaughtered

than see them clearly all around

his mind had finally gone could live no more

would he enter heavens door?


And for eternity walk the path of damnation

or maybe he would find salvation!


The Foureyed Poet.



Telescopic Sight!

Through the telescopic sight the sniper aimed

no emotions clouded his mind.

It was his job to protect the military force

no matter the cost!

From a high point watching and waiting

for him no hesitating!


His specially honed skills often called to assist

in the protection of the troops.

Never killing on impulse but by a strict code

a soldier loyal to his country!

Following orders if instructed would make the kill

his duty he would always fulfil!


Camouflaged hidden from view like a ghost

he haunted the enemy!

They were not safe from his telescopic sight

an angel of death!

Never seen or heard until the lethal bullet strike

confirming the kill on his radio mic!


These lonesome warriors in a war zone!


The Foureyed Poet.

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