Staring out from behind his closed curtains

this man was so petrified

could see the large black car parked outside

knew they were after him

there was nowhere else to hide trapped

hope and energy sapped!


Could not keep quiet about what he knew

his conscience could not allow

had to tell the public of alien infiltration

in the fabric of our society

even if they partly accepted his disclosures

he would risk exposure!


This he was prepared to do by going public

through the national papers

and television channels had nowhere to hide

had even taken documents

tried to safeguard his wife and only daughter

they to were at risk of slaughter!


Many colleagues had mysterious accidents

or this was the scenario used

classed as traitors for exposing information

considered of a top-secret nature

he knew the risks had been cornered here

had no time to get clear!


This was his private hideaway by the lakes

though knew nothing was secret

from the agents whose job it was to silence

known as the men in black

there was nothing more to be done trapped

his body and soul sapped!


Heard them approaching only one thing to do

sent his wife one last email

sat behind his desk calmly typed a message

laid back in the leather chair

the dark suited strangers smashed their way in

lies about him would begin!


Headlines read in a car crash scientist killed!

friends knew his prediction was fulfilled!


The Foureyed Poet.





Man is always engaged in some conflict

yet in nineteen forty-five

allied forces had taken the battle

to the enemy’s homeland

they with superior weapons to use

were on their way to lose!


Even then many heroes being created

often unexpected participants

in a bloody cruel devastating slaughter

with so much sadistic acts

upon the foe and too often their own

hatred there forever sown!


Often greatly outnumbered to the end

each held their ground

turning defeat into miraculous victory

sacrificing themselves

defending the honour of each comrade

mainly orders obeyed!


Through gallantry pride and circumstance

into history the heroes eternally advance!


The Foureyed Poet.


Another day of much interaction between people

a more temperate climate

an air of happiness and a harmony abounded

streets crowded with shoppers

that opened up into a large communal space

with tables and chairs in place!


The terrorists blended in with everybody else

no suspicion or worries

nor did they see him receive from a woman

wearing a long summer coat a gun

or from his backpack swiftly fit a cartridge clip

and his calm demeanor flip!


Within seconds targeting and spraying the crowd

those hit falling to the ground

joy and harmony gone as in blind panic scattered

the gunman running and shooting

as if knowing in which direction he wanted to head

leaving the wounded and dead!


What seems like an eternity the sirens can be heard

yet through the alleyways he runs

with no opposition except a few foolhardy men

trying in vain to stop the rampage

as police armed units now converge on his position

to kill him the only decision!


Within what seemed hours but only thirty minutes

the terrorist lay still in the road

while the medics and police accesses the aftermath

of another senseless attack

on the innocent for some perverted and evil cause

none present allowed their resolve to pause!


Another search started urgently for the perpetrators

who had caused more appalling murders!


In memory to all the innocent fallen in a world that

should know peace love and unity!


The Foureyed Poet.

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It had been reported the battlefields were haunted

even video and voice recordings

captured for everyone to listen to and actually see

here many had met a violent demise

were thousands in mass graves still together lay

from the civil war to this day!


Drawn by the immense scale of an awful conflict

fellow countrymen on opposite sides

intent on inflicting mass slaughter in a civil war

could their restless spirits fight on

to the present time those traumas ever replayed

the orders still being obeyed!


The area vast people drawn with morbid interest

wanting to explore the scene

some maybe have psychic abilities most do not

yet all sense something is here

soldiers seen moving covertly through the bracken

yet nothing there when tracking!


Some are videoed giving evidence to be shown

physical contact to reported

pushed and hit yet nobody was visible to the eye

some even in a battle scenario

re-living an event that upon this ground occurred

cannon and rifle fire also heard!


The vast array of what is called paranormal evidence

continuous to confound the experts

those who admit they do not believe cannot explain

this lingering oppressive atmosphere

hanging over land where more than fifty Thousand died

their stories forever denied!


The Foureyed Poet.













The Sewer!

The council crew were sent to unblock the sewer

just another routine job!

This was what the dispatch operator had said

this turned out to be wrong!

In a rough neighbourhood street they came

everywhere looked the same.


Then as the truck turned around a dark corner

they could see the sewer!

The heavy metal cover had been removed

exposing a deep black hole!

Cautiously they got out to take a closer look

as the ground beneath shook!


Something big slid back down the sewer opening

nobody had  wanted to get out!

Unsure if anything was waiting to attack nearby

it was too quiet and still!

Shinning bright torches nothing was seen

being here nobody was keen.


But the job had to be done the sewer blocked

reluctantly they had to look!

No choice they had to go and investigate

what lurked beneath them?

This was becoming a big issue the fear

as into the hole they did peer!


Cautiously two men descended the metal rungs

their helmet lights on.

They were used to the unpleasant odours

but this smell was different.

Reaching the bottom they moved very slow

bodies were causing the backflow!


Horrified they decided to go quickly back up

panic hampered their exit.

An unseen beast slithered in the rising sludge

there was no chance to escape!

Shouting up to their mate at the top

their deaths he couldn’t stop!


Running towards the parked works van

he never got inside.

Out of the sewer the snake-like thing

it violently caught him!

Dragging him into the putrid pit it went

filled with human excrement!


The radio crackled a voice asked for a reply

but nobody was there to answer!

Dispatch decided to send a second  van

to find out why no reply.

Soon the second vehicle parked by the first

the driver sensing trouble reversed.


The authorities were called the area closed

realising a killer was in the sewer!

Not of human kind but created by mutation

from chemicals flushed away!

This sewer was only the first to be found

how many more underground?


The horror and the slaughter goes on!


The Foureyed Poet.

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