Oblivious he stared at the huge flat screen television

smart to in more ways than one

watching the films dramas news and variety shows

believing everything that was said

living his perfect life feeling secure in his own home

unaware that he was being spied upon

mobile phone calls monitored and all emails read

or grasp in this society had to delicately tread!


Not for him wanting to know more he was satisfied

thought little of the plastics or any pollution

or what was in the food water bottled and piped

just fantasy the possibility of robots

oblivious most communications relied on cyborgs

that civil liberties were eroded away

or he like the rest of humanity were being played

that by the few we had all been betrayed!


No not until his perfect world was suddenly destroyed!





Such an unexpected family tragedy

she was not prepared.

To lose her husband after a few years

they had been so in love.

A really happy couple it was said

now he was dead!


Born him their daughter two years before

but they had got very close.

Making sure they were financially secure

but now alone in her prime.

Soon met a man didn’t want to be alone

had her vulnerability shown?


Waited for a while until her pain had eased

before getting married again.

With her daughter had such a close bond

who loved her father so much.

Jade seemed far older than her five years

between them still shed the tears.


Then by this man their first child was born

as time went on tension grew.

This was his flesh and blood not a step child

it was a different atmosphere.

The savings to were used up and now gone

knowing it was so wrong.


Grandparents concerned at what had gone on

what could either of them do?

Worried for their daughter and grand child

all they could give was support.

How many others are in the same position

who are hiding this omission?


The Foureyed Poet.

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