Unholy Beasts!

The vicar stood at the entrance to his church

was confronted by the body

of a woman a cross had pierced her heart

he did not recognise her

the silver cross he knew was from the altar

his faith did briefly falter!


He was sure only half an hour ago he saw it

checked within it had gone

tried to phone the authorities really shaken

the phone line only crackled

returned the body was no longer laying there

at the blood could only stare!


The sun beat down as the church clock chimed

striking twelve midday

looked around at the many neat rows of graves

something caught his eye

bravely walking towards this small object

nearing it stood erect!


Looked like a gargoyle an ancient inhuman beast

the female body lay torn apart

the silver cross flung aside blood spattered

retreating it sped away

from this position he could see many more

an infestation could not ignore!


Tightly holding his bible he had been carrying

went into the sanctuary

of his church slamming forcefully the oak door

heard quiet  gentle talking

a couple sat admiring the carvings unconcerned

as he approached turned!


Smiling as a young woman joined them worried

her friend she could not find

the vicar heard what she said regrettably knew

where had they come from

high-pitched screeching spoilt the tranquillity

as he felt the encroaching hostility!


Remembering work had just started on the crypt

in the basement of the church

why did they leave him alone could not figure

the family stood disturbed

would have to tell them the truth and confide

what was massing outside!


Whatever these abominable manifestations were

there seemed no escape

tears were heavy at hearing a friend had expired

noise increased panic grew

clear they could not cross the church’s holy line

he needed a divine sign!


Were these sent here from satan’s nefarious domain

before the simple altar he prayed

afraid this was the beginning of man’s final stand

the family knelt in veneration

at the same moment each felt the slight tremor

which soon became a roar!


Items fell from around the ancient parish church

books magazines pews tipped

then above their heads the large cross crashed

in front of them staying upright

the face of Christ was at their eye level glowing

at that moment faith flowing!


Everything went still a calm was now restored

standing in unison they hugged

the vicar made his way to the door opening it

walking into the chilly air

a layer of white clouds covered the blue sky

he raised his arms up high!


He could heard a soft voice calling out for help

looking around the headstones

saw lots of scorch marks then nothing else

then the young woman

who had been butchered found sat on a seat

clothed but with bare feet!


She smiled brightly as her friend approached

faded into the surroundings

they all had witnessed this wonderful sight

a bond between them grown

they left in peace promising to come back

with her family and memorial plaque!


The vicar watched them go united in reverence

what they had experienced was intense!


Their lives had been changed forever!


The Foureyed Poet.







The Church

The knight had been wounded in the ambush

but for his armour would be dead!

His horse had escaped now he was on foot

injuring his leg when he fell.

Moving with stealth that sanctuary to seek

before becoming too weak!


The four other knights had been cruelly killed

anger drove him forward.

He had remembered a church in the vicinity

this place would give him safety.

This is what he prayed as exhaustion took its toll

then voices halted his stroll!


Two men sat huddled talking around a newly lit fire

his horse tethered with their own.

He could see their weapons on the ground at hand

catching them off guard his aim.

Straining to get a much better view now realised

two of the marauders he analysed!


Beyond this scene he could vaguely make it out

his one obsession the church!

In pain and exhausted getting home his aim

to his own beautiful damsel.

Whom he had left far too many years before

they’d be together again he swore.


With his light weight armour he inched forward

with his will and strength.

Both were in deep conversation when he struck

skilfully cutting them down.

Headless corpses now lay amongst the trees

smell of death on the breeze!


Filled with remorse now onward to the church

hoping he could find rest.

Fighting the crusades surely he’d done gods will

all he wanted was sanctuary!

As he reached the gates jaded he blacked out

tired of war there was no doubt.


Opening his eyes knowing god had smiled on him

the church had not been taken.

Priests hovered with concern as his body healed

now he was certain in his mind.

Home his next destination word had been sent

satisfied for him there’d be no lament.


The Foureyed Poet.

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