Chariot From the Gods!

It descended like a chariot from the gods

onto the long golden sandy beach

witnesses enjoying the beach and waves

ran in terror as the object dropped

in silence to hover above a rocky outcrop

for a few minutes there did stop!


An awesome sight many sank to their knees

thinking was this the second coming

its brightness dimmed became a red glow

a few were bold started approaching

but their skin began to burn and retreated

as the dangers none heeded!


Nobody had seen such a sight from above

so bright emitting this radiation

now they bowed in humility and suspicion

was this a god here in a vision

afraid to look breathing made them choke

not wanting its wrath to evoke!


More gathered in awe as it became once more

a fiery ball of fire as it ascended

higher in the onyx tinged sky like a second sun

leaving an everlasting impression

drawing what they had witnessed on rock faces

from these god like alien races!


This was only the beginning they would return!





From The Battlefield!

From the battlefield a lone horseman retreated

his comrades never to leave.

The wounded soldier holding his head high

hearing his friends pitiful cries!

Veteran of many conflicts there was no choice

he had to be their voice!


Proud to be the bearer of the regiments colours

he had to return to headquarters.

To report the massacre of such a heroic band

heavy in heart he had to depart.

With the risk of capture he made his way

realising ahead dangers lay!


From that bloody battlefield he rode on at a rise

turned to salute his comrades.

Never to ride with them again in this mortal life

he was fatally wounded.

This his last mission to make one final report

and tell them how brave they fought.


Somehow many days later near the headquarters

the soldier was found near death.

His horse standing firm as though protecting him

the standard firmly in his hand.

With appalling injuries he completed his obligation

and honoured by an indebted nation!


From the battlefield site it’s said he’s seen even now

regiment colours flying high!


The Fouryed Poet.





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