Red Eyes!

It was a quiet restaurant as they entered

for a pleasant meal

first chance since the birth of their son

like a celebration

a sense of achievement being parents

to them so immense.


A waiter guided them to a corner table

good being out

her mum happily agreeing to babysit

first grandchild

both noticed an elderly man staring

like red eyes glaring!


Trying to ignore his growing presence

but could not

an evening spoilt as his eyes watched

piercing our minds

staff seemed oblivious to him there

sitting in the chair!


Called over the waiter to settle their bill

enquired quietly

who was the elderly figure by the door

with burning glare

he only saw just an empty table and chair

nobody there  to stare!


Pressing to get even more information

he reluctantly said

long ago there was a funeral parlour here

answering no more

backed quickly away as they went to exit

there he did sit!


Out side the atmosphere was far better

yet he still stared

now laughing his face became distorted

then he evaporated

no more did he sit shrivelled and dark

leaving a memory stark!


What lay in  the history of this building

why only them

had witnessed such a freakish evil being

filled with revulsion

headed home to be with their newborn

their beliefs now torn!


Their lives forever filled with a growing terror!


The Foureyed Poet.


I Could Have Sworn!

I could have sworn somebody came in

through the restaurant door.

Maybe it was a simple trick of the light

or a reflection within!

This was my initial thought soon I forgot

partying with a rowdy lot.


During the evening from the corner of my eye

definitely could have sworn.

Something was moving about the noisy party

too much drink flowed.

Was that causing visions in the atmosphere

my thoughts were not clear.


The party rapped early in the morning I sat

viewing the restaurant.

When a lady appeared on a chair next to me

though I was drunk!

But I was polite and flattered she was there

where from I didn’t care!


We chatted for a while I must have dozed off

waking she had disappeared.

That memory would have been forgotten

but I went for a meal.

And noticed portraits of her everywhere

unsure why I wasn’t aware!


Speaking to the staff I was surprised to learn

she had founded the place.

But had been murdered here two years ago

shot at this very table!

As I looked something again walked close by

did I hear a dying cry?


The Foureyed Poet.

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