The Girl

The girl sat her tattoos visible

elegant in their simplicity.

Just contemplating her purpose.

Her first tattoo done in spite

Rebelling against her up bringing

she thought was minging!


Never comfortable with her life style

had to escape from the wealth.

Her sister loved every single minute

but she wanted to be free!

The wealth had no lure not her forte

just had to break away!


Left after a big row with mother and father

walked out penniless.

Tattoos made her feel in total control

her parents would object.

An added bonus to do it more in spite

becoming her delight!


Tattoos covered most of her soft skin

to some ugly she felt good.

At last making her choices Fran now

on a train going home.

To face the parents for them to see

and say this is the real me!


The Foureyed Poet.

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