Charlie stood tall by a white cross

surrounded by thousands more

to the living the cemetery empty

but he was not there on his own

by each one many others stared

more deaths added to the toll

as on that yearly memorial day

for their loss the living did pray!


Each one their futures were taken

generations that never existed

families still reflecting the void

as more joined a premature end

peace had never been reached

the mood charged with dread

infinite ghosts haunted the living

for the majority life unforgiving!


Once more Charlie could only view

as a spectator in the growing queue!





The Queue!

The Queue of exhausted starving people

snaked back over many streets

edging its way along at a snail’s pace

just to receive a loaf of bread

soldier patrolled showing no respect

had no choice but to accept!


Once smart clothes shabby and worn

but wore an identity label

nobody talked or dared show emotion

money had become worthless

for the once working classes despair

their dignity stripped bare!


Marshall law stopped looting and riots

money had no value anymore

towns and cities lay in ruins and gutted

from fires and bomb damage

the stench of sewage death and smoke

made everybody choke!


The rich had been hidden safely away

in vast walled enclaves

their lives protected and unaffected

looking down like gods

upon the now decimated population

in a world of damnation!


But within this prophesy created hell

a brilliant light on a young man fell!


The Foureyed Poet.



The Queue!

Those in the queue never noticed the tall man

just did not seem to fit in

an odd pallor covering his hands and thin face

shuffling along the line

occasionally coughing in the small busy cafe

sprayed the virus every way!


Each of the customers looked uncomfortable

at this mans demeanor

rapidly moving away as he stuttered his words

asking for a latte coffee

picking up the take away cup visibly shaking

his skin then flaking!


Nobody wanted to get near to this sick being

a rising panic set in

began to violently heave unable to breathe

others began to feel unwell

suddenly shook and fell knocking over a chair

everybody could only stare!


One staff member called for an ambulance

but each stayed clear

more began to show the same symptoms

knowing it was serious

some virulent type of contagious disease

a thought magnifying their unease!


Before the girl could finish talking on her phone

this man suddenly got up

snarling and foaming from his wretched mouth

ripping at her throat

of this hysterical woman standing in the queue

and began to chew!


The rest in turn collapsed and rose the same way

the emergency services came

with scientist in special suites sealing the doors

they knew what was going on

a virus from a facility leaked into the atmosphere

untested that was clear!


Had it been an accident or an act of sabotage

no antidote had been perfected

the scientific experts taking the risks too far

an experiment out of hand

creating a new weapon for the military machine

the consequences not foreseen!


The virus continues to spread unabated through society!


The Foureyed Poet.

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