There the elderly woman sat staring

watching the daily surge

of humanity walking and driving by

not able now to converse

within their own perpetual routine

few ever noticed Jean!


When she was young an open space

a village small so quaint

there with parents and four siblings

father a farm labourer

mother the house was her domain

never did she complain!


It may have been a humble abode

such a long time ago

reminiscing of years long passed

now the only survivor

had never known any other home

never wanted to roam!


For the few who dared to glance

to see what was within

usually saw the derelict eyesore

a decaying old house

boarded up tight well protected

years before erected!


Oddly the large lounge room window

was partly uncovered

where Jean sat watching as always

her spirit here remained

it was her home did not want to leave

still existed did believe!


Some sure there was something here

a shadowy outline

how the decades passed so quickly by

as the legend grew

of a ghostly figure sometimes seen

not realising it was Jean!


Here the dead observed the living!


The Foureyed Poet.





Returning to that special spot we cherished

this time on my own

that romantic and magical day together

by the tiny riverside cafe

there proposed to the only girl in my life

to be my loving wife!


Only anguish greeted me at what was here

nothing remained of our dream

rubble and new town filled the rural scene

acres of lush grass and trees

obliterated by busy noisy polluted highways

gone those quaint byways!


My pressures lady had passed away recently

she would have been dismayed

to see destruction of rural land lost forever

that memory had lived in us

of that enchantment in our hearts those years

brought me to shed rare tears!


Bringing her ashes to scatter at our paradise

which now existed no more

returning to our once happy fun-filled home

to keep them close to heart

so she was always near me her love to share

even when our children were there!


The Foureyed Poet.


Over Night!

On a business trip I had to stay overnight

never visited this town before.

Decided to go for a meal and to explore

down very narrow places.

Walking in a cobbled picturesque street

saw a restaurant what a treat.


It was a steak house of a particular quaint style

went in and took a seat.

A young family on the next table I had a chat

quickly served the meal good.

A couple of beers to round off a pleasant night

back to the hotel it was alright.


The following day after booking out of my room

as I was in no hurry.

Thought I’d walk back in the daylight hours

but it looked different.

Passing along there was nowhere about to eat

just flats bland and neat!


Where I had my meal was certainly not there!


The Foureyed Poet.

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