Microwave Masts!

Nobody took any notice of the microwave masts

naturally thinking they were for a signal

for better mobile phone services rising demand

even when they were sprouting like weeds

no suspicions nor fears were being expressed

at that time the dangers not processed!


Wherever you turned another mast was planted

huge cables ominously snaked up to the top

placed within many populated residential areas

and above busy shopping centres world-wide

schools to were targeted for the masts to stand

it was though it had been pre-planned!


Soon complaints of ill-health and deaths emerged

even animals were not exempt from the scourge

authorities these worries just simply ignored

independent researchers used special detectors

accurately registering the microwave omissions

nobody nearby of the risks had their suspicions!


High readings were gathered going off the scale

yet there was an acceptance nothing we can do

they were placed no matter what was thought

so every day more will appear on the skyline

be aware of what damage that they do inflict

their purpose and effect not hard to predict!








Is Life

Is life new from our start

a clear sheet at birth.

Or yet another added part

if reincarnated on earth.


Is it just one visit here

for us to get it right.

To most this isn’t clear

do we go into the light?


Do we have a purpose here

academics this considered.

Can religions make it clear

before our bodies withered!


Heaven must be a crowded place

with all the souls there.

Could this be in outer space

or another slot they share?


Do legends have real meaning

ancient texts and fairy tales.

Somebody has been scheming

we’ve been fed false trails!


Occult magic and other arts

is there a real mystery?

in our brains unused parts

missing sections of history!


So much we just don’t know

and believe what we’re told.

What next insight will show

a date for life to fold?


So many unanswered questions

as this planet turns.

Loads of speculative suggestions

as the sun brightly burns!


What is the real truth?


The Foureyed Poet.

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