Premonitions And Predictions!

Premonitions and predictions we have been told

throughout our short history

good ones giving us some hope of a future

but usually doom and destruction

wrath of the gods and man’s total demise

truth or fabricated lies?


Does it depend on how prophecies are  translated

as most are in code and vague

ambiguous where guesses can only be made

fitting more than one event!

experts tell of wars and horrors unrestricted

as Armageddon is always predicted!


No doubt it will transpire surely a logical fact

a massive event will occur

maybe by a humans ill thought out intervention

or natures unforgiving action

whatever we think dread or naturally fear

that day will eventually be here!


Has earth’s terminal date actually been predicted?

When it happens then no doubt we shall know!


The Foureyed Poet.

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