Silently the danger swiftly approached

gathered speed as it careered onward

many eyes through telescopes observed

could see the object coming this way

on earth humans continued their folly

disbelieving of what could soon occur

others searched for provisions to hoard

merciless violence then soured!


Too many predictions were unfounded

so few thought it would ever be

nothing would change greed still ruled

there could be nowhere for us to flee

darkness despair the disbelief grew

death and horror the only view!


No Fresh air sun or sweet singing birds

happy children innocently playing

certain a meteorite was going to collide

ending in terror mankind’s very existence

written its said as an ancient prophecy

as it hurled closer to the earths surface

the few hid in deep secure habitation

no room for most of the population!


By a miracle or very poor calculations

it passed by earth at close proximity

a warning how fragile the balance of life

hurtling onward in spaces vast highway

order restored the chaos forgotten

mankind carried on just as rotten!


Another chance given for humans to repent

or short reprieve from an inevitable event!




Premonitions And Predictions!

Premonitions and predictions we have been told

throughout our short history

good ones giving us some hope of a future

but usually doom and destruction

wrath of the gods and man’s total demise

truth or fabricated lies?


Does it depend on how prophecies are  translated

as most are in code and vague

ambiguous where guesses can only be made

fitting more than one event!

experts tell of wars and horrors unrestricted

as Armageddon is always predicted!


No doubt it will transpire surely a logical fact

a massive event will occur

maybe by a humans ill thought out intervention

or natures unforgiving action

whatever we think dread or naturally fear

that day will eventually be here!


Has earth’s terminal date actually been predicted?

When it happens then no doubt we shall know!


The Foureyed Poet.

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They Said!

They said it would happen yet nobody believed

the end of mankind!

How many times had we heard that prophecy

and took  no notice.

The dates came and went without major trouble

no increase in laying rubble!


The predictions continued then the weather changed

disasters became more regular!

At first we thought nothing a little concerned

but soon became alarmed!

Temperatures rose and the solar flares began

could it be the end of our lifespan?


More quakes and floods swamped more countries

communication came to a stop!

The fire storms engulfed more of the dry land

civilisation quickly died out!

Small communities kept going on somehow

but I am with last group now!


Why we have been spared is really a miracle

maybe god chose us few!

The pioneers of a new cycle of human birth

with more respect to mother earth!


From the ashes of a corrupt civilisation we come!


The Foureyed Poet.

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