A wind came unusual in this sheltered hamlet

yet blew in with a vengeance

from where this chilling wind had descended

a mystery know where to hide

it seemed to get within them as if it was living

the effect so unforgiving!


Never warm the air now thick still engulfing

every living creature and plant

withering as each one stood helplessly by

beyond comprehension it ruled

were slaves totally helpless in its action

no way to make our extraction!


Like a plague changing from lush green

grass with fertile soil and crops

to a dried shrivelled and barren land

and death was soon to follow

from the valley to the distant hilltop

life came to a complete stop!


Those who survived numbered but a few

never gave up hope the wind

and pestilence would one day be smitten

for them the day never came

for centuries it spread devastating earth

before mankind’s rebirth!


Then from the sky of constant darkness

it began to slowly clear

and the long forgotten sun shone through

and the decimated wilderness

no more bombarded by this pervasive

wind life sucking and erosive!


As it came it went and life began anew!


The Foureyed Poet.


Barron Ground!

Through the barren ground there was hope

a tiny plant grew!

The drought almost wiped man from earth

mined of all goodness.

Without water the human race declined

few were left to find!


Warnings ignored but the wealthy hoarded

while most were denied.

Rain became just a word in our history

so from billions alive.

Numbers fell to less than a hundred thousand

a child’s cry a rare sound!


Two centuries went by the numbers dwindled

the earth like a huge prune.

Vegetation was withered sand replaced fields

the sea paddling pools!

The survivors huddled in the many cool caves

the dying planets slaves!


Then that day early before the unbearable heat

two young humans saw.

Under a shaded rock overhang rarely visited

life they’d never seen.

How could it be growing in this dry dead soil

without water or toil?


Had nature at last regenerated starting to heal

the air seemed to blow.

A trickle of water bubbled up by the plant

the small group gathered.

Looking at the plant growing on barren land

each touched it with a hand.


What none knew was from an underground lab

in a secret city.

Genetically designed plants and creatures were

were being unleashed.

Deciding earth’s only purpose experimentation

before it’s total deterioration.


Then the wealthy would move on to a new earth

they had found for their rebirth!


The Foureyed Poet.

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