Had never been down this road before

a clear humid day  few clouds

noticed a plane ahead flying so slow

that for a few seconds stopped

surely that could not be it was illogical

had heard about it did recall!


Saw a video thought it must be C.G.I

so he had seen it for himself

but actually never thought one day

would see a real one hover

ran off the road hitting a sandy bank

under the car a worrying clank!


At that moment he was concentrating

on what looked like a plane

a further shock awaited it vanished

a clear sky it was not there

had to get out of the passenger door

nothing was there anymore!


On his own could not share this moment

watched as another plane rose

from the isolated desert airport close by

took outs binoculars from the boot

zoomed in on this craft it seemed blurred

no sound at all could be heard!


Quickly got his phone had to try and record

as it passed silently overhead

the shape changed from a plane to saucer

but fading from his direct view

it morphed back into a its original outline

what he had seen could not define!


Sent the images he captured to a website

that explored unexplained sightings

hoping somebody may have an explination

from that day was perturbed

at what was flying in the skies everyday

and the unknown forces at play!






Far Below!

Like ants scurrying life went on far below

while several miles in the sky

an airline pilot knew there was a problem

the passengers were aware

after the shudder and bangs occurred

the assurances all were absurd!


Fear was etched on the air stewards faces

as the plane rapidly lost elevation

both the pilots struggling to regain control

passengers to filled with dread

oxygen masks came rapidly into their view

another bang as left engine blew!


Alarms sounded it was heading for the ground

no panic yet an expectation

nor screams or crying but a disturbing calm

each felt this their final destination

emergency crews ready at the nearby airport

impacting runway that was too short!


Crashing onto the tarmac at too high a speed

metal grating as plane ripped apart

fuel igniting spilling out of ruptured tanks

fire truck ready with foam spray

those inside waited for broken plane to stop

heading for a sheer drop!


With inches to spare the plane came to rest

now a raging fire people still alive

rescuers there to save to help survivors

fearing the worst they strived

to quell the savage flames and get them out

had anybody lived there was doubt!


For some astounding reason all were spared

now and forever a bond they shared!


The cause of the near disaster yet to be determined!





On a humid late August evening

the couple sat on a bench

the sun gave them the spotlight

romance filled their thoughts

until in the skies they witnessed

a plane the air it caressed!


To them seemed it had just taken off

yet no sound in their ears

as they felt the surging passion to kiss

the plane stopped in the sky

surely an unimaginable gravity action

now becoming a total attraction!


Thoughts of love on a summer’s evening

gone staring in disbelief

was moving backwards how could it be

still there not descending

or crashing upon the township below

minds confused did not know!


Nobody else was anywhere to be seen

holding their gaze necks strained

again came to a halt how could this be

moved in a forward motion

speeding up as helicopters approached

unmarked on its space encroached!


Within a second became a saucer shape

disappearing as if dissolved

running petrified at this weird sight

what was happening above

an unsolved mystery that is spreading

our future should we be dreading?


Increased sightings of strange craft in motion

going against our understanding

what enables them to fly in our atmosphere

are they of extraterrestrial origin

or human intervention hidden from our view

the masses just want to screw!


Most unaware of dangers that surrounds them!


The Foureyed Poet.






The Community!

They lived in a small rural community

each were related

growing their own food blissfully free

proud of their labour

pure delight in what they had achieved

in one another believed!


Established when the land was colonised

many had perished here

during a long battle to secure the district

lush and green so fertile

until one day unnoticed high in the sky

an unmarked plane did fly!


Trails that at first seemed like vapour

but never faded away

as chemicals were being sprayed out

that fell onto those below

absorbed by the rich cultivated soil

where the families did toil!


Also breathed into the lungs of the folk

penetrating their cells

undetectable they were contaminated

every living creature

succumbed to the chemicals deployed

the community soon destroyed!


Unable to explain why crops withered

they became seriously ill

over a few months the area deserted

those pioneers now history

why never knew thought an act of god

did not think it was odd!


That from the open skies chemicals fell

turning paradise into hell!


The Foureyed Poet.




Control Tower!

In the airport control tower was excitement

an emergency call had been received

putting them on alert watching radar screens

a pilot on another plane had reported

of an approaching aircraft without any lights

a hazard to other night flights!


No incoming traffic was expected that hour

but there was one taxiing

last for the night the mail plane running late

suddenly upon the radar

a blip came into view and descending to land

was there anyone to understand?


With no reply were the pilots still conscious

the grounded plane crew

were told to turn right onto a holding lane

as the unknown object

seemed to be coming down at a faster rate

not much time to contemplate!


Emergency tenders now lined the lit runway

adrenaline rush for the crews

waiting for the unknown craft to materialise

out of the dark empty skyline

no visible sighting or audible sound present

as time passed more intent!


It should have been overhead and descending

coming into final approach

but as the moon came from behind the clouds

a massive cylindrical shape

like a huge beast dwarfed those on the ground

to all staring did confound!


On into the distance at low altitude continued

jets were scrambled to pursue

having to abort mission when electronics failed

even at this point communications

for the area for two minutes was blacked out

of alien origin there was no doubt!


When power returned the radar was now blank

no traffic was flying in the air

it had gone any response was quashed or denied

emergency crews stood down

as only the public dared report the existence

authorities denial immense !


Another unidentified object sighting hushed up

even though filmed and seen

by many civilians military personnel and police

explained as a large transport plane

flying low with an electrical fault was off course

their story of course false!


But it was not the first passing over the area!


The Foureyed Poet.







The Flight Attendant!

Not keen on flying but having no choice

the business woman winced.

As she boarded the large long haul flight

going into business class.

And unsettled stomach through flying

sat nervously sighing!


The plane on this day was less than half full

but busy in her section.

Many she knew were busy on their laptops

and they acknowledged her.

Half an hour later rising and heading east

her agitation increased.


She tried to work and then sleep but failed

then a nice flight attendant.

Came over to talk it calmed her tension

thinking he was very nice.

She had never had such attention before

happy to talk even more.


After awhile she fell into a restful slumber

when she awoke he had gone!

Not wanting to think she had been rude

summoned another attendant.

Felt she had to apologise but got an odd reply

for this airline he did not fly!


Nobody recognised her description of him

there were no male staff.

Soon after one of the engines caught fire

it was quickly put out.

But had to make an emergency landing

then there he was standing!


The young man stood making her feel at ease

petrified at the unfolding events!

Safely touching down with a jolt on the runway

a cheer went up with relief.

But the attendant was not there any more

now she was really sure.


He was not real but why had he appeared to her

she was glad he did.

Giving such comfort and strength on her journey

escaping down the shoot.

Back in the terminal where she got on the plane

composure now could maintain!


Months later still could not get back in the air

wondering who he was.

Then on a site about passed air disasters

saw his face in a picture.

Killed on a crashed plane helping others survive

his name Alan no longer alive!


How glad she was he had come to help her to.


The Foureyed Poet.

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The Disc!

The airport was at its usual daily peak

thousands wanting to fly away.

Frustrations mounting with each delay

but eventually this flight.

Departed late evening on runway 201

glittering in the dusky sun.


From the ground it looked a perfect take off

but it was not alone!

Besides the sleek aircraft was a disc like object

keeping pace as it rose!

Ground crew were afraid it could be a missile

at least for a short while.


The air force were alerted it stayed along side

passengers saw the disc.

Silver in colour no markings they could see

none of the air crew had a clue!

Speeding ahead it turned on a collision course

towards them at G force!


The plane started to take emergency evasive action

to avoid a fatal impact!

In the control tower nothing showed up on radar

even though it could be seen!

After about twenty minutes it started to glow

then seemed to slow!


As witnesses watched silently it split into two

instantly into space it flew!

The plane crew decided to continue their flight

no airforce jets caught the UFO that night!


The Foureyed Poet.

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