Plane Crash!

He paced in circles not knowing what to do

just being told really awful news.

His wife and son both killed in a plane crash

this was impossible to take in!

As he waited heard it was a terrorist attack

within the hour were due back.


Looking up at the arrival board an empty space

where the time had just been.

Not enough money for the three to go together

recently being made redundant.

Waving as he watched them get onto the plane

heading back to catch the train.


There were no survivors on that long haul flight

surrounded now by others grieving!

Made even worse as the tragedy was no accident

his grief a rising emotion.

Waiting with others for news and the liaison team

tears flowed like a mountain stream.


On his mobile phone listened to his wife’s voice

it was a message she’d left.

Excitedly telling him they’d be back soon

if only he had heard it ring.

She was only thirty-two their son just four

but he would see them no more!


Surprised how many families had now gathered

each with the same expression.

Lives had been changed generations obliterated

a vacuum made by a few!

He could not understand theĀ terroristsĀ cold act

there was no answer.

All he knew his world had completely changed

his families funerals to be arranged!


My beloved wife and son rest in peace.


The Foureyed Poet.

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