The scientists gathered there to celebrate

with that satisfying smirk

their experiment was a certain success

or this was their conclusion

even though it was uncharted research

on a precipice man did perch!


As they celebrated nobody had noticed

one of their colleagues missing

last seen at the atomic particle collider

with the rest laughing hysterically

soon they noticed a strip of piercing light

their egos it would soon blight!


As a monstrous beast did enter our realm

seemingly through a portal

they had created the woman to disappear

it was assumed taken within

upon this world what had they unleashed

that devoured humans for its feast?


No more did they celebrate but soon fled

their reckless thirst for knowledge

had gone too far jeopardising all humanity

exploring what was not meant to be

spawned written on ancient tablets of stone

prophecy of beasts from the unknown!


End of days for the multitude of humankind

rise of an unspeakable evil

that has been thought of only as tales of doom

stories to fear but not real

been triggered by the nave scientific breed

who the warnings never did heed!


Has this happened or just a conspiracy theory?





The Four Wheeled Drive!

The four-wheeled drive parked engine running

dark grey in colour.

Some dents used with search lights in a row

upon the vehicles roof.

Behind tinted windows watching eyes fixed

the sexes mixed!


The mercenaries nerves slowly began to fray

waiting to pounce.

Their target was due along the crowded road

a dangerous task.

Their position was unsafe trying to be careful

not feeling cool!


From behind a military truck slowly approached

as their target appeared!

Placed a car with explosives to block the path

and for a diversion!

As it went off they got out and into position

to complete the mission!


In the chaos they ran to the trapped limousine

automatic weapons in the hands!

Armour piercing bullets penetrated the interior

as body guards came to spar!

They only had a short window to make a retreat

before being beat!


Within minutes the V8 engine roared racing away

smashing anything in their path!

They were soon in the nearby hills being pursued

just reaching their chopper!

And out of the enemy country safe and well

all before darkness fell!


But they knew the cartel would not be fooled

having influence far and wide!

Being ex-military the unit had experience

every mission a challenge!

Knowing well it could be their very last one

enjoying each rising and setting sun!


They were now ready for their next well paid job!


The Foureyd Poet.

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