The Dark Tunnel!

The dark tunnel ahead loomed uninviting

on that desolate abandoned railway track

a disused line on an uninviting moorland

so often wished I had not gone out there

weeds grew amongst those rusting lines

walking over vandalised warning signs

no sound except the penetrating silence

too quiet for me to be there all alone

breaking the deadly stillness saw a glow

that came from within the dark tunnel

weird vibrations started below my feet

rooted to the spot unable to make a retreat

out of the archway belching out smoke

came a steam locomotive so large and clear

a shrill whistle blaring falling off the line

could only lay there in a disbelieving haze

it passed me pulling many carriages behind

blinking it had gone was this in my mind

fearfully neared the pitch black entrance

jitters finally over ruled my bold intentions

retreated moving away looking down the line

still unable to take in these images perceived

yet it seemed so real a magnificent sight

a phantom train on a journey into the night!





Barn Owls!

Warm and dry with just a gentle breeze

the short hike to the farm exhilarating

here alone to watch the barn owls fly

hoping to see them swoop for their prey

trying to be quiet and unobtrusive

but knew that large eyes were watching

far above the tops of thick leaved trees

a sudden faint sound made me freeze!


At first two tiny dots in the cloudy sky

that circled the small wooded clearing

in a spiralling descent at each rotation

they came closer such a majestic sight

their screeching louder by the second

nearing me they hissed an eerie sound

like phantoms from another dimension

coming at speed that got my attention!


Certainly not wanting to be their quarry

even as they swooped up small rodents

the precision was breath-taking to watch

in a flash ascended back into the beyond

like ghosts questioned if it had been reality

leaving me in a state of utter ambivalence

these images on my digital camera captured

for the first time my whole being raptured!







The Detour!

The Detour arrow lights flashed on and off

as the car hurtled towards it

three desperate criminals intent on escape

behind the police converged

the stolen car swerved onto a quarry track

for them no turning back!


Bouncing violently on the potholed surface

constantly glancing behind

checking the progress of their law hunters

surprised when they halted

no longer in pursuit they heartily cheered

as the driver oversteered!


Finding themselves rolling over several times

coming to rest on its roof

shaken and bruised they crawled from the car

seconds later it exploded

all they could do was reassess the conditions

and their precarious positions!


Pitch black isolated looking at distant blue lights

uncertain what was unfolding

confused as to why nobody would venture near

through woods blundered forth

no longer confident or with arrogant contempt

for some reason now exempt!


Exposure and shock added to their condition

ever the sense of a presence

movement and snapping of fallen branches

unfamiliar sounds circled them

still having guns fired wildly into emptiness

no more could they careless!


Panicking headed away from the tree line

yet knew something roamed

tired sat to rest but huge shadows hovered

like phantoms homing in

began to feel trapped with no place to run

shattered their resistance done!


Then realised they were poised on the edge

of a what seemed like a quarry

rocks crumbling under their body weight

and the phantoms converging

fell backwards their screams reverberating

the following silence intoxicating!


The law enforcement agencies went in at dawn

to recover the bodies

nobody dared enter at night it was dangerous

this was a long cursed spot

where many unexplained deaths had transpired

and normal reality expired!


The Foureyed Poet.

Car Breakdown!

Never trust a garage to look after your car

my dear old dad use to say.

Those words came back to haunt me

when it did come to a stop!

Upon a moorland road in the dead of night

soon to survive I’d have to fight!


In the pitch black I knew this was not good

yet I could see nothing.

Neither call for help without a phone signal

the electrics had failed.

Reluctant to move and of the danger aware

nobody with the fear to share.


The wind blew over the course grasslands

shapes seemed to come and go!

Noises to I didn’t recognise hit my ears

agitating every nerve!

Had to find a place with a land line phone

one human on his own!


The road seemed to stretch on without end

as an ominous mist formed!

Sensing there was a pounding rapidly closing

behind me I tried to run.

Tripping on an uneven surface fell into a ditch

laying at a very steep pitch!


Semi conscious after colliding with a small rock

heavy breathing I heard!

Something growling and sniffing around me

wanting to shout aloud.

But knowing any movement would be lethal

my actions had to be cool.


Losing consciousness  some hours later I awoke

early morning and freezing.

Finding it hard to sit up but glad to be alive

nothing was visible now!

Upon my feet fearing these phantoms were near

thankfully nothing did appear.


Making it safely back to my vehicle was such a plus

cautious with every step.

Thought I’d try start the engine but with little hope

like a dream it burst into life!

Like nothing had happened amazed I drove on

weak but trying to be strong.


Arriving at a village without further incidents

sitting reflecting but relieved.

Unsure if it was real or a psychological attack

the cut on my head then hurt.

In my mind clear evil was present on that moor

memories within still raw!


Without actual proof nobody would believe

one day the answer I would conceive!


The Foureyed Poet.

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